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  1. How to Track App Downloads and Revenue of Your App
  2. How to Track App Downloads and Revenue of Your App and Competitors
  3. Sales and Trends

He used the figures publicly released by both Apple and Google to see how the relative rates of the stores compare.

How to Track App Downloads and Revenue of Your App

So we reached out to both Apple and Google on the matter and you can consider this the canonical answer to that question. This means that they count only one download of an app no matter how many devices that you install that app on after you purchase it. Neither company counts updates in its app download numbers. These are purely single downloads from their stores. Only apps downloaded from the Play Store with a user account are counted. All of those would be counted. Of note, Apple says that the 50 billionth app downloaded was an offering from net savvy rock band OK Go.

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Apple App Store - 1 Billion Downloads!

Follow us on social media. Easy to use and nice UX, a lot of great free features. Not so much: Freemium see details here Stores: App Store, Google Play Store. For instance, it is pretty easy to create watchlists of app competitors and track their performance on a daily basis. Simplicity, pricing, the watchlists if you keep a free account, team easy to reach. Plus you get some nice reports. As on App Annie, you can read the reviews written about your apps around the world. They have a developer API allowing to interact with reports and account data.

How to Track App Downloads and Revenue of Your App and Competitors

Fairly easy to use, hourly rank and app updates tracking, strict privacy policy. To see your download and revenue data, simply link your iTunes or Google Play account to your Sensor Tower account. You can also get Apple Analytics data by connecting your iTunes account. Mobile Action offers app developers a lot of great free tools.

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  • Billions: How exactly do Apple and Google count app downloads?.

Like Sensor Tower, if you link your iTunes or Google Play accounts, you can see download and revenue data for your apps, right in your dashboard. Get email reports on your apps and integrate third-party analytics solutions. Overall a pretty good solution for developers on a tight budget. Great free features on the tracking and ASO side of things.

Integrate your in-app analytics platform of choice. Not so aggressive in trying to get you to upgrade to the paid plan. If you have an iOS app, then you should be using their app analytics or connect it to one of the platforms listed aboveā€¦period. We decided on the ones above because they are free or affordable, and because they provide the most needed features while supporting at least the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Sales and Trends

With this round-up you should be able to save some time in choosing the app downloads tracking tool that is right for you. Define your objectives before launching your app, and track your success! Please tell me where is loop? Does some of this tools then which one give you also a free access to your competitors app downloads?

Seems to just be your own app stats. Priori Data allows you to know the downloads from the 2 previous months. You can also unlock 3 apps for free to get the full stats. Sensor Tower also allows you do get the downloads for the previous month. Here is an example: How accurate is the data that these tools have?

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Are they plugged into the stores via an API or scrapping the app stores? Good to see Distimo outrank the others. Check it out at http: Your email address will not be published. We produce video creatives. Visit our website.

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