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Injured or suspended players should be between the reserves in order to spend the time needed and come back to normal.

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The information selection can also be done with command. This is the space that gives the best idea on how good your team can be. The rating is given numerically between 0 and but also in stars form, between zero and five. The chemistry, that is essencial on our performance, is also measured between 0 and and refers to the connection between the players on the team. In this area the information about the active manager is displayed. When you sellect him, the following options are accessed:. The squad selector sub-menu allows you to create up to 15 different squads, the maximum allowed for a club.

Even for someone who has only one squad, this menu saves a lot of time everytime they want to play with a squad of reserves. Just create one, even with duplicated players, and select it as the active squad, avoiding this way the painful job of dragging player by player. The squad selector menu also allows an easy coparison between them. It essencially works so you can recall your old stars. The Generations menu remains being unfamiliar to the community of FUT enthusiastics. The image below identifies the two areas of the store menu.

The trading menu is the central one of the navigation bar. It allows you to do all the management related to buying and selling cards. The Auction Search sub-menu consists of two parts: In this space it is possible to configure lots of filters in order to get results of our interest. The main filter is the one that allows you to choose between players, staff, kits and badges, training, development, stadiums and balls. The secondary filters vary according to the main filter that was chosen. This undermost area of the sub-menu gives the results, orderd by ascending order of time, according to the searching filters introduced.

This field identifies the card that was selected, which is what the fields 6 and 7 focus on. This is the space where you can stay caught up with the auction of a specific card selected on field 4. It shows the remaining time there is until the end of the auction, the starting value, the current bid and the Buy Now price. On the last 15 seconds of the auction, each bid made makes the remaining time back to 15 seconds. This field also has four icons that, when correspond to reality, are active and colored: This is the space where you can interact with the selected card.

You can make a bid introducing directly the value you want to offer , buy immediately the card for the value defined as BIN, propose a direct trade since the seller is your friend or remove the card from your watch list. The Watch List sub-menu allows you to catch up with the cards that you showed interest in. The same actions there are on the auction search sub-menu are available on the watch list. The image below illustrates the areas of this sub-menu. If the Search and Watch List sub-menus are used to buy cards, the Trade Pile was created so you can manage the cards you intend to sell.

The active sub-menus are shown as green while the others are grey.. All the cards you sent to the Trade Pile are in this space, in a maximum number of This field identifies the card that was selected, which is what the fields 5 and 6 focus on. This field only pops up when a red card is selected.

FUT 13 Web App – Complete Guide

It informs the player about the bids made on the last auction for this card. The Club Menu allows you to visualize and interact with all your cards. It is divided between 4 sub-menus, each related to a different type of cards:. This undermost area of the sub-menu gives the results according to the searching filters on field 6. This field identifies the card that was selected, which is what field 5 focuses on. You can place it in active squad, send it to trade pile or quick sell it.

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In this space it is possible to configure several filters in order to get results of our interest. This space, available only on the third sub-menu, allows you to visualize the club items you made active. The total coins you earned by playing games and tournaments. The resulting profit of the cards you bought and sold.

The sum of the values of all the players of a club. The quality of a club according to the chemistry and classification of your strongest squad. The Season Ticket subscribers are marked on the Leaderboards. This menu has a filtering system that shows you the top leaderboards or just your friends, from all time, the last month or last week. These cards remain stored in this menu until you figure out what you intend to do with them. The image below illustrates the areas of this menu. Its explanation is unnecessary since we already explained the Club Menu.

When you get your PS4 change the console that is linked to your Origin account in Origin preferences. But you will not be able to transfer your coins and cards from XBox to Playstation. I simply would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good info you will have here on this post.

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I have even tried changing my password and making sure the email account is still activated but it makes no difference. Try to contact EA Support Center. See HERE how to do it. My FUT 13 players will save and show up fine it is just the ones from 12 that have a problem. Managed to get on the site now and log in.

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Thank you for answering. Hello, I just tried to log on to the web app for UT. I did not remembered the answer to my security question so I clicked on forgot answer, but it only gave me two options, return to the previous page and lock account, I chose lock account and it said something about logging on a trusted console… would that be my xbox or PC? Sorry but probably the quickest solution is to contact EA Support Center.

Try to do it by chat and you will got your answer on the hour. Find HERE how to do it. Thanks for having this site, it helps alot. You must to do it on your console.

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Learn more about it HERE. I am trying to use this app on iPad and every time I log onto my origin account it says that I need to get started by buying the game but I already have the game and an ultimate team under that account. I tried changing the email l used for my psn and the password but still doesnt work, please help?

If you are not register, go to http: If you are already register, try to login on another browser. If nothing works for you, contact EA. Teams and leagues from nearly 30 countries will be represented, with the Chinese Super League making its first appearance in a Fifa game.

These are the fastest players on Fifa The 20 best young players on the new Fifa. That's why our new email newsletter will deliver a mobile-friendly snapshot of inews.

Ea sports fifa 13 web app download

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