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  1. Can You Get Google Maps for iOS 6?
  2. Why Google Maps Disappeared From iOS 6
  3. Can You Get Google Maps for iOS 6?
  4. Google flexes its maps muscles with a well-done app for iPhone
  5. Use navigation in the Google Maps app

Can You Get Google Maps for iOS 6?

Google manages some of the most powerful and fastest data centers in the world, and this shows up in the Maps app with super-fast data retrieval. The app is also fast at calculating and re-calculating directions. Google Maps for iPhone is simple, and we mean that in a mostly positive way.

The opening interface is a familiar map rendering with a few icons that control the app's significant feature set, including search, turn-by-turn directions, and quick access to traffic data, public transit directions, satellite imagery, and Google Earth. There are quite a few navigation apps out there with cluttered interfaces, so this is no small accomplishment. Spoken-street-name, turn-by-turn directions are at the heart of any iPhone GPS navigation app, and Google Maps does not disappoint.

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The app calculates directions quickly, providing optimal routes and street names in a clear, pleasant and very human-sounding female voice. You can view directions in the traditional map view with a blue arrow and route line, or by a text list of directions enhanced by arrows.

Why Google Maps Disappeared From iOS 6

You can activate Siri and the voice search feature by pressing the microphone icon in the search box. Google Maps plays well with other apps, fading into the background when appropriate, and continuing to provide spoken turn-by-turn directions. Make sure to confirm speed limits on your trip with posted traffic signs. Send feedback on Google Maps Help forum Forum. What you need to use navigation On your iPhone or iPad: Step 1: Step 2: Start navigation.

In the top right, you'll see the volume setting.

Can You Get Google Maps for iOS 6?

It will be either: Google Maps should start talking. Step 3: Tap Menu Settings Navigation settings. Choose Louder. Step 4: Switch to your car speakers You can hear voice navigation from your car speakers using Bluetooth or a USB cable. Pair your iPhone or iPad to your car.

Google flexes its maps muscles with a well-done app for iPhone

Set the source for your car's audio system to Bluetooth. Connect your device to your car with the USB cable.

New Google Map App for Apple iPhone

There are two theories that explain the decision. The first is the fact that the companies had a contract for an inclusion of Google's services in Maps that expired and they choose not, or were unable to agree on how, to renew it.

Use navigation in the Google Maps app

The other holds that removing Google from the iPhone was part of Apple's ongoing fight with Google for smartphone dominance. Whichever was true, users who wanted Google's data in their default Maps app were out of luck with iOS 6. In addition to the standalone app, iOS users can also use Google Maps through another app: That's because Safari can load Google Maps and provide all of its features through the web browser, just like using the site on any other browser or device.

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  • How to get Google Maps on iPhone and iPad.
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To do that, just point Safari to maps. To make this process a little faster, you might want to create a WebClip for Google Maps. WebClips are shortcuts that live on your iOS device's home screen that, with one touch, open Safari and load the web page you want. Learn how to make a WebClip here. It's not quite as good as an app, but it's a solid backup plan. The one downside is that other apps that integrate with the Maps app have to use Apple's; you can't set them to load the Google Maps website as the default for all mapping tasks.

Apple's Maps and Google Maps aren't the only options for getting directions and location information on iOS.