Ipad 4 front camera not working


  1. Clean the camera lens
  2. Five Technical Steps to Solve the Black Screen Problem in iPhone Camera
  3. Common camera problems on iPhone and how to fix them
  4. Top 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Camera Won’t Work after Update to iOS 11/12
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Its works like a mirror, but the final result gets flipped as if someone took the picture for you, rather than you taking it yourself. Here's our iPhone troubleshooting guide with fixes for all kinds of common iPhone issues. We guide you through the steps to fix iPhone speaker water damage, low volume, and more. Read More. Try them out and take even better photos.

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Clean the camera lens

Unlock the free "iPhone and iPad Shortcuts" cheat sheet now! This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Enjoyed this article? What I suggested will erase the device but you can restore from a backup afterward and sync your content back to the iPad after you restore.

However, just forgot about my suggestion for now. When you say that you tried all of the tricks, you sort of leave us guessing because we don't what you tried and what I suggested is a "last resort" troubleshooting step. Back to the point at hand, if you want to reset all settings on the iPad - that will NOT delete any apps, or app data.

It will reset the iPad settings to out of the box factory settings. The device settings are all of the preferences that you have set up in the settings app. I have reset all settings before and it takes a while to get reset all of the settings to where they were, but you will lose no content whatsoever.

Five Technical Steps to Solve the Black Screen Problem in iPhone Camera

Do not tap Erase all content and settings, repeat Do not tap Erase all content and settings. That will erase the iPad and you don't want to do that yet. Ah ok, that is what I have done after looking up the problem on here, it was what almost all of the posts suggested so I tried it to no avail. I think I just have to accept the camera is knackered and I will have to either pray my local apple store are nice and my german is good enough to explain or send it back to whence it came! Very frustrating though! I suppose I was just kinda hoping there was a simple, jiggle this type answer.

Common camera problems on iPhone and how to fix them

Would doing the complete restore be likely to sort it or is it a last desperate action? It isnlikenthe shutter is stuck, but obviously being only an electronic image means it is unlikely to be 'stuck'. Thank you for your help and suggestions though, it is very much appreciated.

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  6. Before you trek off to an Apple Store, and at the expense of being redundant, did you try this? Close the camera app completely in the recents tray and then reboot the iPad?

    Top 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Camera Won’t Work after Update to iOS 11/12

    Reboot the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up. May 31, 1: Sorry, but yes, tried that too, whenever I close down for the day I always close each app in that way anyway, I assume I am just used to a different animal so do it automatically! I really think the inevitable trip to an apple store is comic up. Thank you so much though for trying, I assume for some issues it does all work, but think this is now a critical care case, lol!

    May 31, 4: Restoring the iOS software IS an option. If you do it properly, you can restore all of your content back to the device after you wipe it and reinstall the iOS. That's probably what the Apple Store would try first any way. They may have more sophisticated ways of diagnosing and restoring than we are privy to, but it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Restoring iOS software - Support - Apple. Feb 20, 2: I have same problem in the front camera of my Ipad.

    While the device is new and in great condition with few downloaded apps, the cost of the repair is all but the same as a new Ipad.

    iPhone Frozen Camera Black Screen Fix "How To"

    Kindly resolve this matter as I think this problem can be fixed in less than this amount. More Less. Communities Contact Support.

    Wrapping up

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