Blackberry dumplings with canned biscuits


  1. Grampa's Blackberry Dumplings Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes
  2. Blackberry Dumplings Recipe
  3. Berries and Biscuits sitting in a tree…A recipe for Rustic Berry Cobbler
  4. Mamaw's Blackberry Dumplings

And I didn't have to thicken the juices with flour. It was perfect as is. I think I'll try this again with blueberries! I added my photo: I like the dumplings in the berries way better than just a crust topping. I don't have blackberries fresh picked but I have a freezer full of blueberries. You should've seen Fred gobble this up, and he is my resident grump.

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And he didn't even fend off bears to get a bowl, LOL. Since I used blueberries I did add a bit of orange rind to pump up the flavor quotient. Hey, I'm in Florida and I have oranges in abundance, thank goodness. Thanks for the black berry dumplings recipe. My husband is grumpy also and cobbler he said was not the same.

HNe is the only one who wants the dumplings lol. But now I can hand him his recipe and he can do it. Hope to be added as a friend on your list.

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Give me a chance will ya! I just created this recipe a little over 24 hours ago. Yes, it is my own creation.

Any close resemblance to another recipe is purely coincidental. I don't see any reason that raspberries would not work. Let me know how it turns out. You may have to adjust the sugar level to match your berries. Mother hates raspberries, so it probably will be the next day to never that I use raspberries in this recipe, or any other.

Have you ever substituted raspberries for the blackberries? I have a big raspberry patch and I'm looking for ideas. Found it! My grandmother used to make it like this..

Grampa's Blackberry Dumplings Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes

She used her recipe for the dumplings.. Thanks Point for the memory! We would freeze the blackberrys and have this in the winter Oh yeah! Sounds really good! Blackberries are a favorite of mine Thanks for posting!

Blackberry Dumplings Recipe

Was going to add this recipe to some dessert groups but I find I am not a member of any such group. Please submit for me this recipe in some appropriate groups. When dumplings are puffed and done, about 10 minutes dish up and serve hot. Add a scoop of ice cream on top it's wonderful.

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I'll list the Bisquick recipe for dumplings below. Drop by spoonfuls into boiling mixture. Reduce heat, cook uncovered for 10 minutes. Fruit Desserts , Other Desserts. Main Ingredient: Regional Style: Dietary Needs: Other Tags: Originally Posted: Sun, Nov 4, You May Also Like: August 5, at 1: Linda says: March 9, at Jeanette Christy says: August 6, at 2: Reading or using your recipes snaps me back to my childhood 74 yrs ago…….

Richmond Julie says: July 21, at 1: Carol W says: July 9, at Delores Greenwood says: July 3, at 9: Gloria Huse says: July 2, at 9: Tish says: August 7, at Nita Voorhees says: I enjoy reading your blog, it reminds me of KY.

Berries and Biscuits sitting in a tree…A recipe for Rustic Berry Cobbler

Thank you. Debbie black says: August 6, at August 6, at 1: I would think you could just sub blueberries for the blackberries with no problem Debbie. Dorothy says: Nancy says: July 2, at 7: Jane says: Moore says: July 2, at 6: Teresa says: January 22, at 9: Peggy Sever says: This is my favorite treat…My mom used to make this for me, we called it Blackberry Do Bee! Betty Lacy says: Marsha Joy Baker says: Shelly S.

July 2, at 4: I, too, am a blackberry lover.

Mamaw's Blackberry Dumplings

Can;t wait to try this. It looks amazing. Shirley says: July 2, at Leave a Reply Cancel Your email address will not be published. Recent Comments The Southern Lady: