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Eventually, you'll reach the Swordmaster's hut. Listen to the conversation between Carla the swordmaster and the shopkeeper. Afterwards, go fight Carla using the insults you learned from all the pirates on the world map. You have to successfully insult her 5 times. If you fail, repeat the process by going back to the store in the village and ringing the bell on the shopkeeper's table.

I will milk every last drop of blood How appropriate, you fight from your body. Do you want to a quick escape! First you'd better stop waving it like a feather duster! Yes there are, you just never learned them! Your Hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh? Too bad no one's ever heard of you. And with that done, you've completed the first of the three challenges you set out to do! Nice job! And just think about it Getting the T-shirt of a hottie like Carla isn't something that happens every day in your life.

Head back to the Scumm Bar and boast about your deeds to the three important-looking pirates. Exit the woods, then re-enter the woods again. Now that you're oo back in the first area of the woods, use the Map that you bought back in town. It has directions written on it. Back - Left - Right - Left - Right - Back - Right - Left - Back '' Follow these directions back means UP , and you'll reach an area in which the music goes silent. In the right end of this area, there is a signpost with a message about the legendary treasure of Melee Island.

Read it, then use your Shovel on the "X" on the ground next to the signpost. Watch the cutscene, then prize the lord for the treasure you'll find. It's another Go tell the pirates about having completed this second challenge, then head over to the area where the church is. From the church you should continue to the left towards the manor in the distance.

There are some dogs barking outside of it, but they can easily be knocked out by combining your Stewed Meat with that Yellow Pedal you found in the forest! If you are having trouble combining the Yellow Petal with the meat, this can be done using the right trigger on the Xbox controller. Once the dogs are knocked out, head inside.

Open the first door you see and watch the sheriff follow you inside. After a lengthy cutscene, you realize that a File is needed to proceed. Exit the mansion, and enter the prison next to the church. Take them and give them to the prisoner and ask him for a file. He has none, but is willing to give you a Carrot Cake if you can get rid of the rats in the prison. Open the cake to reveal a [FILE]. Now manually save your game, then get back into the mansion and jump through the hole in the wall. Watch the cutscene which introduces you to Elaine, then try to exit the manor. The sheriff will throw Guybrush into the sea.

Once it pops you will die, so reload the savegame and proceed to the part where you are thrown into the sea again. Down under the sea, pick up the [IDOL], then wait for an old geezer to give you the message about Elaine being kidnapped. The geezer gives you a [NOTE] about the kidnapping, and whops, the whole game turns into a love story.

Read the note, then head for the Scumm Bar. Too bad there are no pirates The Three Trials When asked where you can get a ship for yourself, the cook will tell you to head for the shipyard. You can find it by going to the world map and accessing the "Lights" area in the eastern end. Stan will greet you at the entrance. This isn't possible, but Stan suggests hearing what the shopkeeper downtown has to say about things.

Better advice than none, right? The old fellow will go get a note to write on. Watch the safe as he opens it, and make sure to remember the combination. He'll leave you alone now, so go open the safe using the combination you just remembered a moment ago. You will be using the "Push" and "Pull" commands to move the handle left and right. This is all we need for now, so rush back to Stan at the "Lights" shipyard. If he declines, try to leave, and he will call you back. Now you can offer Pieces of Eight again, and he'll agree to sell the ship for With this out of the way, we need 3 crew members.

Go to her hut and ask her to join. Simple as that. Next up is Otis, the guy in the prison. On your way to the prison, another cutscene will trigger, and reveal more about LeChuck.. And by "more".. I mean He's actually someone you've met before. He'll agree to join your crew, but obviously, you've got to free him from prison. To free him from imprisonment, go to the Scumm Bar, and pick up a [MUG] from the table next to the cook.

Pick up the 4 remaining Mugs from the bar as well. While walking towards the prison, your Melting Mug will turn into a broken mug that you will have to use on an empty mug in your inventory before it gets destroyed. If you fail to do this some timing is required , you can repeat the process, as the mugs in the bar will re-appear after you leave. Only one member remaining now. The third crew member can be found at the "Island" in the northeastern part of the world map. Climb up the ladder at the Island entrance, and use the Chicken from the Voodoo Woman's house on the cable above you.

This lets you get to the other side of the water. Head inside the house on the island, and talk to Meathook. Continue talking to him, and open the door that Meathook leads you to. Touch the bird inside. With all 3 members recruited, go back to the Scumm Bar to meet the crew in full. Talk to them to end this chapter of the game.

You still have three left, so don't sulk. Fetch it, then get back downstairs. Go down the hatch located behind the mast, then proceed straight down the next hatch as well. Down here is the storage area you will see some walls almost cracking against the seawater. Grab it and head then open the chest in the lower right end of the room. That's all there is to do down in the storage room, so head back up the ladder. Now enter the door with the blue light coming from it to reach the kitchen. Look more closely at the paper to reveal a recipe.

You already have all of the ingredients, so let's get back to the kitchen and start cooking! Anyway, as you put the final item into the pot, Guybrush passes out on the Cinnamon Sticks floor, and several days pass. The other crewmembers do not seem to notice though. Jolly Roger Head upstairs once you're concios again, and you'll Ink see that the ship has arrived at Monkey Island.

That's the end of this The Journey Go into the jungle to access the world map, and head over to the upper left corner to find the "Fort". If you can't see the Fort, it's just above the tiny lake. Exit the fort, and go to the beach just south of here to find anohter [NOTE]. Out on the world map again, follow the river to the right until you can access the "River Fork". Grab it: Cross the river, climb the mountain and read the [NOTE] on the ground. Keep on climbing to reach the top of the moutnain and trigger another cutscene.

Next, once he has left, use the Spyglass. Guybrush will say that he can see his piece of junk ship from here. Head back down again to where you found the previous note. You will see that there is a catapult here. You can either push or pull it, and then use the Spyglass to determine what the catapult is currently aiming at either your ship or the tree on the beach.

You have to destroy the tree, but you can also aim at and destroy your ship. Doing so will result in an alternate ending to the game. So, aim at the tree and the ship if you want to , then head back up to the top, and push the rock on the ground down onto the catapult. Once that's done, head back to the catapult for anohter [NOTE].

Go back down to where you crossed the river again, and use the Gunpowder in your inventory on the dam. Then, use your Flint on your Cannonball to trigger a small explosion that creates a flood. Leave the beach again. After the cutscene and Note Head Rope Now, go to the Oars Climb one level down using the rope you just laid out, then use your second rope oo on the Sturdy Stump. This will allow you to reach the bottom of the area where some [OARS] are waiting for you.

Use these Oars on the Rowboat back at the beach. Get recipe: Go left to the mast and take the voodoo recipe tacked on pole. Read the recipe and see that the cutlass needs to be sprayed by an enchanted root beer. Get root beer: Go right and climb the stairs to the helm. Pick up the monkey coffin Monkey Casket of Kauai on the deck at right. In inventory, take the magnifying lens at top left and click it on coffin. The root beer is taken from coffin. Make it fizzy: Combine breath mints and root beer. Enchant the cutlass: Combine the cutlass and the fizzy root beer.

Guybrush showboats and drops the root beer. Get more root beer: Tell Elaine to throw the rope. Elaine drops the mast and Guybrush crawls to Elaine's ship. Guybrush's ship drifts away. Look around the deck. Go left and see Chuck the plant beside Elaine. Use the cutlass on plant to get Chuck roots. Go right and use roots on the barrel marked grog beer. Use breath mints on the newly made root grog. Dip the cutlass in the barrel of root grog.

Tales of Monkey Island Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

Use the enchanted cutlass on LeChuck. Guybrush's hand changed to LeChuck's hand. Flotsam Island: Guybrush washes ashore Flotsam Island. The poxed hand hits the friendly pirate. Meet Nipperkin of Keelhauler Gazette. Learn that the winds blow in everyday here. Deep Gut is his source of off island news. He wants pirate mayhem news in town.

Check the town: Club Go up the stairs and read the sign right of door of Club Knock on door and see that they want a card. Keelhauler Gazette: Check the latest edition of the gazette. See a vat of ink beside the bulletin board. Check the door. Only employees allowed. Talk to Nipperkin - Davey about pirate news. Check the windows and jail carvings on the building. Take the flier on the pole by the jail. Learn about Morgan Le Flay, a pirate hunter.

Check the pillars at the side street. They have carvings of mermaids. Well BlowMe Down Glassworks: The sign says there's an Alphabet sale. Doctor's house: Climb the stairs. Knock on door. Guybrush picks up the flower pot. Screaming Narwhal: Go left and see the Screaming Narwhal.

Meet Reginald Van Winslow. Talk to him completely. Anyone that knocks the captain off the deck becomes the captain. He lost his membership card to Club Show him the flier of the pirate hunter. Learn something about Le Flay. Check the frilly pink underwear and the socks on the clothesline. Guybrush gets a temporary membership card to Club 41 from the sock. Go back and talk to Gaffer Crimpdigit. Learn about the crystal reefs around the island. Ask for vowel tube. Get a U tube.

Go back and talk to Davey again about piracy. Learn about ship seizing, buried treasure and bar brawl. If Guybrush makes news, the secret of Deep Gut is his. None of the stories about the pirate hunter jibe. Bar Brawl: Knock on door of Club With Winslow's card, Guybrush got in and causes mayhem - or his hand did. Buried Treasure: Look at the broken grogatini glass in front of the bulletin board to get grogatini sword with olive.

Go to jungle entrance either by the path between the pillars by the glassblower's shop or right behind Club See a map of Flotsam Island. Click on jungle entrance. Take the bottom left path and see a pirate beside some action figure dolls. Talk to portly pirate, Joaquin D'Oro a treasure hunter. Learn that he collects Porcelain Power Pirates. The rarest doll is the Dark Ninja Dave. He gives the worthless treasure map to Guybrush. Select the dialogue Look, it's Dark Ninja Dave. Take a pink action figure from the pile of Pajama Pants Pierre on the ground.

Dark Ninja Dave: Go back to the gazette building in town. Use the pink action figure on vat of ink right of the bulletin board. Combine the ink stained action figure with grogatini sword to get Dark Ninja Dave. Follow treasure map: Go back to the jungle and the crossroad where D'Oro is playing with dolls. In following the map, listen to the sound made by animals. If the path is correct, hear bells and sometimes Guybrush says some assuring statements.

If the path taken is wrong, Guybrush goes back to the well to start over. At the crossroad, go to top road. See the well. Dip the map on the well. The earth shakes and the map glows. Take the right path. Hear snort of the boar and bells. Take a bomb from the ground. Guybrush takes all the bombs. Continue to the right. Hear chimps and bells. Take upper right path above the stone stand. Hear buzzing bees and bells. At the crossroad, take the bottom path and hear monkeys. At crossroad where D'Oro is playing dolls, go bottom right in front of D'Oro.

Hear snorts of the boar and bells. Take the upper left path. Hear bees and bells at crossroad with altar. Take the left path and hear chirping birds. Go forward and see a dug hole - X marks the spot. Place Dark Ninja Dave in the hole. Make news about buried treasure: Return to jungle entrance and go left to D'Oro. Talk to D'Oro about his map. D'Oro digs the treasure with his hand. That is one happy pirate and made for great news too.

Seize the ship: Click docks in the map. Go left to the ship. Climb the planks and be stopped by bacon grease. Climb the anchor chain and be stopped by live coals. The dock now has grease fire. Use bomb on grease fire. Use lit bomb on frilly pink underwear. Use crank right of socks. Use clothesline left of pink underwear. Here's Captain Guybrush Threepwood. Nipperkin hears the news. Deep Gut: Find Deep Gut: Nipperkin gives Guybrush all the info he has about deep Gut. Look at map. See footsteps to the jungle and the word 'deadline'. Go to jungle entrance.

Follow the map given by Nipperkin. Go forward to first crossroad where D'Oro was earlier. Take the left path to the stone stand. Take the top path above the stone stand until the well. Take the top path until a circular calendar on the ground. Take the top path and forward to a hut. Give the password - deadline. Voodoo lady: She wants the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu. She needs to dismantle it. Talk to Voodoo lady completely. Guybrush's hand has the Pox of LeChuck. The only cure is the La Esponja Grande.

Coronado Da Cava, a' friend' of the Voodoo lady can help Guybrush. He can be found at Jerkbait Island. She gives a locket to show Da Cava. Look at the locket in inventory. See the pictures of the Voodoo lady and Da Cava. Look around and check everything in the room. Click on the pyrite parrot and Guybrush teaches it to say his name. Pick up the pyrite parrot from the floor at left. Try to leave and the Voodoo lady gives the ancient scroll in unbreakable bottle left by the Vaycalians former inhabitants of Flotsam Island or you can pick up the bottle first from the table.

Exit the hut. Pick up the ancient weather vane from the ground. Go left. Try to break the unbreakable bottle: Automatically be at the docks. Go to Crimpdigit the glassblower. Talk to Gaffer and he says he made the unbreakable bottle from the crystals from the reef. He has the unbreakable bottle breaker but it will cost gold to use it. Go left and climb the anchor chain. Van Winslow appointed himself as the first mate. Go down the steps. Take the cheese wheel left of the cannon. Fire the cannon. The island's wind blows the cannon back and it hits the glassblower's unicorns.

Use the unbreakable bottle in cannon and fire the cannon again. It hits Crimpdigit. Exit the ship just before the stairs to the wheel. Go to the glassblower. Pick up the unbreakable bottle from ground and the unbreakable bottle breaker from the bench. In inventory, combine the unbreakable bottle breaker and the unbreakable bottle. The poxed hand prevents this to happen. Poxed hand: Marquis De Singe: Go left and up the stairs to the doctor's door. At his lab, talk to the doctor - Marquis De Singe.

Learn his history. He studies the hand and decides to amputate. Guybrush is locked to a chair. He numbs the hand. He leaves to sharpen his petite guillotine and leaves the key on the skeleton. Escape the chair: The chair turns left and right using the A and D keys. The chair also reclines and be in upright position using the keys W and S. Show a picture to the monkey. Then feed the monkey and it will go to the counterpart of that picture in the room.

Free the monkey: Press D and W keys to turn right and recline. Pick up the key. Press A key to turn and face the monkey, Jacques. Give the key to the monkey. The monkey opens the cage door and goes out. Get picture of skeleton hand: Press A key to face the projector. Use the bell on the table.

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The monkey takes a picture and places it on the projector. See a plan of a mouse in a cage and the monkey's electric antenna. Press S key to sit up. Use the right pedal and a banana drops. The monkey happily eats it, studies the picture and goes to the mouse wheel. Use the left pedal and this buzzes the monkey. Jacques knocks the picture of the hand to the floor. Press A key to turn to the front. Take the picture from the floor. Get the key from skeleton: Press D and W keys to face the projector and to lie down.

Place the picture on the box of other pictures. Ring bell and the monkey changes picture. See Guybrush's skeletal hand. Press S to sit up. Use right pedal to give monkey a banana. It studies the picture and goes to the skeleton at the corner. Use the left pedal to shock the monkey.

The key attaches to the magnetized tail. Give key to Guybrush: Press W key to lie down. Ring the bell. The monkey changes the picture to the pirate's version of DaVinci's Vitruvian Man. Use the right pedal to give a banana. It studies the picture and jumps on Guybrush. Guybrush frees himself. He reads the flier that lands on his face about the pirate hunter.

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Ancient scroll: Break the unbreakable bottle: See that the ancient scroll is blank. Read the scroll: Go to Hemlock MacGee, the crusty pirate sitting on the steps of the courthouse. Talk to him. Find out that he is the MacGee that owned the scroll before the Voodoo lady. He has a lens that can read the scroll.

Ask and he will then give his Eye if the Manatee lens. In inventory, combine the Eye of Manatee and the ancient scroll. Study the map. Cheese wheel: Use the cheese wheel on the jail carvings and get the impressions of eyes. De Singe: Go left and see De Singe looking through a telescope. Go to De Singe's house and talk to him. Follow the Ancient Scroll map: Go to the Jungle entrance. Use the scroll on the altar. Guybrush does his dance and the ground shakes. Turn around and go back to the jungle entrance.

Hear bees and bells. Take the lower left path. Hear monkeys and bell at crossroad. In inventory, use the magnifying lens on the vane. It turns to the right. Take the path behind Guybrush or the upper path of the crossroad. Be at the well. Use flower pot in well. The ground shakes. Take the right path from well. Hear bees, bells and positive comment. Go back to the left or turn around and see a different scene. Place the weather vane on the stand. It points to the left. Take the vane back. Take the left path.

See the calendar on the ground. Go around the calendar several times and see it flashes colors: Take the path above the calendar. Be at Ancient portal. See De Singe come out of the door. He has a plan to take Guybrush's hand. Ancient Portal: Open the portal: Check the clamshell at right and the portal with a manatee on top. Look at the crystal nose.

Use the unbreakable bottle breaker on the crystal nose. Pick up weird door face. Use the pyrite parrot into the nasal cavity. Return to jungle entrance and then to the dock. Automatically be by the ancient portal. See De Singe get tricked by the parrot. Guybrush takes the ancient tool. Wind control device: De Singe let out that this is a wind control device and a wind god is to be summoned to control it. The wind control device has 4 fingers.

Use the ancient tool on the clamshell closest to the big device. It activated all 4 wind gods - mysterious idols in the island. Summon the wind gods: Mysterious idol closest to the wind control device: Go to the right and see the 3 wheels of the mysterious idol. Look close at the idol. Place the weather vane on top of the mysterious idol. Turn the 3 wheels to match the face on the weather vane.

Use the ancient tool on the clamshell right of the mysterious idol. One finger of the control device moved. De Singe blows Guybrush to another part of the jungle. Enigmatic Idol: Go right and be at the map. Go to the enigmatic idol. Place the weather vane on top of the idol. This one is missing a nose. Use the flower pot on noseless place on the middle wheel. Use the ancient tool on the clamshell right of the idol. Strange Idol: Go back to jungle entrance. Go to strange idol. This one is missing a wheel. Use the cheese wheel with the impressions of the jail house carvings on the empty space.

Messed up - final Idol: Take the upper left path to the altar. Go right from altar. Meet De Singe again. Use the dialogue "Look, it's King Louis. As soon as he's distracted, use the U tube on the muzzle of the rifle. De Singe is stuffed on top of the messed up idol.

Monkey Island Tales 1 Walkthrough for iOS (iPhone/iPad) by Evil Sponge - GameFAQs

Look close. Turn the wheels and listen to sounds made by De Singe. Select that side of the wheel when he makes a pleasant sound. The pox is blown out of the island by the wind.

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  • The wind is blowing normal now. Where to now? Automatically the Screaming Narwhal sails to sea. Van Winslow asks where to now? The poxed hand stops Guybrush from answering. Climb back to the wheel. Turn the wheel and the hand turns it abruptly, tilting the ship. The tar barrel rolls to the cannon. Immediately - go down, pass to the right of the mast and go to the cannon. That movement crashes the tar barrel on the mast and tar spills. Go around the mast and look at the puddle o' tar. Now use the cutlass on LeChuck. All paths lead to the same point.

    Once the exposition is at an end, head over to the Keelhauler Gazette office and chat with Nipperkin again to get more of the skinny on the news you're supposed to incite. Before moving on, I'd suggest taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the town. There's only a couple landmarks, so it shouldn't take you too long. I'm going to keep item collection relative to the specific task as much as possible, which should make it easier to skip around.

    That being said, the news stories are a bit intertwined, so keep an eye out for references. If this is your first time here, you'll be greeted by Reginald Van Winslow. Chat if you wish, unless you already have, then check out the clothesline. Examine the socks to find a membership card for Club Head back to said club and knock on the door. The next bit is out of your control, though hilarious. Once the scene ends, you'll have accomplished one of your objectives.

    There are several ways to attempt to board the vessel. You can climb the anchor chain, scale the clothesline, or simply walk up the gangplank. First, try to scale the clothesline and notice what happens. Now walk up the gangplank. Guybrush will slide back down, leaving a puddle of bacon grease on the dock. Now try to climb up the anchor chain. Van Winslow will toss hot coals at you, which sets the grease puddle on fire. Once the dock is smoldering, head past the glass blower and up into the jungle. If this is your first time here, you can wander around for a bit to familiarize yourself with the various landmarks if you wish.

    Otherwise, take the left-hand path. Head west from the pirate, then go west again. Near the western edge of this screen is a pile of bombs at the base of a tree. Pick them up and return to the dock. Use the bomb with the grease fire to light it. Jog to the clothesline and use the lit bomb with the Frilly Pink Underwear.

    Now scale the clothesline.

    The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition - Full longplay

    This time when you're wheeled back to the dock, the bomb is taken to the ship. You are now the proud captain of the Screaming Narwhal. Take the path on the left and talk to the pirate in the clearing, one Juaquin D'oro. Work your way through the conversation options. Ask about the Porcelain Power Pirates, then ask how many he has left to find. Ask about Dark Ninja Dave to learn about the killer katana accessory. Now ask about the map and he'll hand it over. The last step here is to say "Look, it's Dark Ninja Dave!

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    Examine the map. Here's a brief note about how this, and all subsequent maps, work. The picture at the start of the map is, perhaps obviously, the starting point of your trek. Each path in the jungle is accentuated by an animal sound. Simply follow all the animal sounds in order to complete this map. So head to the Well, which is north of D'oro. Use the map on the Wishing Well and the ground will shake, thus initiating the treasure hunting sequence. Now just follow the paths. This will lead you to the treasure! Or, perhaps more accurately, the spot where the treasure once was.

    Seems someone already unearthed it. Head back to town. Between Club 41 and the Gazette are barrels of ink. Take out the Pink Pajama Pierre action figure you acquired earlier and dip him in the ink. If you've already started the Bar Fight, there will be a shattered grogatini glass laying nearby left of the vats. One of the clearings is now selectable as "Buried Treasure. Head there and dump Dark Ninja Dave into the hole. After Guybrush buries him, head back to D'oro and talk to him.

    Tell him his map isn't a rip-off and Guybrush will lead him to the newly buried treasure. The map's pretty straightforward west north north north and shouldn't cause you too much of a headache. Once you arrive at the Creepy Shack simply knock on the door and utter the password which you won't know until you receive the map, but will know automatically if you have said map. Once you get the option to ask the Voodoo Lady for advice, ask her anything you wish. Your reaction to the negative response leads her to tell you about the Pox of LeChuck, as well as the only cure for the Pox: La Esponja Grande.

    She also hands you a locket, which you won't need until later chapters. Work your way through the rest of the options if you wish. Otherwise, exit the convo. Head to the left toward the exit. On the table in the foreground, next to the skull with a candle in it, is an Interesting Bottle. Pick it up to find out that it contains a scroll forged by the ancient Vaycaylian Race. The former inhabitants of the island enclosed in that document the secret to controlling the winds of Flotsam. Alas, it is currently sealed in an unbreakable bottle.

    Leave the shack and return to the village. Turns out the man's name is Hemlock McGee. It also turns out that he was the last one who used the scroll that's in the bottle. Ask him if he can help you with the winds, then ask him if you can see it. He'll tell you that it's in the Bottle you just procured and that you need the Eye of the Manatee to read it. Guybrush will want to borrow it but McGee wants to know why.

    Tell him that you want to investigate the winds and he'll hand it over. Great, now we have the scroll and the means with which to read it. If only we could open the bottle. To that end, head to the guy hawking glass unicorns and vowels, the man with the name Crimpdigit. Pull out the unbreakable bottle and show it to him. He'll pull out his unbreakable bottle breaker to demonstrate, but he won't let you have it. What we need is a distraction The winds will hook the cannonball back toward shore Feeling the urge to replenish his stock, he'llCrimpdigit will head inside the shop.

    Pick up the newly unattended bottle breaker and then combine it with the bottle to open it. Except your hand won't allow you to open it. Well, if the Voodoo Lady can't help you, perhaps a medical doctor can. Luckily, there happens to be one of those stationed in the mansion. A doctor known as the Marquis de Singe. Knock on his door and the odd sconce will fall off the wall.