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At the range, they are not worth the time Phones overheat in the summer sun A random I met at pala had an app for his iPhone that worked fairly well. It wasn't quite loud enough to hear through plugs though. Otherwise it worked well. He said it was iPhone only.

Awesome Surefire Shot Timer for Free!

That is definitely the best long term idea, but I was wishfully thinking I could find one that will work with a phone, as sometimes when I'm driving home from work or whatever I'll stop at some secret squirrel well not really lol spots and put rounds through whichever pistol is on me to stay in practice I always have a few boxes of 9mm on me. I have this "ipsc timer-beta" app for android and it sucks, seems like you can't set the beep delay.

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  3. ego shooter samsung galaxy ace;

Need a decent length and preferably random delay if it's a phone app that doesn't have a pocket clip like a real shot timer, as you probably have to put it down? Thanks for your input fellas.

Gear Review: Looking at free shot timer apps

I use the one by innovative applications. I only use it for dry fire because the start and par beep on my shot timer is too loud to use indoors. Using it as an actual shot timer at a range isn't that practice. It doesn't record every shot or will pick up sounds that weren't shots and the start beep is no where near loud enough. A stand alone timer is really a requirement for anyone who wants to get faster with their shooting. For whatever reason nobody can seem to write a decent phone app.

I don't do any shooting without a timer any more. I have "free shot timer" by innovative Applications on my iPhone.

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But you will have to enter data manually. Rangelog has useful features for skeet and trap shooters. You can enter your scores and review statistic. This Android app for shooters also enables you to have reloaded ammo log and keep track on malfunctions, age etc. Rangelog has many other useful features such as: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. About Links Remington Shotgun Guide.

Shot Timer Appslet's talk about 'em! - Training Techniques - Brian Enos's Forums Maku mozo!

Strelok — ballistic trajectory calculator Androud app for shooters. Rangelog — shooting range activities tracker Android app. Rem Related posts.

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