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This game by developers Lotum GmbH is now one of the most popular and highly grossing apps around. On first inspection it would seem simple enough, it is exactly what it says on the tin. There are 4 pictures, 12 letters and some spaces to let you know how many letters the word you are trying to guess has. Just unscramble the letters using the images as a massive hint, and bobs your uncle and onto the next level you go.

Surely we all have enough logical capacity to put together what 4 pictures mean? It is a really hard game!

Which level are you on?

You can of course buy a correct letter 60 coins or delete some letters another 60 coins but with 8 letter words in there and coins at. Cue US. We have the most comprehensive data base of answers for 4Pics1Word on the whole wide web! All the other answer sites gave up after a couple of updates, but not us! We carried on, finding answers and getting them up on the site as soon as we could so that you could search for them when you were stuck. Google is broken, most of those top ones are spam anyway. No long videos either that spends hours going through each and every word that you already have.

Because the words are in a random order it can often seem frustrating having to look for it amongst all the answers you have got already, but what is the alternative? The one mocking you is likely the one who spends the most time here. We all need some help sometimes, no one is perfect, and certainly no one could ever complete 4Pics1Word without cheating, pure and simple fact.

What's The Word Answers | Whats The Word Cheats

Enjoy the site, enjoy having all the 4Pics1Word answers for free, and we would always love to hear from you if you fancy a chat, need some help, or even want to have a moan at us for something or other. See you on social media folks! Love you bye! I am stuck on Looks like soup in the top 2 pics, some kind of drink with whipped topping and possibly eggs with bananas? The pictures consist of a motorbike rider, 9 matches with one match used already, a man in suit at the table looks problematic and a man filed up with folders.

Thank you! Logo Quiz is one of the must have games for iPhone, iPad and Android devices today. For iphone version by Aticod there are are 12 levels in total, the symblCrowd iphone version has a massive 22, and for Android there are also over Here we will always keep up-to-date with any updates and will be first to bring you levels 13, 14 and 15 for the iphone Aticod version of Logos Quiz and will continue updating the Android answers on a regular basis.

The logos vary in difficulty from easy to medium to very hard. You are not alone in using an answers site as most people who play Logos Quiz will need to cheat in order to complete the game. You can also gain hints after each logo unlock and you can use stars to help with answers. But, if you're really stuck, just browse our website for all the logo quiz answers! We are now branching out to even more quiz style games with the arrival of Whats the Word - 4 Pics 1 Word answers. Whats the word has become an overnight success, but without hints to help it can be almost impossible to guess the word from the 4 pictures given.

Your fingers will be twitching to play. This clever game requires learning the rules, but they are incredibly simple and the gameplay you'll enjoy after sitting through the quick demo video makes it more than worth it. With three lines of five boxes, you are presented with one letter at a time to place in a box with the aim of making meaningful words within the boxes.

Once you've done that you can grow the word by adding more letters, if possible, or swapping out letters for others that still make a real word. So, for example, you could swap the "h" in "hover" to an "l" to make "lover. If you add a letter and find you no longer have a viable word then that's called a "twaddle," and you'll lose points. Finally, a list of Moxie words means more points, so it's worth checking them out before you play if you've got your eye on the high score prize.

It sounds simplistic but as you're building words and hoping the correct letter turns up to complete it the engagement level can get quite high. Offering the option to view the grid, the clues or both in a split screen, this app makes crosswords really work on the iPhone's display. The interface is great.

4 Pics 1 Word Cheat

Pan around the grid by dragging the display, hit on the grid to see the clue come up across the bottom of the screen and then tap the pencil icon to type in the answer. One standout feature that really helps the crossword concept to translate to a digital device is the ability to either "pen" or "pencil" in your answers, so if you aren't sure about an answer you can enter it in a lighter font.

If you get tear-your-hair-out stuck then you can chose to see the answer, although to your shame it shows on the grid which you've chosen to reveal.

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Mine enemy is productivity. As the name might suggest, Word Solitaire mixes up a word building game with the classic cards-for-one Klondike solitaire. Instead of clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds the cards in the columns are made up of vowels and consonants and you have to move the cards around to build words. Keep in mind you can only put a letter on top of another if it's the start of a potential word so you couldn't move a "k" onto an "r" for example.

The aim of the game is to reveal all the letter cards and make sure they are all used up in creating words. Tools to help include some extra cards at the bottom that are optional to use, and the ability to "burn" three cards per level if you really can't use them. If you get stuck altogether then you can hit the white flag to surrender. With pretty backgrounds, the option to change the color scheme and not-completely-annoying sound effects, it's a surprisingly immersive game.

The app also gets a "thumbs up" from us for integrating Twitter - you can drag and drop a blue bird icon onto a high score to brag about it on the microblogging service.

Word Brain Puzzle - 5 Letter Word - All Answers 1 - 70

When's my next fix? This game should come with an addiction warning. Take the bubble-popping principle of the likes of Bejeweled, add in a dose of running-out-of-screen Tetris panic, and mix it up with some word game action and you have Alexia. As the letters flow down the screen you have to make as many words as you can, as quickly as you can by selecting the letters in order and then hitting them to make them disappear.

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If you aren't getting rid of enough letters and they hit the danger area at the top of the screen, then it's curtains. There's no more to it than that but believe us when we say it's enough. Small banner ad along the top, not that noticeable Available as a separate app for iPad? Think Tetris, then double it. This might actually be the best. We're not sure it gets any better than that. If you're short of social networking pals that like word games then the app will also let you invite someone to play from your address book, and will even randomly match you with another willing player from the iPhoneiverse.

Or, if you have actual real life friends who like a bit of word game action you can opt to "Pass and Play" and play with them. You can have up to 20 games going on at any one time, and the app offers push notifications so you'll know when it's your turn without having to keep checking in.

Just to top off the awesome, there's in-game chat, so you can trash talk your opponent during the match. They tried to make me go to rehab. Image courtesy of iStockphoto , hannahgleg. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Entertainment Like Follow Follow. Take it or leave it 2. Hangman Free Slightly less cerebral but just as fun, this hangman game will have you nostalgic for recess and family road trips with the old-school chalk graphics and some nifty features. Like caffeine 3. WordJong Lite This popular app puts a word game twist on Mahjong, with great results.

There's a reason they only put out one new puzzle per day 4.