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  1. 2) Real Racing 3
  2. Download Free Street Racing Games for Android - Best Software & Apps
  3. Download Car Racing Games for Android - Best Software & Apps

You can see your favorite one in these cars with latest models. The gameplay is in top cities of world with their original culture, and it added with many modes to play. There are 8 seasons and events in carrier mode and all these are different to play than previous one. You can choose your favorite car, firstly they will give you first car as a free and then you can buy others with your rewards or direct from in-app purchases with your credit.

It is now free and works fine on all high end devices.

2) Real Racing 3

Also Read: The Real Racing 3 is one of the best titles for any smartphones. Till to date this is now on no. It has a many levels to race and now they newly added mirror image feature where you can see cars behind you. This mirror feature you can see only on this title and it is worth part of it.

Download Free Street Racing Games for Android - Best Software & Apps

You can participate in race with different 50 cars including famous Ferrari, Audi and many more. You can race into championship or choose simple race with other players. Win the race with first rank and get some extra rewards. For getting powerful cars and boosts you can use inside shop. This is free but to get more from it you need to spend some money in in-app purchases.

Must Read: The Need for Speed: Most Wanted also made by Electronic Arts. It is released last year and millions of users played it on their devices, till it is high recommendable in store. Take part into the race and drive your cars on national highways. Be aware from policemen, if you crashed someone or if your speed is decreased then they will catch you and you will out of the race.

There are many levels to play and you can also take part into championship to show your driving talent. It has many branded cars to drive and you can also upgrade them from shop by your gaming currency. The Riptide GP 2 is not the car racing genre or bike, but it is more than you think. It is the water racing game which comes with stunning graphics and jaw blowing cutscenes. The developers at Vector Unit used water physics and real time reflections in gameplay. The character designing and environment are well created.

Just start your race on your Jet Sky and drive till finish line and be the first on your team. This title specially launched for Nvidia Tegra devices, but the other processors are not less in any corner than its Nvidia version.

  • 1) Asphalt 8: Airborne.
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The Subway Surfers game is created by Kiloo developer. It is in the list because of its addictive gameplay. By looking at it you can say it is just casual game, but when you will start to play then you may addictive to it. This is in the top games list in Play Store since last 2 years and still ruling there. It is an endless runner where you can run as much as you can. Play as a boy who runs on train to survive from policeman and his dog.

Why not share the fun with another friend over Wi-Fi to see how far you guys can make it? Video games are the only place where I can pretend to know what I'm doing when it comes to golf. You give me a power meter and a backspin power up and I'm the closest thing to a virtual Tiger Woods you can find. And that's exactly how I feel with Super Stickman Golf 2. The better you score the quicker you level up and unlock cool power-ups and customizable additions to your stickman or stickwoman. There are a ton of levels to beat and bunch of achievements to unlock that'll have you occupied for hours.

Everyone in America has a weak spot for unicorns, so when the company released multiple commercials featuring the launch of "Unicorn Apocalypse," people were wondered if the game was even real. Turns out the game was real— a real stinker. Unicorn Apocalypse was poorly received and removed from Google Play in a matter of weeks, but if you still want your daily unicorn fix, then Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is the game for you. It's a classic side-scrolling games that asks you to jump, dash, and glide through very dynamic worlds, collecting fairies and stars along the way.

Keep it simple stupid. If you want something low-key and equally entertaining, then you need to check out Dots. It's like Boggle, but even easier because instead of making words from letters, you just match colored dots instead. The game has two modes: Timed 60 seconds and Moves 30 moves. For each mode you want to create as many connections 2 dots or more as possible in the given amount of time or moves. Squarescape is an old-school-style brain teaser and puzzle game that I couldn't stop playing. The object of the game is simple, move the square over the blue dot and exit the level in as few moves as possible.

The square will go in a selected direction until it hits a wall or other element and can only be moved again once it has stopped. There are tons of levels that get harder to solve, making the game challenging and very addicting. I would have put this game on the list just because of the unreal graphics; CSR Racing is easily one of the best looking games you will find for your GS3. It doesn't stray very far from the standard racing plot, though.

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  4. Download Free Street Racing Games for Android - Best Software & Apps!
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  6. You purchase and tune up cars, race against other squads, and take on events to earn cash and experience. While the game does look great and is free, you have to grind out tons of races in order to have a car decent enough to continue racing more difficult opponents. Plus, when you do finally level up, you only receive ONE coin.

    Download Car Racing Games for Android - Best Software & Apps

    For reference, a starter level BMW 1 would cost you 21 coins. I personally would rather pay a few bucks for an app than have the in-game prices so high that it forces people to buy in-app purchases. So, CSR Racing does make my list because it is fun and beautiful, but does have its drawbacks. I've been obsessed with Bloons since my addiction to Addicting Games in the 8th grade. Bloons TD Battles takes the awesomeness of its original tower defense origins and puts your skills against an online opponent. In Assault Mode, you'll need to protect your own tower while sending balloons over to your opponent.

    In Defensive mode, you'll need to outlast your opponent in an onslaught of balloons.