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  1. How to export contacts from Windows Phone to PC - Microsoft Community
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How to export contacts from Windows Phone to PC - Microsoft Community

You need to sync the 2 phones via Bluetooth and then the app will pull the Contacts and the SMS messages from one phone to another. I created a. I opened the file on my Nokia Lumia and I opened each entry within the. Once all the entries were done I had 47 I quickly created 2 'Groups' one for family and friends and the other for business, which is easy on Windows Phone. I then 'pinned' each group to the start screen and it works wonderfully.

I don't see that this would not work on any Windows 8 phone regardless of manufacturer.

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My wife had an old Nokia and I bought her a Nokia Lumia , I sent her existing contacts from her old mobile to her new mobile using Bluetooth but it didn't work on my Lumia Another note: What a calamitous decision by Microsoft to link contacts to Hotmail and restrict transfer etc. Those of us who predominantly use our phones in business do not want to have Hotmail accounts on our phones. I find Windows Phone 8 to be a great system but this badly thought up idea is a big negative point.

You can import.

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There is a built in app called "transfer my data" in the windows phone which transfers all your data from the old phone to the windows phone via bluetooth. But for this operation you will need the old phone with bluetooth conectivity to work. Not the. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Import contacts from a. If you want to transfer contacts through your Google account, you will need time, energy and power, a Lumia device and a good internet connection. Here are steps for you to complete the task:. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: You can see a new screen with many accounts to add. Just wait for a few seconds; all contacts in your Lumia phone will be synced with your Outlook account automatically.

How to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone?

Step 4: Now, you need to go to web browser and input https: Then just sign in your Outlook account with your Microsoft account that is the same as you just used in Lumia. This steps is used to get these contacts on your PC or laptop. Step 5.

Step 6: Your Outlook account will then bring up your address book automatically. You can see all contacts that you ever saved in Lumia now.

Transfer Contacts, Music, Photos, Videos from Windows Phone to iPhone

Step 7: You will then be required to choose a location to save the exported. CSV file. Just enter the location you need, a. CSV file will be downloaded the desired location then. How to Format Android Phone Entirely.

After uploading your Lumia contacts to Outlook account, you now need to import these contacts to your Android phone. Here are steps:. Firstly, please bring up your browser and input www. If this is the case, skip directly to Step 6. If you are currently syncing the Windows Phone contacts to a Gmail account, you can already transfer them to your iPhone by following this tutorial.

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The Windows Phone contacts will be automatically pushed to the newly-created Microsoft account. On the PC, open a web browser window, navigate to login. The Windows Phone contacts are loaded up in the address book of your Microsoft account. For this purpose you need CopyTrans Contacts. Download CopyTrans Contacts.