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Brave is a full version multiplatform game also available for iPhone and has been created by Disney. The install size of Temple Run: Brave depends on the device. Since the game app joined our selection of software and apps in , it has obtained 4, downloads, and last week it had 52 installations. Brave is available for users with the operating system Android 2. Its current version is 1. What do you think about Temple Run: Do you recommend it? Android Games Action Temple Run: View full description. Oz , and a third spin-off in development by Scopely titled, Temple Run: Treasure Hunters as a match-three video game.

Temple Run also received activity books and a board game, with Warner Bros.

Temple Run gets a sequel on iOS, Android version to come out next week

Studios talking with Imangi Studios of a possible film adaptation. The success of the game also inspired many similar games that take their own twist but also copycat games that copy the exact gameplay and iconic brand of the original. The character chosen will embark on an adventure to seek an ancient and valuable golden idol from an Aztec temple. They will not realize that the temple is inhabited by a family of demonic monkeys who want to devour them.

As the game is an endless running game, there is no end to the temple; the player plays until the character collides into a large obstacle, falls into the water or is overtaken by the demon monkeys. There are three types of coins to be found while the character is running: A gold coin will only add one coin to the player's total number of coins.

Red coins are worth two coins, while blue coins are worth three. Coins can also be bought by the player through in-app purchases with payments of actual money. When the player needs to turn left or right, the touchscreen can be swiped in the corresponding direction. If the player wishes to jump over an object, the screen can be swiped upwards; if the player wishes to slide under an object, the screen can be swiped downwards.

Temple Run was designed, programmed and produced by husband-and-wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova with art by Kiril Tchangov. Imangi Studios wanted to make a game with quick with simpler controls in contrast from Max Adventure' s dual analog controls. Keith started the first prototype with making a game where the character is always and running and can be controlled by rotating the environment from a top-down perspective. This idea was scrapped due to causing extreme dizziness during testing.

Temple Run 2

After the temple design was solidified, Imangi Studios questioned the player character's motivation for constantly running without any breaks and came up with the idea of having something chasing him. Imangi Studios originally had the alien's from Max Adventure as placeholders. Keith and Kiril, however, liked the evil demon monkeys and convinced Natalia to remain in the final product.

Natalia later admitted that they were right and that it added immediacy and adrenaline. The game was on the App Store on August 4, The game frequently crashed, [15] occasionally caused devices to overheat, and drained battery life extremely quickly. The game was released on June 14 for iOS and Android. Brave cost 99 cents to purchase. Brave ' s release on the App Store, the game topped the charts as the most-downloaded paid game.

Temple Run: Brave is set in the highlands of Scotland. The default character is Merida, and as in the original game, the objective is to keep running, avoiding the dangers along the way in an effort to achieve the longest time possible, while being chased by the demon bear, Mor'du. The new feature for Temple Run: Brave is archery. During the run, archery symbols appear with some dots above them, acting as a signal that there will be bullseyes at which to shoot.

The dots are the number of targets in the area. On the left and right sides, the player will then find archery targets, and by touching the screen, an arrow is shot accurately at the upcoming target. When the player finishes hitting all targets in the area, they get a coin bonus, and must then wait for another area with archery targets. In an update, Temple Run: Brave received a new power-up, the "Will-o'-the-Wisps", which appear in the game randomly. When the player grabs it, they are transported to a "dark" version of the game world, where glowing wisps appear in the player's path.

The player has to grab as many as they can, while still navigating the turns and jumps. In , Temple Run: A second spinoff game, called Temple Run: Oz , based on the Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful , was released on February 27, , for iOS, to coincide with the release of the film. Oz was released for Windows Phone 8. Treasure Hunters , in select countries. The series is a "choose-your-own-ending" series aimed at fans of the game and books like Beast Quest. The activity book, Temple Run Downloaded is shaped like a tablet and includes Temple Run info, character profiles, mazes and brain teasers.

Since its initial release on the App Store , the popularity of the game has soared, [38] to the point that Imangi Studios became more popular than Zynga. It also reached the position of the top grossing iOS app. Temple Run has been generally well received. Yeah, the scenery does change here and there, but most of the time, gamers are running through ruined, temple pathways that look consistently the same.

It all starts to blur together after a while. But Temple Run is probably the only one that also makes you feel like a daring archaeologist with a penchant for deadly situations. Gamezebo 's Art Green scored it even higher, 5 out of 5, calling it "an instant iPhone classic," and writing "addictive doesn't even accurately describe the game.

popular Adventure games

Enthralling gameplay as game speeds up. Objectives add goals that keep you playing. We think you may also like other Games: Temple Run 2 1. Love is in the air for our runners in Winter Wasteland!

Temple Run 2 Is The Fastest Downloaded Mobile Game In History | Cult of Mac

Warm your heart with treasures by collecting coins and artifacts! Download APK Additional Information Category: Android 4.

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