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You can even record audio directly to your device and play it back later. It's like a global radio DVR. When you run, your companion for all those hours is likely your gadget of choice. So, why not invest in the best companion? Runtastic Pro quantifies and enhances your workout by tracking your preferred statistics, using GPS to map your route, and even an audio coach to push you based on your personal preferences.

17 Best logic game apps for Android | Android apps for me. Download best Android apps and more

This augmented reality app will use your device to present an overlay on the sky with information on all the bodies that you see—all updated as you move your device in real time. You don't even have to be outside; its view of the sky is based on your location. Wolfram Alpha is kinda like Google, but centered around data and math.

While Google will help you find the best website to tell you about the seafood cuisine of Portugal, Wolfram Alpha will generate a graph comparing the seafood consumption of the Portuguese versus that of Americans, categorized by different type of fish. While this official Wolfram Alpha app will be a welcome tool to anyone who works in STEM, there's a lot of cool stuff you can do with it, some which don't even require an advanced degree in mathematics. He could usually be found listening to blisteringly loud noises on his headphones while exploring the nexus between tech, culture, and politics.

Follow his thought sneezes over on the Twitter haldash and slightly more in-depth diatribin' over on th See Full Bio. Jason has been writing and editing professionally since graduating from University of Maryland, College Park in He has previously served as a technical writer for a government contractor and a copywriter with a digital advertising agency, where he wrote about marketing and tech. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. View As: One Page Slides. There is no text, leaving players to complete puzzles and explore the game all on their own. Make important decisions about how your empire will develop. Develop new technology, build settlements, focus on military conquest, or steer yourself in any number of directions. Comic book fans will get their money's worth with Marvel Unlimited on Android.

As buggy and frightening as the Android ecosystem can be, you would be wise to spend a little extra for our Editors' Choice for Android mobile security. You can also customize your music experience with a powerful equalizer and the option to create your own interface.

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16 Android Apps Actually Worth Paying For

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    Hidden categories: CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Dynamic lists. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 13 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Action role-playing. February 4, Combat flight simulator , shoot 'em up. April 13, Angry Birds. October 19, Angry Birds 2 [a]. Rovio Entertainment , Exient Entertainment.

    December 11, March 22, October 21, Angry Birds Star Wars. November 8, September 18, September 4, Angry Birds Transformers. Run and gun. October 30, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Adventure , visual novel. December 8, August 22, October 27, February 27, November 5, Massively multiplayer online role-playing. Call of Duty: November 26, And of course, your own desires come into it too Her Majesty works best played in roughly minute sessions that give the impression of an episodic progression through a story of intrigue, tension, and unexpected twists.

    Although it's a game that makes you think if you want to work for a perfect ending, I never got too stressed with the decision making because of the clever writing which delivers even missteps and misfortunes with delightfully dark humor.

    Need a brain scratcher to keep you entertained? These suggestions should have you covered, whether you like physics-based puzzlers or more exploratory games. The Room: Manipulating intricate puzzles boxes with touchscreen controls sounds like it might be awkward, but the controls of The Room: Old Sins are really well implemented.

    The level of graphical detail and sound quality immerse you into the creepy story, making the game feel tense and tactile even as you're free to take your time to figure out the latest brain teaser—when you get stuck, the game will offer you progressively more informative hints. Get it on the Play Store. This game reimagines our squishy, leaky, throbbing flesh-vessels as mechanical contraptions. Playing through Homo Machina , it also reminded me of another famous figure: Rube Goldberg, the artist whose illustrations of complex mechanical contraptions are evoked in the game.

    If the human body is a machine akin to a giant factory, the player is tasked with managing the staff: The game's story presents several situations to navigate as game puzzles, from as simple as eating a meal to more complex ones like a date. Puzzle and story go hand in hand in the classic 'adventure' game format, which used to be synonymous with mouse and keyboard PC gaming back in the day.

    This style of gaming, where you take on the role of a character, navigate different levels, talk to NPCs and find items to advance to the next level of the story, are great for playing on your smartphone touchscreen. The latest adventure game from legendary Monkey Island series designer Ron Gilbert, perfectly blends nostalgia with modern convenience:. You control a pair of idiosyncratic FBI agents investigating a murder mystery in an equally idiosyncratic town, and in the mode of classic adventure games , you need to explore different environments, talk to quirky characters, and collect and use items in the right way to solve puzzles to progress.

    Being able to switch between different characters in different locations adds another layer of depth, but if the head-scratchers are too much, there's even an 'easy' mode if you'd rather just enjoy the story and retro-style graphics. Get in on the Play Store. Life is Strange broke a lot of hearts back when it released for PC and consoles in , but in a good way. This graphically beautiful game combines a supernatural mystery with emotional and compelling human drama. Life is Strange puts you in the shoes of Max Caulfield, a high-school girl with a passion for photography who just recently moved back to her hometown of Arcadia Bay.

    After she witnesses a girl getting shot in her school, Max discovers that she can rewind time, allowing her to change what happens in the past, hopefully for the better. This is a story-focused game where your choices matter. You guide Max around the scenes, interact with objects and characters and make decisions that advance the story. Tower defense is a huge genre with many Clash of Clans-style imitators.

    Often, however, these are blatant money-grabs or vehicles for ads. The ones below offer a better experience than that. This is one free-to-play game that gets most things right. There are also many varied worlds in which the player is given many different tasks, and the title also offers various mini-game variants in tower defense style. Here you can place various plants, from energy-giving sunflowers, to balling pea cannons, to carnivorous plants in your 5 x 9 tile backyard.

    It's besieged by a zombie herd of transformed football players, newspaper-reading grandfathers, and crazy gardeners in waves that you'll have to now down how fitting. Instead of defending its base against cute animals or blobs, tanks and anti-aircraft guns are used. Not only does it look really good, it also plays very well. The many tactical possibilities and attitudes might be a little overtaxing for beginners and beginners at the beginning, but connoisseurs of the material will find their way immediately and appreciate the playful variety.

    Just like with tower defense and sports games, there's a good chance you have your favorite RPG that you've already invested a lot of time and possibly money in already. The following are more in-depth RPGs for those prepared to spend hours diving into fantasy worlds. Thankfully, Beamdog has given this classic title a modern facelift and tune-up that includes various convenience tweaks as well as beautification and a remastered soundtrack.

    Torment Enhanced Edition's rich and immersive storytelling remains as compelling as ever, and you can expect to sink hours into completing it. If you enjoy Planescape: Don't let the generic title put you off. The Quest from Redshift games is an old school first person open-world RPG with hand-drawn graphics and a great story, that brings to mind the classic Elder Scrolls titles such as Daggerfall. There's a complex plot at the heart of The Quest, but the game doesn't hold your hand down a set path.

    You're free to explore a vast fantasy world and handle the different side-quests and missions at your own pace, in your own style, and your choices can lead to many different story outcomes. To go on this quest, you'll have to pay eight bucks, but you'll get many hours of gameplay in return, with no annoying ads. And if that's not enough for you, there are five expansions with new quests and areas to add on. A tip: Endless runners are always one of the most popular Android games categories, and our suggestions below should keep you entertained for a long, long time.

    More variety in levels, more movement tricks, more worlds to discover and secrets to find. Its main appeal over other endless runner type games is atmosphere. The levels are truly beautiful. Desert dunes, ancient temples and rock canyons are painted with rich, evocative colors that give an impression of vastness beyond the 2-dimensional plane that you're racing down. A day-night cycle and weather effects not only add variety to the palette, but add a sense of life to the fantastic world.

    Music also plays a key part, with the relaxing yet driving rhythms absorbing you into the game. Alto's Odyssey is free to play, but you'll get ads in between levels that can be removed for a couple of bucks. If you're impatient, you can also outright purchase the coins that you normally collect in the different levels, which can then be used unlock special items and bonuses, like a wingsuit or compass that provide powerups. Run Sausage Run! Is an endless runner with a culinary twist. The bloody but cartoony visuals and tongue-firmly-in-cheek humor make Run Sausage Run!

    The fantastic soundtrack and variety of power-ups help keep the high-score chasing gameplay interesting over time and there are various outfits and skins to unlock to personalize your sausage. Although free to play, the game is supported by ads, which, once you get engrossed in a particularly tricky section of traps, can feel quite frustrating. An in-app purchase exists to remove them. If you'd rather be handling weapons and slaying rivals than kickflipping your way to a high-score, these action games should keep you entertained.

    Fragging zombies might be a gaming cliche, but done right, it remains incredibly satisfying to shred the shuffling, moaning meatbags with heavy firepower. And Dead Trigger 2 does it right, and looks good doing it too. One of the most graphically impressive games available on Android, this FPS from Madfinger Games boasts hundreds of missions with a wide variety of weapons.

    Dead Trigger 2 may be an action shooter but it's not all about guns. Then there are more unconventional ways to bring the pain, such as with a boat motor or with Of course, there's a variety of enemies with different types of attacks and weaknesses to keep the player challenged, too. Dead Trigger 2 isn't mindless repetitive blasting. Rayark's offers 6 levels of their fantastic sci-fi action game for free download, and it's enough to get sucked into this graphically gorgeous title. The player controls one of two mechs with a variety of abilities for long- and close-range combat against a variety of alien and cybernetic enemies.

    The controls are intuitive and responsive and it's easy to master a range of impressive sword attacks, dashes, shooting, melee combos etc to keep things interesting. Unlocking the full version opens potentially hours of slick action and combat with more powerful enemies. Got that need for speed? Longing for the engine's roar?