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Simple and sleek

Chrome A high-speed browsing experience. Opera Browser Browse the web with Opera for Android. Opera Mini Fast and lightweight web browser for Android. Firefox Feels like Firefox, just mobile. Download Firefox Varies with device. Free Download for Android. User reviews about Firefox Review.

Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download!

FREE Opera Mobile web browser for Android Download!

Download and installation help. Best free alternatives. It is fast, flexible, and really easy to use with its neat and tidy design. What do you think about Safari Browser? Do you recommend it? View full description. Softonic review Safari is an internet browser that is known for its simplistic and minimalistic interface. Enjoy secured web surfing Safari is very protective of its users and therefore does take extra measures to ensure that browsing sessions are safe and secured.

Enjoy seamless internet browsing Safari performs competitively with the other top browsers out there with its above-average browsing speed.

… this isn't the forums?

WhatsApp Messenger Send free text, audio and video messages from your Android phone. Messenger Text, voice calls, and video calls now included. Facebook Official Facebook app for Android. Instagram Popular photo-based social network. Download Safari Browser 3. Free Download for Android. User reviews about Safari Browser Review. This is a security-focused browser app.

  • Feels like Firefox, just mobile.
  • Download Mobile Browser - Best Software & Apps.
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Basically every session is in privacy mode. Some features include a one-tap history deletion process, a fairly decent ad-block, and it blocks most types of web trackers. This is definitely not something for people who need their browser to remember their sign-in info. It's outstanding for basically everybody else, though. It's also entirely free with no in-app purchases. We have some more excellent app lists to further customize your device! Flynx Price: Flynx by InfiKen Labs has come a long way since its inception.

Download Mobile Web - Best Software & Apps

This unique browser works in a floating window as opposed to a full screen mode. This allows for quick web browsing. It also doesn't force you to leave the app you're currently using. When you click links, they open a little bubble on the side of the screen and the page will load in the background until you decide to click the bubble to read it yourself. It also comes with a few other features, such as night mode. Google Chrome Price: Of course we give the obligatory nod to the most popular Android browser. Many people have this pre-installed on their devices and opt to just keep using it.

That's a perfectly reasonable thing to do. It features syncing with Google Chrome on desktop along with the latest Material Design, unlimited browsing tabs, deeper integration with Android, and plenty of other features for both basic browsing and power users.

15 best Android browsers of 2018!

There are four total Chrome browsers. Choose at your own risk. Google Chrome almost always has the latest Android features before other browsers as well. Kiwi Browser Price: Kiwi Browser is one of the newer Android browsers. It uses Chromium as a base. Thus, you may recognize a lot of its visual elements and settings options. It also loads pages pretty well.

There are some UI tweaks as well, such as the address bar resting on the bottom of the app instead of the top. It also does the usual stuff. It's surprisingly delightful to actually use, although we do miss the desktop syncing available on the big name browsers. If you don't need that, this is definitely one of the best options. Lightning Browser Price: Lightning Browser has returned to this list as one of the best Android browsers. It features a lightweight experience coupled with a simple design. Additionally, it comes with various features such as ad block, theming, and more.

It also boasts compatibility with Orbot as a Tor proxy. That's about as secure as web browsing gets, folks. The support is a bit inconsistent but it does work. The free version is functional. However, you'll have to pay for the pro version to get unlimited tabs and ad blocking. It's also open source. Lynket formerly Chromer Price: Lynket is formerly the popular Chromer browser. The rebrand came in early It's still the same browser at its core. It lets you open web links from basically any app in Chrome Custom Tabs, even if the app doesn't natively support Chrome Custom Tabs.

It works best for multi-taskers, frequent browsers, and people who really like Chrome Custom Tabs. Almost done! Here are some more app list recommendations for you! Microsoft Edge Price: We're probably going to catch flack for this, but that's okay. Microsoft Edge is a legitimately decent web browser on mobile.