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AndroSensor for Android

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Android App Bundles. Google Play Instant. Get started with instant apps. Get started with instant games. Integrate with Firebase. Best practices. Building effective unit tests. Automating UI tests. Testing app component integrations. Android Vitals. Optimizing for Battery Life. Protecting against security threats with SafetyNet. Build for Billions. Build for Enterprise. Ancient gravity sensors for measuring tilt were made by a small body e. Crude angular scales were used to determine the inclination of the wire relative to a perpendicular reference line to the Earth.

In modern mobile devices, the physical sensor that measure acceleration is the the accelerometer. The accelerometer, however, measures all the accelerations that affect the device, which are the sum of the gravity acceleration and the actual linear acceleration that are associated with the movement of the device. A crude estimate of the gravity on hand-held device can be made on the accelerometer reading using a low-pass filter that minimizes the linear acceleration. Remember that a hand-held device is most of the time stationary, and cannot sustain continuous accelaration in one direction unless the user travels within a vehicle that is subjected to wild accelerations.

Therefore, the linear acceleration components in the accelerometer measurement are transient in nature, with a tendencies to return to 0. First generation smartphone used this low-pass filter technique to determine device tilt using the accelerometer, which was the only sensor available at the time.

Impart Thy Knowledge: Types of Sensors in Android Smartphone

While results were satisfactory, the response was relatively slow due to the inherent delay of the low-pass filter. Modern mobile devices refined the gravity measurement by creating a virtual sesnor that is implemented as a sensor-fusion of several basic physical sensors, the accelerometer, the gyroscope, and the magnetic sensor. This resulted in much more accurate and fast responding gravity and tilt measurements, as you can experiment below. Androsensor is a diagnostic tool and a showcase of your device's features and values Here's a short explanation of the permissions required by Androsensor as shown on the Android Market:.

Hardware controls - record audio "android. Your location - fine GPS location "android. Network communication - full Internet access "android. It is required for the ads, the network based location and for the google maps and the geocoder to work. Geocoder is the function that uses Google API to convert a location to a physical address.

You may test this if you tap on your location on Androsensor's map. Phone calls - read phone state and identity "android. It is required by the "Device Info" view. This permission also gives access to an incoming phone call information only if the call is active, not call history but this feature is not and will never be used by this app. Files are saved for your own later use. Delete possibility is not and will never be used by this app. Network communication - view Wi-Fi state "android.

It is required by the "Device Info" view for showing wifi information and signal strength. It is required by the "Device Info" view for showing mobile network information like operator, antennas in range and mobile signal strength. Your personal information Optional - read sensitive log data "android.

It is required for viewing device logs. It exists only if you download the "AndroSensor Log Collector" addon. It does not allow reading your old SMS messages. AndroSensor will ignore SMS messages that do not start with the word "AndroSensor" and will not store or tranmit your incoming messages. This permission exists only if you download the SMS Remote addon.

Prevent device from sleeping Optional - Prevent device from sleeping "android.

Guiding Tech

It enables AndroSensor to acquire a WakeLock while the recording is active, ensuring that your device will never sleep while it is recording sensor data. The WakeLock is only used when AndroSensor is recording, not when it is active. On most devices, this addon is not necessary. This permission exists only if you download the "AndroSensor Keep Awake" addon. AndroSensor has the ability to record sensor data and export it to a CSV file. This file is saved in your device's SD card or external memory in a folder named AndroSensor.

When the recording is finished a popup notification appears to tell you the name of the CSV file. When you open the file you will be prompted on how you want the program to parse the file for best readability. Below is a screenshot on how to configure it. New features: It is now possible to record CSV data at up to Hz.

Especially if your device lacks the power, you can expect freezes, crashes and random reboots. If you need recording at high rates, enable only the sensors that interest you and disable the rest to reduce the load on your device. You have been forewarned. The battery info will still be visible in the UI. Default is semicolon as it has been since the beginning.

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Tap on a graph to make it full screen, tap again to reduce to original size - Sensor recordings are zipped before sending. Max size is still 9MB, but zipped, so actual size limit is about MB - Auto retry sending email with saved data, in case there was an error. This happens evry time AndroSensor is started. Automatic send email of recorded file when recording stops Also: Mostly Bugfixes - Fix barometer units not changing - Fix temperature and distance units not changing immediately sometimes it required restarting the app - Further improve GPS update speed - Fix missing newline in recorded CSV file - Added a precise clock, since time is the fourth dimension: Swipe right to open the Quickbar, swipe left to hide it available in "Main" and "Device Info" screens -Linear acceleration and gravity sensors implemented -Better Italian translation thanks to Andrea -Orientation sensor re-implemented, it always works -Allows data recording via a foreground service.

Apologies for the inconvenience, thanks for reporting. Relative Humidity - Added two extra precision digits for longitude and latitude - Extended the available record interval values from 0. Tapping on a help button shows a help text that explains each sensor. Help buttons may be hidden from settings. Texts are currently only available in English. You may record data for hours.

If recording gets interrupted, data collected so far is saved and not lost. Thank you all for reporting any kind of issues. A popup appears to let you know, instead of FCing. Special thanks to Matei and Goetz respectively. Also corrected a few minor translation errors in italian. Just press the sensor icon to switch from text to graph view. Graphs are available only for the icons that have a thin orange line in the left. Thanks for reporting and apologies for the inconvenience. If location is obtained by network and altutude is not available, google's API returns altitude of your location based on longitude and latitude.

Thanks for the feedback.. It removes ads from all versions of AndroSensor starting from v1. The log file is now sent as a file attachment instead of plain text. This does not always succeed, but can give a good hint. Apologies about that Hopefully it's the last fix. Please provide some feedback on this. Special thanks to Johnny for his help. No wifi scan is added since it's not like Androsensor. Androsensor only observes, never intervenes: Thank you all for reporting!