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You can specify the registry key as part of your CAB file configuration.

INF file strings. See below:. Another way to configure the Start screen icon is dynamically: Here is the code used to detect the DPI:. Our dynamic CAB file contains four png files: Create Shortcut: That is, because the icon image in the Start screen is created when the shortcut is created see the cached icons section below , we need to create the shortcut in the setup dll instead of in the CAB file as was done in the static CAB sample. Here is the language independent code that creates the shortcut:.

GitHub - Microsoft/Windows-universal-samples: API samples for the Universal Windows Platform.

During development, you will likely want to change the PNG file as you experiment will different artwork. You will notice that if you overwrite the PNG file, the Start screen will not use the new image. This is because when the Start screen shortcut is created, the icon image is cached by the shell. Thereafter for better performance, the shell retrieves the image from the cache. The cache is rebuilt a boot time. Here is one possible workaround:. Here is provisioning XML that does this. You can run this using RapiConfig. However, the shell will look for the shortcut.

This requires a Setup DLL. See the sample code for this post here. To have your shortcut created in the Games folder, you must change the following line in the SetupDPI.

Application on Windows Mobile 6.5 (Application for Warehouse)

CPP and rebuild the project:. For a list of frequently asked questions on this topic see here: Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Security note: This is a protected registry location. To write to a protected registry key, the CAB file needs to be signed.

Windows Mobile 6.5

This will not be a problem for Marketplace applications, since by definition they are signed. As mentioned, this article only applies to Windows Mobile Professional devices. However, if you use the same CAB for a Standard device installation, you will need to make sure your application is signed privileged, otherwise setup will fail.

To avoid having to sign your CAB privileged and incur the extra Marketplace approval time this requires you can use the dynamic setup mentioned in this post. Be sure to include in your setup dll, the conditional creating of the StartInfo registry key and copying of the PNG file, and only do these steps if installing on a Professional device.