Why isnt my samsung galaxy s4 connecting to wifi


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  2. Wi-Fi Connected but has no Internet
  3. How to fix Samsung galaxy S4 wifi problem after updating
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Since you updated your phone software you will need to check first your phone APN settings and see if this is the one used by your carrier. Compare your phone APN with the carrier settings and make the necessary changes. You can get your carrier settings from their website or by calling their technical support hotline. If your phone already has the right APN then verify if your account has a mobile data subscription.

When Wi-Fi is working everything works perfectly. But messenger and emails works perfectly. Kindly can you please guide me how to resolve this problem? Try checking first if your account has an active mobile data subscription. Next, check your phone settings especially the APN. Compare your phone APN to the one used by your network and make the necessary changes in your phone if there are any differences.

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If the APN checks out and you have an active mobile data subscription the next step is to check if a third party app installed in your phone is preventing you from getting online. To do this, you should start your phone in Safe Mode. Once your phone is in Safe Mode check if the problem persists.

How To Resolve

Find out what app this is and uninstall it. My internet does not work when i am outside. Inside it works perfectly fine cuz i am connected to my home wifi. When i am outside though i cannot go on the internet, facebook, whatsapp, snapchat or any other social media. I have turned the wifi off and put my mobile data on but it still does not seem to work. Try to check first if your account has an active mobile data subscription.

Once you have verified that you have an active mobile data subscription try to check the APN settings of your phone and make sure that it matches the one used by your carrier. There are also instances when an app installed in your phone may be preventing you from using your mobile data. To check on this you should start your phone in Safe Mode. Try to go online while your phone is in this mode.

If you can go online then the problem may be most likely caused by an app you installed.

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After the recent Lollipop 5. It then goes to a semi black screen when I select Wait.

Wi-Fi Connected but has no Internet

It then eventually shows all wifi networks or connects to the relevant wifi network. I use to select OK and there is some lag time before it goes back to my home screen and I have to start the process again. Settings now has around a second lag when it tries to load the wifi page to see available wifis. I can also select the Wifi button on the Quick Menu drop down but it has the same result. It is available on the Google Play Store and downloading and installing the app is relatively easy.

It will analyze the network and will help you check which channel will be best for you. If you are trying to connect to the modem from a remote location or behind discrete walls, it will not work. If two or more walls are blocking you, then that can cause interference with your waves. This can be. Once the phone powers on, switch on the Wi-Fi and let it connect to the network.

If the connection is established successfully then the problem is fixed. You may read our full guide on this: On the other hand, if it still does not work, there is a possibility that something is amiss with the actual hardware of the phone. If the internal wiring of your phone is broken it will not allow your Wi-Fi connection to be established.

To fix this, it is advisable to take your phone to a professional who can solve it. If your phone is under warranty then chances are that you may get a battery replacement if the problem cannot be fixed. That solution was given by a user. Tap on those options one by one to set the correct time and date. Sometimes users are also required to adjust the Wi-fi sleep policy that can resolve the issue.

Here is how to do that:. Change your Encryption Algorithm. You can access these by the following URL. I am also having same issue wifi is not working and i needs to restart many times in lg g3 mobile Lg company need to be resolve this issue and also having network issue, some times call drops and mobile network is in unavialable mode, i had tried many ways to resolve but it is not working.

I did a factory reset. OTA update for Marshmallow. Still happening. Or it will be fine for five minutes…and as soon as I go to do something…pass data for an app or email…dead. Everything was fine for two years…suddenly one day-wifi is haywire. So completely frustrating. Never another LG.. Also, turn off the Stamina mode. Wi-Fi connectivity problem on Nexus. You always have the option to setup IP configuration. Pick Show advanced options box, and under IP settings choose Static.

You will find these solutions helpful and simple to follow. Our goal is to help you make your phone work without having to take it to a professional. However, if these solutions do not work for you, then you must take your phone to a repair shop or Samsung store. You may also read: Had the same isuuse. S8 plus would randomly disconnect from wifi every few minutes. Then after a week it would just say internet may not be available.

With the exclamation mark.

How to fix Samsung galaxy S4 wifi problem after updating

If all else fails, rip the battery out, eat a sandwich, then put it back in. Turn it on and Everything works! Yay for simplicity!! Tried everything, I even rested my phone and still, I am unable to connect to the internet and have no access to my phone. Thank you so much! I had the time and date issue as stated in the article, and once I fixed it, it worked! Thanks for that.

Turnging Flight Mode on and off worked for some reason. But turning Flight Mode on and off fixed it straight away. Hi Rachel, did you find a solution for this as I have the same problem with my A3 Thanks. For me it was the Vodafone protect app which made me disconnect from WiFi! Just as tip: You guyz are the best! Now…all is good: Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article!! Powered off in Safe Mode…fixed problem immediately! WiFi and Bluetooth and hotspot all immediately started working and stayed on…. PS think it was Twitter that was responsible…uninstalled and reinstalled it and all ok!!

I put in a 8 digit password when the wifi router expected 5 digits.

If your ‘next big thing’ isn’t working, here are 10 Galaxy S4 bug fixes to help

It never indicated that it was incorrect. The connection showed a full strength icon, however there was no wifi icon in the status bar. My s3 keeps on telling me my system has denied superuser permission and immediately it restarts the phone. Pls how can I solve the problem. Sorry to hear that. OK, frustrated beyond…. Son recieved a Smasung Galaxy Tablet 6A as a gift from his father.

Worked there fine, now at home, it will not stay conncted to our WiFi network. I have tied everything listed above, checked my router here in my house, enables MAC addresses and so on and still can not get the device to stay connected to our WiFi. Help please before I throw the damn thing in the trash!!!

All our other products are Apple, and I know those devices forwards and backwards, but this device is very frustrating! When we try to connect, it says connecting then goes back to not connected. Yes the password is correctly entered.

How fix Samsung Galaxy S4 WiFi problem 100% working !

Give this a last try before you get a new phone. Hope this helps. Browsing was fast. I am still searching for better results. Reactivating hotspot mode and then pushing the wifi activate button cured the problem. Aparently the wifi modem still hung in the hotspot mode, which then shut down properly when pressing the wifi button. Can you please try the last 2 methods that is method 18 and 19 and please let me know the results.

Even when I off and on my wife again there is no searching or what so ever. Can someone help please. HI, I got a Samsung S4 mini 4 days ago and it refuses to connect to my work wifi. Mine is an old trendnet wireless. Thanks for this helpful article! It seems this boosted it! Share Tweet. Huawei Mate 20 Pro will get two new color variants on January Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Bogdana November 10, Dean October 6, Resetted the phone twice , nothing.

Then tried the whole forget wifi network. Still nothing. But then turning flight mode on and off seems to have worked. Lilly January 3, Bera January 4, If nothing works then I would suggest to contact a technician and let him fix this issue. Sachin October 16, For Authentication failure I was able to Connect with Another mobile hotspot. Div May 14, Mike April 7, Chris April 5, Niels Te Lintelo April 1, Bera April 2, Thanks for sharing!

Martha March 28, Bera March 29, Adity February 25, Good to know that the problem is solved. James Costello February 23, Becky February 22, Thank you Thank you Thank you! Ross Golder February 6, Brian Turner January 26, J Roc January 25, Ernest Asante January 24, Bera January 25, Tiggol Biddies January 18, New solution, switch to iPhone.

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