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There are only three networks of note in Australia: My TPG mobile use Optus network, so I use the Optus setting, and it is work, so I would like to suggest that you find out which network your mobile use first, and then apply the setting. I had a tough time applying the above mentioned settings in this webpage and then I called TPG callcentre. Have you tried this website: It has helped me when I was having trouble with my Desire Z mobile internet and mms.

Can somebody please help me, i have just purchased a HTC Desire Z and i am with Vodafone, i have finally managed to get the internet working after many headaches but for the life of me i cannot get the mms to work, i have tried numerous amounts of settings posted on threads and also the ones on the Vodafone site but nothing will work, can any one shed some light or have any settings that i can try please please please………. Thanks PeterJ.


I tried all of these settings albeit to no avail. However I did give HTC a call and they told me that the settings vary depending on which country your handset was configured for If you bought the phone online. Mine was set for an Asian market No surprise and these are the settings that worked for it for the Optus network:.

Optus MMS: After a lot of fiddling around it turns out that even though the internet may work fine when just the internet APN is configured, and MMS might work fine when just the mms APN is configured, using both at the same time was the issue. Here are the settings that worked with my HTC Aria android 2. MMS proxy: MMS port: MMS protocol: Hi Kiernan McColl, First off you are a legend!!! Does anyone know how to enable it?

Change the APN on your iPhone

I think the Telstra APN name is telstra. For confirmation check this link: Is anyone able to help me with the correct APN? After a week or so trying different settings that lurks around, I had given Optus Tech Help another go with a manual setup over the phone. Finally got mms to work on my HTC desire hd with Optus. Did Optus fix the problem or did I just get lucky? Bought my dhd unlocked from mobicity. A Name: None Switch power off then on again…Voice , Data etc should all work.

I have had the phone for about 6 months and initially contacted both Telstra and Sony Ericcson to see if they could talk me through the set up. Hello, first time posting on this site. I have tried entering the Telstra APN settings from this site, telstra site and other forums. Could anyone please help?

On another note, my phone decided to magically work again after about another week. I have a Motorola Droid 2 Global which I have not been able to set for internet. It is driving me nuts! Everytime I put the APN in it disappears. Went to 2. My phone is about 10days old and about 6 of them the wifi at home worked fine. I called just about everyone and no-one can help. Can anyone here help me? You will need to add Apns need to talk to each other Regards George z. Great…now what.

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Have read all the posts above. Please gandtcomputers can you post the full list of APN settings for dodo? I forgot to add, I also added proxy: And the auth: Just use the settings above. With the internet you may have to remove the APN Type though. I spoke to a HTC person and they made me remove the last setting to get the internet working. Even after removing the APN type, Internet does not connect for me. Any other suggestion? I have been on the phone to vodafone and have also tried to input APN settings, and still no luck. Can someone please tell me what to do?

Thanks to you I got MMS working. Fresh import!! Thanks in advance! After re-querying HTC they said: Unless you backspace to delete it before you save it I just deleted the trialing spaces and the 3g internet worked immediately — no rebooting or anything. I recently bought a huawei m from cricket and supposibly its all set for internet usage and i have nothing as far as internet. Finally got my mms to work on my Wildfire! This happened yesterday after I switched my phone off and on. Now my mms works!! Does anyone know why my mms only works on 3G network and not 2G?

Well this is interesting……when it was working, I was connected only to yesinternet, I now can receive and send mms but only if I change it to mms, what a pain that is….. Thanks all internet worked like a charm after activating Optus SIM. Nope, no space. It worked on 1. I have successfully sent MMS and surfed the net on my phone. APN type: Can someone help me please. I can receive and send phone calls, but cannot access MMS or the Internet. I have tried the settings mentioned up in the thread but with no success.

I have also had Vodafone technical on the phone and they have been unable to assist happy to try and assist but with no positive result. Appreciate any help from someone out there that has been able to overcome this problem. I forgot to mention,,,my APN settings appear to be fine according to the feeds above. Does anyone have any idea what to do? Please can someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help me? I am just about going insane.

Hi Renee, did you get your settings working? Which mobile SIM provider are you with? Thanks for all the help guys.

I was doing a bit of research on Android vs. The postings above have convinced me to go with the iPhone! I examine several of the additional articles in addition to i desired that will give you thanks for the enlightening threads. Sam there could be simple answer if found in the setting, APN type: Having problems with 3g on optus. Tried several APNs but still really buggy. Works for a while and then stops working.. Market sometimes loads. Have tried all the above to try and re-set to no avail.

I initially had problems with MMS, but by adding So ive gotten the optus internet and mms to work but you cannot have both on at the same time? I deleted the space and everything worked. Once you saved it you should see green dot radio button next to it. Once its booted up, you should be all ready to use internet. I called those idiots in optus to send me setting but they failed.. These are my Telstra APNs. The internet one above did not work for me and I pulled these out of my phone when it was reset back to defaults.

Telstra Internet APN: Protocol WAP2. Vodafone carriers restore the samsung galaxy s to its factory settings by in settings then privacy then factory data reset. I spoke to Vodafone and they said the problem is with my HTC, not them, even though I was able to send a mms last week. How can the problem be with the Wildfire?? Somebody Help? I have a new sciphone 32gb wifi and i cant access my apps and internet i called vodafone and they gave me proxy number: I have the android tablet. The 3 settings above are incorrect. I try and save and it asks me for the mmc.

Can someone help with the three settings please? Your settings were the only ones that got my internet working just wondering if you might have the mms settings also?? I also sent a message to myself the first time. There are settings for virgin internet that has seperate internet and mms which comes pre configured on CM6 for milestone, and this fixes that issue. I have been trying for so long to get MMS to work for Virgin on my Magic, these are the only settings that have worked.

This works on an HTC Desire. A radio button is the selection buttons like you see on the web, where you can only pick one option in a list, looks like a list of small circles. Confirm model here. Goto settings, About phone, Phone identity. Like countless others i have seen on forums on the net, i could get the internet data working but not send an MMS.

This is how i finally got it to work. Next to the internet one there should be a radio button or a round looking button. If it is grey then tap it and it should turn green. This is how your APNs settings should be.

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One note before the next step it looks like your mobile data or 3G connection has to working and on for MMS to work as once i had MMS working i tried to send an MMS with mobile data off and it never works. OK next step, send a test MMS and this first one must be sent to yourself i read this on the optus website and from an optus tech on the phone. But first confirm your internet data is on. Turn your mobile data on then do a google search to confirm your internet is working. That done try to send a picture via MMS thats what i did and remember send this first one to your self.

If it worked your good to go send an MMS to someone else. If it didnt go over these settings i know it works mine still does i tried it again as i wrote this. One other thing sometimes i have trouble with the mobile data turning on. So you should see the 3G symbol display at the top of the screen. If mobile data doesnt turn on, then switch on mobile data manually. Then wait till you have a signal again. When you have the signal turn mobile data on confirm it works by doing a google search and then try to send your MMS again.

It is not impossible. Hope it helps! Daylight robbery LOL!

Crazy John’s APN Settings for Windows Phone

Any recommendations on who to join with short term? Prefer prepay. Thanks for your advice SMC! Will look up Virgin when I visit soon.

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You need to login into your account and go to:. Have downloaded Opera Mini and have no problems getting internet. Seems that where blanks in the set up above are shown you should be leaving the default numbers in the MCC and MNC areas. I can finally receive MMS. Good luck. The virgin settings work with my Nexus One, but the one issue I had was I could not access secure web sites internet banking, virginmobile account etc on 3G.

The browser would just display a blank screen. Question is: Hey Joel, could you please assist! Mine works well now that I set mine accordingly. Tried everything you guys have listed and no joy. Ring and tell them your woes, you may need Optus to alter your account at their end. Using the single APN live. Just an FYI in case this is the case for anyone else.. Hope this helps. I have more of a fundamental question… What actually are APNs? Can someone explain why I need these settings at all? I have a stock Telstra Desire, works just fine of course.

Lycamobile Australia APN Settings for iPhone - 4G LTE APN Australia

What am I missing? Internet APN — Name: Not set APN Type: Everythings working fine! Setup for Optus, a little different to the ones above. This is for the Milestone but should be same for all. Press Menu 2. Tap Settings 3. Tap Mobile networks 5. Tap Access Point Names 6. Press Menu 7. Tap New APN 8. Ensure Proxy is Not Set Ensure Port is Not Set Ensure Username is Not Set Ensure Password is Not Set Ensure Server is Not Set Ensure MCC is Ensure MNC is 02 Press the Return Button Tap Optus Internet Press the Home Button.

Tap Mobile Networks 5. TapMMSC and enter http: TapMMS Proxy and enter EnsureAuthentication Type is Not Set Press the Back Button Thanks a lot Aysgarth… Without you, my night would have been mess searching for right options!!! I went into every field, even the ones and hit OK. It was all fine last night, and I turned the mobile connection on and off a few times, and each time it connected fine.

Is it Optus? Is it this flakey? I just rang Optus technical support and they got my Milestone working over the phone in about 15 minutes. Ring and tell them you have outright purchased a Milestone and need help to set it up.

InterNode APN Settings for Windows Phone

I had to remind the tech that they actually sell the phone, as it is very new to Optus. I think they may have made a few setting changes at their end, so the only way to be sure is to ring. Yes i have tried all the ones listed above, i rang optus and they told me to try something else and still does not work. I will call there technical help line when i get time. Any other ideas though? OptusInternet APN: MMS Name: Optus mms APN: The error I keep receiving is: Generic network failure. Hi, I am going crazy. I have an i-mate jazzjam with Crazy Johns that I have been using to receive copies of my emails for about 2.

I have tried all the settings shown above but with no luck. Thanks for any help. Hi guys, you seem to be quite cluey. How to make it using HSPA? Anyway, here they are;. Internet Name: This worked for me. So excited. Praise whomever made this much easier to understand than the info sent by Dodo! I can not for for the life of me get the virgin settings to work on my htc desire i have tried optus settings virgin settings everything i can get 3g internet with virgin settings but now mms and gsm internet with optus settings but no mmsn can anyone help virgin have useless tech support.

I got everything working on my Magic. It was painful. Try the Virgin setting with proxy and port settings blank. I was having a few issues with my Hero on 2. Your email address will not be published. FAQ Q: Optus Optus- Internet Name: MMS Protocol Android 2. Vodafone Internet APN: Virgin Internet APN: VirginInternet Proxy: Exetel Exetel — Internet Name: Amaysim Amaysim — Internet Name: Amaysim APN: Internet Proxy: Buzz Moody.

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Is there another way? Everything works except MMS. I have an iphone 5. Which APN should I pick which will be fast for the 4g. Ido not mind not having LTE but I prefer having speeds 5 and above. Hi i tried the swap method all went well but after a while the cellular data tab dissapears and all the info i put it in is lost and the mms does not work. When we are using unlockit. Do you know why this is doing this, or what the required details are? The trick is here, if you follow this you iphone will work data, send and receive mms , and also make you on you phone with wifi go to unlockit.

Hi, I have a previously unlocked iPhone 2G. Works for the voice and text but I am not having any success accessing the data realm except wifi. Please send suggestions! I installed unlockit. My 3G works, but no Picture messaging. Is there a way to fix this on a 3GS?? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. The Answer is: Will http: