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  1. Secrets of the iPad Camera Connection Kit
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If your camera uses an SD card, use the SD card adapter. But, if your camera uses another storage card like Sony's proprietary card , connect it to the USB adapter with the included USB cable. Once your respective adapter is in the iPad, the Photos app will launch immediately.

Secrets of the iPad Camera Connection Kit

Tap to select the photos you want to transfer, or tap Import at the bottom and select Import All. The imported photos will appear in the Albums tab in a new folder. You'll then have the option to delete the photos from the SD card, which is useful if you're traveling and need to clear up some storage space on your SD card in a pinch. Now that your photos are on the iPad, you can edit them in the iPhoto app , share them on Facebook, or even upload them to your Dropbox or other cloud storage service.

For the record, I've tested the Camera Connection Kit with the iPhone, and it is definitely not compatible. But because these devices draw power from the iPad, only some will work. I really like this feature.

iMovie for iOS (iPad): Transfer media to your iOS device

Importing photos into your iPad is easy, quick, and pretty much bulletproof. But there is one big limitation: Other than that, the process is pretty great.

I prefer it to importing pictures to my Mac, which is old and slow. Apple gives a glimpse inside its self-driving vehicle program. Galaxy S10 vs.

Import photos and videos

Samsung gives us so many reasons to switch. Samsung steps up fitness game with two new wearables. Hyperspektiv app glitches up your photos and videos [Review].

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You can't export content to an SD card or digital camera. Apple camera adapters can import multiple types of media files from your digital camera or SD card.

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