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  1. 20 Most Addictive iPhone Games of - Hongkiat
  2. 20 Most Addictive iPhone Games of 2018
  3. 1. Mega Dead Pixel
  4. 10 Insanely Addictive Games for Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
5. Mega Dead Pixel

I love playing all the games that they have on here. They don't have all the games but I think I know why. It's because not all the games on the computer u can play on here so they used all of the mouse games, which makes sense. People stop complaining if they don't have your fav. Anyone who sees this app should totally get it!! The games are all switched 'round i.

Now it's dysfunctional and the appearance hasn't even changed. I'd say, until they get this fixed, the app isn't even worth the bother of downloading.

20 Most Addictive iPhone Games of - Hongkiat

Sincerely, A Very Angry User. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Check out the awesome new look of the Addicting Games App! We've made branding and functionality changes to the application. While you're at it, see if you can beat our just release game: Race Zombies to the Exit! What's New in Version 2. Escape the office before you're turned into a Zombie!

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Play against friends in death-defying races and unlock new tricks, outfits and bikes! We fixed the issue that caused the app to crash earlier this week! Your favorite app now runs better than ever!!

20 Most Addictive iPhone Games of 2018

Retaining the cuteness from the original Cut the Rope game its sequel is even more addictive thanks to completely new challenges and all new characters. Cut the Rope 2 brings new levels, 5 new characters, ability to choose candy and more. Rayman is a popular platformer game that has been available on many platforms. Just like other platforms this game was an instant hit the moment it got released for iOS. It features an addictive gameplay, a big world to explore and more. Rider game features a fascinating design that takes you to a journey to the world of typography.

You have to play as 2 dots that are travelling through the time.

These dots discover different techniques and styles from the world of typography through out their adventurous journey. The game features beautiful artworks, different methods of controls and more. Tetris Blitz for iPhone gives a modern touch to the classic Tetris game. It features an entertaining gameplay in which users have to race against time in order to complete the given challenge.

1. Mega Dead Pixel

It is available for free. It is a side scrolling adventure game with beautiful graphics and a fun gameplay. Tiny Wings is another awesome side scrolling game with an epic plot and gameplay. The Battle of Polytopia is an adventurous strategy game , in which you need to conquer lands, build cities, and protect your assets by fighting with different tribes using your newly-mastered technologies. You get to play on various terrains that are built using auto-generated maps and experience new places every time, like fields and forests.

You get to play on the land as well as the sky and need to discover wondrous secrets everywhere. I liked the rich imagery of the game , which will have you keep coming back to it for more. Florence is the perfect game to live an ideal love life afresh.

10 Insanely Addictive Games for Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

That means you get to flirt, fight, help, and do more with Krish in the endless routine of a fresh love life. In this game, you need to make fun questions with fake answers to real trivia questions for friends. You must then confound them with wrong answers to outwit them in the game.

Outwit Your Friends reminds me of Bluff a card game.

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier engages you in an immersive experience as you play through a story of chaos. You get to lead the game to order while trying to save civilization from the dead. As Javier your role in the game , you must join Clementine and confront your fates together where your every move can become your last. Alphabear is an addictive spelling game , in which you have bears popping out as you join letters to form words. The longer the word you create by joining words, the larger the bear that pops out of the word. These bears add to the point tally, extend your time and work as powerups , and bring forth more challenges and fun during your gameplay.

I found the excitement scales up as you maneuver your way out of levels of challenging traps and physics-based puzzles. In the third game of the epic series Infinity Blade, you get to fight exciting sword duels against breathtaking backgrounds. As you play, you move through an epic tale of fighting for love, experiencing betrayal, and reclaiming your glory.