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  1. Download & Install WP7.8 ROM for HTC HD2
  2. Download & Install WP ROM for HTC HD2 -
  3. Install Windows Phone 7 Mango On HTC HD2 [The Most Complete How-To Guide]

I am having the same trouble.

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  • Download Windows Phone 7 ROM For HTC HD2 Now Available?

I would really appreciate any help. Great release, Thnaks. However, think i prefer win 6. Any ideas how i go about this please? Many Thanks. Can you please help me to resolve this issue and continue with flashing the ROM. I managed to fix the problem. What you have to do is to find the original rom upgrade from HTC, start the phone by pressing volume-down button and power burton and to wait your pc to recognize the USB of the phone.

Then start the ROM upgrade wizard and flashing will start. This will return your phone to the original software. I have to do this upgrade for a friend.

Just a question: Is this rom support the Hungarian language. Thank you. I am having a problem. If anyone can help, it would be great. I keep getting the message: An error has occurred Read below for more information. MY htc hd2 keeps of turning off after like minutesa and restarts its self for some reason can i get an up[date asap plz. I had Win 7 work for 1 phone call then start restarting non stop.

Instalar Windows Phone 7.8 en HTC HD2 Tutorial

I have removed the SD card to be safe but nutn…. N E ideas? Prerequisite 1. While in bootloader mode, you should see USB written at the bottom of the screen. Step 4: Step 5: Follow the onscreen instructions and install HSPL 2. Step 7: Power back on while holding down the power button and the volume key down at the same time. Step 9: Unzip the new radio files on your desktop, launch the CustomRUU. Step Power back on while holding down the power button and the volume key down at the same time with the USB cable connected to your PC.

Extract all the Windows Phone 7 Mango files on your desktop which you downloaded earlier. In the extracted files, you should see a file named DWI. I installed this rom on my hd2 a few days ago. The zip file I want to install is on the SD-card? Hi, Windows 7. Now how do I install additional programs without going through the Marketplace? What is the difference between cab and xap files? I am a noob.

Hi, Find the phone easy to use. But could not install any xap files. Zune ,. Phone able to connect with zune but xap files wont install from tomxap. Just keeps saying installing , seems like tom xap not able to connect with device Did I omit anything that I should have done? Issue solved. TomXap was the problem, not the computer or phone. Installed several apps successfully using multiple xap.

My problem was with TomXap … but Multiple xap is also not working for me it says that the connection is not there with the usb.

Download & Install WP7.8 ROM for HTC HD2

I checked the phone its unlocked as the ChevronWp7. Thank you for your prompt reply. So far so good and has not froze on me. Call quality is good. A little learning curve here.

Download & Install WP ROM for HTC HD2 -

I install this ROM http: My HTC hd2 is not powering up after trying to change the radio because i wanted to change the os of it, the battery is good condition and is fully charged, so what could be the problem? Hi arjun, you can try factory reset using phone buttons. Is it posible for me to upgrade WP 6.

Thanks Jayce for your answer. Hey Jayce! I am trying to install wp7.

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  • Windows Phone 7 ROM For HTC HD 2 Released [Unofficial];
  • Install Windows Phone 7 Mango On HTC HD2 [The Most Complete How-To Guide] | Redmond Pie.

How can i fix this? Yes, i have installed magdlr v1.


Sorry Laura, I have no idea on this 0, 1, 2, 3, and stops near the end at 4 issue. Please consult others at XDA Forum. I meant the flashing partitions.. Hi there, i install it. Hey bro can you send me the links a d instructions of how to install android 4. Hi jonny, here you are. Then it might be your Wi-Fi hardware issue. Maybe its time to change to another new smartphone. I uploaded this rom WP 7. I have to restart my mobile everytime to start the wifi again. Hi Jayce I have installed wp7. Sorry hamedullah, I have no idea on battery issue. As for activation code, please get it from Microsoft Support.

Any help or upgrade patch is available. Hi , I have successfuly installed wp 7. I am with wp7. My email is v.

Install Windows Phone 7 Mango On HTC HD2 [The Most Complete How-To Guide]

Please refer to the installation in the post. Yes, you can install Android as well. Hi I want to install new version of windows mobile OS because this version have some problems like suddenly restart battery dream?