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When developing an iOS app you might need to have a few more images or photo in the iOS Simulator device.

If you want to use it from your Simulator you have to stick to the above method. December 8, December 8, March 10, March 10, April 21, August 8, Since it's also a lead designer for many App and games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices for a number of italian companies.

Your email address will not be published. Anybody can do it by installing Apple's iOS simulator on their Mac for free. This functional demo, complete with the mobile Safari web browser, allows you to preview your website or web application in iOS. It looks exactly the same as it does on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

There are limitations to the simulator. You can't install apps from the App Store in the simulator, so forget about playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted. And many of the apps that come preinstalled on iOS devices are not available in the simulator. Here's the bottom line: This stripped-down simulator is great for testing websites, but not much else. Ready to get started?

The first step is downloading Xcode and installing the iOS simulator on your Mac. Here's how to install the iOS simulator on your Mac:. As mentioned earlier, you'll notice that the simulator is missing a lot of the applications and settings that come with every iOS device.


Every iOS device has a gyroscope that keeps track of the screen's orientation. For example, if you turn the device horizontally, iOS will automatically rotate the screen if you're using an app that supports the feature. Also keep in mind that some user interface elements can be easier to interact with in Simulator using a mouse than when trying to interact with the app through touch on a device.

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Finally, there are some hardware and API differences in Simulator. These differences may affect your app when testing in Simulator.

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Though most of the functionality of devices can be simulated in Simulator, some hardware features must be tested directly on a device. The hardware features that are not simulated as of iOS 8.

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Additionally, WatchKit apps have a reliable connection to the simulated host device because they both are running in the Simulator. To test your app on a device, you must be a member of a Developer Program. Simulator differs from the hardware processor in a few ways:. Calls to functions in these frameworks have no effect. After Xcode downloads the new iOS version, it will be available for new device simulators. To test apps for the iPad mini in the simulator, run your app on a simulated iPad with the corresponding type of display, either Retina or non-Retina, depending on the iPad mini model.

Use the Accessibility Inspector to test the accessibility of your app. The Accessibility Inspector displays accessibility information about each accessible element in an app. Figure shows what the Accessibility Inspector looks like as it runs in Simulator. Turning on the Accessibility Inspector in Simulator alters the behavior of the simulator.

iOS Simulator Tips and Tricks in Xcode 9

After the Accessibility Inspector is on, clicking an element moves the focus of the inspector to that element instead of activating it. To activate an element, you must double-click it. Additionally, swiping and dragging gestures are unsupported while the Accessibility Inspector is enabled. To perform these gestures, you must first disable the Accessibility Inspector. For more information on using the Accessibility Inspector and testing the accessibility of your app, see Verifying App Accessibility on iOS. If you have created an app with multiple localizations, you can test them in Simulator by changing the Internationalization settings.

For more information on localizing your app, read Internationalization and Localization Guide. If you are building a web app and want to test its usability on an iOS device, Simulator can assist you. If you are building an app that uses iCloud, you can test iCloud syncing from within Simulator before testing on physical devices.

This can also assist you in testing iCloud syncing across many devices if you have a limited number of devices to test on. It is strongly encouraged that you create and use a separate Apple ID specifically for testing iCloud in Simulator.