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This app has photos that fit seasons, holidays , and just designs that do not bother your eyes visually while using your phone. After a bit you get a little tired of the same wallpapers offered with your phone.

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I like variety in my life! Something as simple as HD Wallpapers make me smile! Ok, so this app has such breathtaking backgrounds. Everything is perfect except one issue. When I press the button to save it, an ad would come up. I press the X and then it comes up again. Then it becomes the type of ad that takes away the app and goes to the app store.

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  • It would go back and forth every second until it would go back to the app. After ten seconds of this, the app crashes and I have to re-find the picture. Besides this, everything else is amazing. It would have been five stars without the issue. The quality and variety of pictures is always so impressive! I am consistently, pleasantly surprised with the creative variety of amazing HD photos available.

    Keep up the good work. Thank you. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Wallpapers HD - The only app available with thousands of high definition wallpapers for you to download for any iOS device. All new redesign! Sometimes, you want to add your own style to your home screen and lock screen. In these cases, using an app to find the best wallpapers out there can be just what you need.

    ‎Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad on the App Store

    Of course, you can always scour the internet for wallpapers. There are subreddits, forums, and communities all dedicated to sharing high-res favorites. But wallpaper apps — good ones, anyway — are always updated and give you easy access to cool, interesting, and fun options. Let's get this out of the way — many of the wallpapers apps you'll find on the App Store are pulling their content from Unsplash , a royalty-free photo service that takes great pride in the images it hosts.

    Because of how high-quality the photos on its site are, Unsplash makes for a great resource of iPhone wallpapers, for users and wallpaper apps alike.

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    While there are good wallpaper apps out there that curate some excellent Unsplash wallpapers for your convenience, sometimes there's nothing better than going right to the source. Plus, by cutting out the middleman, you can search Unsplash's entire library, not just the images a particular app thinks are great. Walli is an app that prides itself on not being Unsplash. Not that Unsplash is a bad service by any means, but Walli believes many apps simply recycle the same style for their wallpaper offerings.


    Not Walli. This app works with artists to design wallpapers exclusively for smartphones and devices. That means you're bound to find plenty of wallpapers here you won't see anywhere else.

    Best Free Wallpaper Apps on iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch [How-To]

    Better yet, you can tap the artist of your selected wallpaper to see all wallpapers of theirs on Walli. It's just another way to find more wallpapers that match your particular style.

    15 Free Wallpaper Apps for iPhone & iPad

    Looking for something a little dramatic? Vellum 's selection is comprised of beautifully crafted photographs and artwork, usually with a dark, crisp tone. Vellum pulls images from third-party sources, so you will see Unsplash here.

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    That said, it's only one of many services providing excellent choices to Vellum users. When you find a photo you like, Vellum gives you the option to blur it, if you'd like your apps to have a more pronounced focus on the home screen. You can even preview what a wallpaper will look like on both a lock screen and home screen without actually having to download it. If you have hometown pride, you might want to check out Atlas. The app is unlike any on this list, as it doesn't include a collection of photographs and artwork. Rather, the app generates a map of any town, city, or area of the globe for you to use as a wallpaper.

    Talk about unique.