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The iPhone X ushered in the Swiss Army Knife-like Side button , which can perform numerous functions, such as summoning Siri and opening Apple Pay through click gestures. This has carried over into the iPhone X S , X S Max , and iPhone X R , so if you've upgraded to one of these devices from a Home button-equipped iPhone, you'll have to learn how to shut down your new device.

Because of this, however, the simple act of powering down your iPhone has gotten a little more complicated, as you now have to employ a button combination to accomplish. Thankfully, performing this vital task is still relatively easy to do, and you'll get used to it once you've done it a handful of times. In addition to that, Apple has also baked in other options into iOS to turn off or restart your device for added convenience.

Bagaimanakah cara memperbaiki iPhone saya?

Now, in order to turn off your device, you'll need to press-and-hold the Side with either the Volume Down or Volume up button at the exact same time, then only let go once you see the "slide to power off" bar appear on your iPhone's display. It's worth noting that quickly pressing and releasing on both the Volume Up and Side button will cause your iPhone to take a screenshot instead bringing up the option to shut down your device. In addition to the hardware method of shutting down your iPhone, you can now shut down your iPhone thanks to an option that's available within its Settings app.

To do so, head to "General" within the Settings page, then scroll down to the bottom and hit "Shut Down" to bring up the "slide to power off" option. Besides that, you can also power on your handset by plugging into your Lightning cable in order to charge or connect to your computer. We found that their child proof cases was the perfect solution for this problem.


Thank you so much for your precious help. Now we can finally let our little daughter play with the ipad without constantly holding our breaths! Thank you for visiting. I felt the same way when Apple made this feature available. My daughter is 3 now and has developed a knack for figuring out my passwords so she keeps me on my toes.

Great stuff… thanks Reinaldo! This is just what I was looking for. I forsee a little less disruption in my classes from this point on! Chris, Thank you so much for all the kind words and I apologize for the confusion with the name. But I have to admit, it was fun reading your comments. I thought Guided Access would be a great solution to allow students to use our pad to search our library catalogue. The problem is that reentering the incorrect password enough times locks the ipad down permanently, requiring it to be taken out of the ipad stand that I bought specially for this and hooked up to itunes.

This seems like overkill — surely it can just keep prompting for the password until the user gets fed up?! Anybody experienced this or know a way to get around it? This may not sound like the best solution but it works and has gotten me out of trouble. You can read the instructions below on this thread.

I also started keeping the password handy inside Evernote, just in case. Maybe you can find help there also. Hi Michael, This is wonderful! I have it set up on my phone, but am trying to set it up on my Ipad. I have the original Ipad and the software is IOS5.

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When I go to update software it says I am up to date. Is this because my Ipad is older?

Can I not get 6. Any help is appreciated! My only suggestion in this case is to find-out if there are any similar apps like Guided Access if you jailbreak the iPad. I apologize for not being more helpful. Please keep the questions coming if you have more. Hope you find a solution. Right within the Guided Access feature there is an option to limit access to selected areas on the screen.

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  • All you have to do after activating Guided Access is to select the area you want to disable. This is done by outlining with your finger the area you would like to disable. I hope this helps, and by the way I would also be very upset if this was happening to me. Thanks for the idea, cheers Michael. Guided access really is a great feature. Hi Justin, thanks for stopping by and for taking part in the survey. The guided access feature has helped us too. Maybe too much — that now my daughter has her own. Hello Friend I forgot the password guid access the iPhone 5 have a solution for you tell me?

    Please answer,. Hi Nima, you can try doing a hard reboot to exit Guided Access. You can find the instructions to doing this here below in the comments section. Hope this helps. Thanks for this post. I actually stopped letting them use the iPad because of this but now I can have them focus on the app I actually want to use! Thanks again! Hi Amy, Thank you! And I agree. Cheers, Michael. I am also sort of? Other than guided access, is there a way to lock the settings? Hi Amy, in the General page under Restrictions, there are some settings you can choose to turn off.

    I hope this helps and by the way thanks for the great-question. It all was done correctly you should see the Apple logo when the unit turns on. Hi MLN, Awesome! Thank you for your visit and kind words. Thanks so much for this! I have been trying to find a solution for ages to lock our customers completing surveys into an ap so that they cant play around in notes, saphari etc. Hi Cara, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I understand, my wife uses the iPad at trade shows to demo her companies products to visitors and this feature comes in handy.

    Cheers Michael. Help me please. My sister was on my iPod and now my thing is stuck on guided access and I never remembered putting in any pass word. And I have assistive touce. Hold down the home and power button, until you see the Apple logo appear. Just as the screen is rebooting or opening quickly press the Home button. This keeps the display on the home screen.

    Guided Access: How To Disable The Home Button on iPad

    Then repeat the reboot and disable process one more time. I have put in a password and have Guided Access but am still on the settings page. Hi thx for leaving a comment. Alternatively, the latter can also be disabled using iOS […]. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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    You can also subscribe without commenting. Why Disable the Home Button on iPad? Guided Access — allows any iOS device to be locked into one app until a preset Passcode is used to escape. Touch access can also restrict certain areas of the screen. How Guided Access works To give you one more example: How to Disable the Home button on the iPad Here are the steps to disable the Home button on the iPad, and for setting-up limited access to certain areas on the screen.

    Step 1: In Set Passcode—enter a 4-digit password Then re-enter your Passcode a second time. Step 8: