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  2. Boost Your iOS 8 Device's Battery Life With This Simple Trick
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The longer you go without a reboot the more clogged your phone can get, but rebooting is a pain because it takes a while. There are several Apple apps that allow you to manually clear the cache. You would be shocked at how much storage space your Messages app takes up.

Speed up your iPhone by clearing your RAM

Having all that old junk in there slows down your Messages app and your iPhone in general. Try this: Some apps like Dark Sky and other weather apps have good reasons for constantly polling your location in the background.

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Others do precious little beyond invade your privacy and drain your battery. Just like the previous tip we gave you regarding location settings, there are several issues at play that relate to both privacy and battery longevity.

Boost Your iOS 8 Device's Battery Life With This Simple Trick

Even email and messaging apps will keep working just fine with background app refresh disabled — they may take a fraction of a second longer to load when you open them, but your battery will thank you. Zach Epstein zacharye.

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Share Tweet. Some of these apps even come with power saving features that help you configure device settings in order to maximize your battery life.

iPhone Screenshots

Image Credit: Back-end changes to iOS 10 onwards have made it more difficult for apps to access detailed battery technical info, but there are still ways to check out battery wear and other statistics, such as through Coconut Battery. The free utility allows users to pull up stats such as current charge and charge capacity vs design capacity, charge cycle counts, and battery temperature for an iPhone or iPad plugged in to your Mac.


An upgrade to a premium version allows you to check battery stats wirelessly if Wi-Fi syncing is enabled through iTunes ; there's also an info viewer for other device settings. Amplify takes advantage of root permissions to help users rein in how often apps and services in the background can wake up your device, reducing how much power your phone uses when idle or on standby. Helpfully, Amplify comes with handy descriptions of common battery hogging services, complete with recommended settings for reducing their battery drain.

An in-app purchase unlocks a Pro Pack that provides you with complete control. Servicely is another app that takes advantage of the power of a rooted system to prevent apps and services from waking your device even when the screen is off, saving you battery power by preventing your apps from executing background tasks. You may selectively disable running or installed apps, as well as services when your screen is off, though be warned that this is likely to break features like notifications and alarms, or in the case of services, even break your system, so use this with care.

Battery Doctor is a free and feature-packed battery monitor and energy saving tool for mobile devices. Battery Doctor allows users to quickly look up battery charge status as well as track down what apps and processes are draining battery life.

iPhone Battery Drain? These Best iPhone/iPad Battery Saver Apps of 12222 Are For You!

You can quickly toggle power-hogging settings from within the app and its widgets, such as brightness, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and mobile data though you should probably skip the Task Killer. A particularly useful feature is the ability to define power saving profiles and automatically schedule them, so that, for example, you can set the phone to automatically switch to airplane mode when you're asleep or in class. The main screen displays battery life, a power saver mode switch, toggles for a variety of device settings and assorted battery stats and expected runtimes.

In addition to the power-saving mode, a sleep mode deactivates most device radios, and a custom mode lets you configure a variety of settings for your own power use profile. Users can also schedule power-saving modes for particular times, like work, sleep and so forth. Power Battery combines a variety of tools into one package, serving as a battery monitor, battery saver and fast charging tool.

5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone

The app lets you view battery consumption data, including which apps blow through the most power over time, while a variety of power saving settings and presets let you tweak your settings to eke out the most time from your available juice. Finally, a charging tool kills background apps and provides a charge time estimate while plugged in. Extras include a memory booster and junk file cleaner. The battery monitor features provide data on your charge status, battery temperature, and battery capacity, as well as estimates of how long your charge will last with a variety of average use cases, such as gaming or media.

On the energy-saving side of things, dfndr battery comes with a background task killer, customizable performance profiles that can trigger based on time and location, and a screen-saving feature that cuts brightness to save power.

  • 5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone.
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