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I would say you need a fix quickly or close up shop as this will be the outcome of the consumer. Why is blackberry head offices not talking to the press on this, get the government out of our lives. They have no business in my phone. BlackBerry has changed the standard facebook platform, you no longer can have face book without logging onto the website by enter net before it was part of the blackberry hub.

I was informed that blackberry notified them. For weeks blackberry has promoted an upgrade for facebook moments. They do this and facebook is now gone and you can only load their Facebook 10 linked directly to the website at a price. I'm disappointed and will be changing my cell asap from BlackBerry to Samsung if this is not resolved asap.

Your newly upgraded facebook app is scam, it doesn't work when you want to open the app it takes you back to the phone browser. Now I can't be able to chat on facebook for days. Please do something urgently to address this problem. I downloaded a new Facebook upgrade and it is horrible. All I get is my notifications.

I can't get messages or send messages. Please can you help me get the original Facebook back on the BlackBerry. This technology is terrible! The debit and credit cards used had sufficient funds. I was requested by Blackberry to contact my Bank for an authorisation code and they blamed the bank for barring the transaction, however, my bank denied that this was the case. This is a very unexpected and unusual procedure, but still I followed Blackberry's advice and confirmed with may bank and confirmation of transaction was authorised and money awaiting for payment to Blackberry.

I am very disappointed at this state affairs. I was then contacted by Blackberry with an update on my order and was told the order was all together declined and the only other way was for me to re-start a new order and do a Wire-Transfer of funds to purchase the device.. I do not understand why Blackberry are making it so difficult for me to purchase the PRIV bundle directly from online shop. It was my first time to download my photos from blackberry z3 phone. My husband did everything on the laptop and than passwords were been asking which we only had one and it never took.

I took my laptop and phone to provide outlet shop to help and the help i got from the sales person blocked my phone and it started to delete my info and the phone crashed. It made all my photos go lost and no one can help to recovery my photos or contact number. Why not have a assists to recovery like contact or photos that important.

I just right now want shout scream at some one but all very one telling me it software and blackberry known about it and they never solved the problem and only upgrade hand set. Blackberry should com to the table to help people like myself to recovery the info like photos and contact. The phone don't take the password you put in proof was yesterday when i took phone to service center. I have been unable to use my Blackberry cell phone since last week.

Please help! Tried contacting the corporate office but no answer! I am unhappy that my blackberry bold that is a G3 is know going to run like a G2. It looks like I will be leaving T-Mobile after being with you for almost 5 years. My wife work for you and she was lay off she love T-Mobile. I wish you all the luck with your new change.

Terrible and unsatisfying after-sale-service! You should consider your choice when buying a new device. By accident my BlackBerry ID account was deleted, which is still!! My numerous approaches to get in touch with BlackBerry corporate offices in order to solve this issue, via my Point-of-Sale or directly via paid BlackBerry Technical Support, failed. In my opinion there is no interest to help or to satisfy customers, apart from to increase number of sales. I tried a BlackBerry new os version to download. But the space already takes 4gb. But extra mb to need delete to download the os.

But this is no app and media to delete. Customer service is no help to me! I use a blackberry Q5 and anytime I wanna save a phone number on my sim card it says 'some contact info will not be copied to your sim card'. My complaint is that when I checked help it says blackberry balance is switched on by administrator so I won't be able to save contact on my sim card until blackberry balance is off and I don't even have blackberry balance on my phone. I cannot buy or upgrade somethings in blackberry world like Games or Apps.

This is not acceptable. I got an email that said I had changed my bbm id. I never changed my bbm id. How do I restore my previous bbm id? It was originally different and I need to contact BlackBerry customer service. I have owned nothing but blackberry phones 4 and syncing has always been fairly straightforward. For the second time now I lost a years worth of photos, videos, passwords, to do list ect.

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I am not able to sync my BB Leap to my computer and I did see a warning concerning resetting the phone and to the best of my knowledge I have always said no to this so i do not know why my phone was reset. Please send me clear instructions on how to do this. Ive been a Blackberry loyalist for years and not because they are perfect by any means. Ive had issues but this current one is an outrage. I recently had cause to use the amazon app which unknown to me had been pre-installed on my phone. I wanted to download a Cuba map app directly to the phone.

To do this I had to activate the amazon app. When I attempted to do that the app wanted extreme permissions to access everything on my phone, my text messages, emails, phone lists, camera, pictures, microphone, documents. I denied those permissions and the app would not install. After going around for a while trying to avoid giving those permissions a message popped up that I could change permissions after the app was installed and so I decided that was okay as long as I could change these permissions and limit access afterwards I would grant them this once.

SO I activated the app and made my purchase and then went to change the permissions only to find the app would not let me change the permissions at all. This infuriated me because its tantamount to installing licensed spyware on my phone. It deletes any privacy I thought I had entirely. This is unacceptable to me. SO I decided to delete the amazon app from my phone entirely. If I cant control it I wont use it. Only trouble is Blackberry in all its dubious wisdom had embedded the app in the phone and you CANT uninstall it once activated that 's it.

It has unlimited access to everything you do on your phone. That is now out the window. The US government now has complete and unfettered access to everything on our Blackberry smart phones through its collection of data from Amazon. Privacy is out the window. The worst of all is now that Blackberry is so unavailable to the public that there is nothing you can do about this. So after being a Blackberry loyalist for years I'm now losing complete faith in the company and ready to give up my cherished Blackberry classic.

Its no better than its competition anymore. Its promise of privacy is gone and I am not the only Blackberry user facing this issue. One the web site I saw dozens of others with this same issue with the Amazon app. I'll give Blackberry a couple of weeks to address this issue then I'm off to get a different phone if I cant find a way to block this app. So far I have de registered the phone from the Amazon website and declined permission for the app to run when minimized but that's not good enough for me. I want the app blocked entirely or removed from the phone.

Suddenly my touch is not at all working, it didn't fall down, nothing happened suddenly stopped.

Blackberry Customer Care Number South Africa

I used to love the Blackberry brand but now I am not so sure. Hi got a new z10 unlimited red phone and dune a upgrade software on twice and now phone do not work properly as it did before the software upgrade so not happy with blackberry now the cost me a lot off money to buy and now do work properly when its no fault off mine but blackberry software so sort it out. I started using BlackBerry 15 yrs ago, I put up with the jokes the ribbing and all that came with it, because it's Canadian. Well you guys dropped the ball big time, I can't download apps that are made for BlackBerry because I have a passport, my question why would you only give us a half a phone, have to reboot at least 2 times a week.

Apps fluted and disappear. Now 8 months later you antiquate the passport. How could RIM screw it up so bad, so disappointed. Blackberry your done! I am using BlackBerry Z3 and my complaint is actually about using the phone itself. Whenever I'm in a rush or while using the phone it does things itself. Like the quick settings slides down automatically from the top and goes up then again slides down and goes up again. This repeats several times and I'm fed up with it. Stupid thing won't even allow me to message it just types on its own.

Finally, the phone locks, when I try to open it the usual thing happens. The phone tries to open it for me but Alas, it's wrong. But my phone didn't give up it keep trying. Thank you BlackBerry for this stupid phone of yours. Hi it's about a year I got a blackberry bold 5 as a gift and just after 3 months it's keys stopped working. I connected with a friend who's working with BlackBerry and since then it's been s race. Neither your service Center helps nor this friend if mine. I asked for a spare device so I can send this for repair but service Center never had one.

I was a blackberry user for good 9 years but the pain I have gone through in last few months have been miserable. Imagine writing an urgent email with g, n, d, h not working. I am willing to upgrade to an bb classic or passport if I can get a compensatory discount by giving away this device.

Or ill be glad if I can get a spare device and this one can be repaired. In December i bought blackberry z3. From Dec upto June i was just happy with it. July the phone started giving me problems, i took it back to mtn repair centre, after 3 daysi received a message that says they can't fix it because it is liquid damage, i phoned them and told them it can't be, because I've never dropped the phone in any liquid and the lady says when it's liquid damage we don't only mean water but there is lot of things that can cause that and i was told to pay for them to give me my liquid damage phone.

I've never dropped my phone on water or go inside where there's moisture with my phone, I'm really shocked and disappointed as i love and like blackberry. Blackberry app download link is useless and keeps asking for password. I tried everyone I use and none works. Blackberry useless for sports apps like Chicago Bears and Chicago Blackhawks. Can't wait until I am eligible for a new phone - rest assured it will not be a Blackberry. I have a month new Blackberry passport with original blackberry case that slip out of my hand and fell approx 1.

I was told they can't warranty my phone as they could not prove i bought the phone from amazon. Mind you, I got this as a gift from my ex-girlfriend who i am no longer on talking terms. There is no consideration from blackberry service to warranty their product. I'm extremely disappointed and upset. I called up on Mon 4th May at approx 2.

This is a disgrace to your company and I will be posting on Twitter and Facebook what inefficient service you provide your customers by employing such useless employees.

Contact BlackBerry Corporate

I bought a Z30 phone and loved it. Up until I was forced to upgrade new software. Now, the phone is sooo slow and the battery needs to be charged at least twice a day with normal use! Blackberry should stop upgrading useless info on phones. If they feel the need to offer an upgrade, then it should be optional!! I have heard of many other complaints of the same nature. This is highly frustrating that Blackberry messed up a good phone that I loved!

I guess this is their way of forcing me to upgrade my phone instead! I have been using a Z30 for the past 5 months with zero problems. Since my last software upgrade, it has become a freaking nightmare. The browser is slow with Try Again error messages popping up, videos play on blank screen with sound only, the menu layout looks ancient I'm a previous blackberry customer. Now i'm using blackberry Z10 for last months. Still last month phone was good performance.

But this month new OS was updated This OS is too erorr. I cant use phone properly because of this OS. Because some data's already deleted from this problem. So please give me your solution.. I'm waiting for your feedback. In my blackberry messenger, all my contact picture is disappear, so how i can fix that problem?

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Please help me because this'is already running around 2 weeks. Please do not get this phone. I got the phone a week ago but from day 1 its rebooting its self. I phoned my Vodacom supplier and they said they wil come and get the phone but til today no collection. I went on the net and saw the blackberry was launched in August and still they give the phones to clients. Now I must sit without a phone because Vodacom is coming to get the phone and only then the upgrade will be reversed. I have blackberry z.

The handset is getting discharged within 3 hours. The service centre of agra is closed and the handset is getting heated too much as it appears there is a major problem. I complained to the shopkeeper from where I have purchased it, he told me to remove the the memory card but the problem doesn't resolve. Please help me to resolve this problem as I am getting major problems by heating of handset as it gives the feel of bursting. All apps are removed automatically if blackberry z10 switched off. Very bad mobile. Nobody likes blackberry on present. Because many issues are running.

Is there any formula to solve this problem? Now I am going to share this issue through all social network. And YouTube. My new passport is not configuring with microsoft outlook contacts, tasks, memo and calendar. It get hanged after downloading the OS 10 program. There needs to be away of increasing the font of the BBM on Iphone. Blackberry has to work with apple to synchronise the settings. Please the font is way too small. I have a Blackberry Passport with the most current operating system. Although I am very enthusiastic about the device, there is one very annoying problem.

It is this: The majority of my contacts randomly disappear and then when I reboot the device will slowly reappear, though with all the favourites having been removed. This happens regularly and is quite frustrating because when this occurs there is no way to email or phone the contacts that have disappeared until they magically reappear. This should not be happening on this device. I am using blackberry Z3 from last 10 months, But I facing problem in my Z3 regarding voice clearance.

When I call someone or receive call I am not able to get the voice properly. Two times touch screen has been replaced. Last 10 months 4 times mobile has been reached on customer center. I have tired. Please replace this phone.

Customer Service sucks

Blackberry is best Brand in World thats why I buy this phone. Please replace my phone. I have both the Z30 and Z We recently down loaded your update which took a few hours. Now our phone does not work like before. When you answer it there is some clicking that goes on then it connects - mean while the person calling us is on the other end ready to hang up because of the time it takes to connect after answering it.

Do your people not test these updates before letting them out to your victims or rather customers. We are almost ready to jump ship - what gives - Black Berry use to lead the charge now they seem to be hiding in the back round. I've had 6 different blackberry phones, 5 curves and 1 bold. Every single device has had problems were it just switches itself off. Worst phones ever I'd rather have a nokia at least the battery lasts a day and doesn't turn itself off.

Certainly wouldn't recommend blackberry smartphones to anyone because they really aren't that smart. F'ing useless in fact! I've spent a couple hundred pound on your devices and not one of them work. Blackberry can F OFF!!!! So here i am, using bllackberry messenger on android, and suddenly i am added to a so called 'Multiperson chat' and then here i am complaining that this feature is probably worthless in this app because this feature hangs the phone, it causes delay in message reception and delivery and causes issues.

In my views, this feature is an extra feature that should be removed from the app since we already have a feature called 'Group chats' in the same application. The devices switch off at will even if battery is full. Batteries power storage is very weak and overall performance very bad.

I need my two devices to be recalled and be replaced with better models. I like my Z But I am real ticked off with your last two software up dates. Especially the switching off the notification. On the old software one just turned it off. Now there's all these different options..

I personally have to restart the phone every day. Please can you put in just one switch for the sound thanks. They collected my mobile by courier for repair last Dec. After 30 day I sent their Customer service for inquiry , unbelievably they didn't know where my phone! I kept to ask them to give me updates via emails, sometime they did but answer is: They still try to contact some departments for information , but sometimes they didn't reply me at all.

I sent a official complaint email again 3 days ago and asked Mark to give a reply, and also asked their manager to contact me, guess what? NO Reply Again. I really cannot believe the kind of service will be happened in Blackberry, It already took almost 50 days and I still don't know where is my phone and when I will be return. If I wanted an android I would have bought an android!!!! Let me start with that. The latest update to the blackberry ios turned my phone into some kindergarten looking talk down to me like I'm an idiot display that infuriates me. I specifically bought the blackberry because I hate that ridiculous design feature found on all android devices.

I have been with blackberry for years and never once regretted my decision until now. I want a professional looking phone, not something that would appeal to someone in diapers. WTF is wrong with you people. Well i purchased blackberry Z3 with IMEI number last year on 19 July, and the software has been corrupted second time and there is some problem on the both the sides of the screen as seems to be crack and i told this to the retailer also at the time of purchasing and he told me that it won't effect in using and the retailer in Jumbo Electronics in V3S Mall near Nirman Vihar metro station.

And the phone hangs also as applications start closing automatically and camera also starts operating and again i need to reboot the phone so use the applications. So kindly request you the change the handset. And yesterday when i visited the service center T touch in Shakarpur, Delhi and submitted the handset there and they asked me to collect it today i. So i want you kindly take some action against them so that in future no other consumer should suffer. Hi, Its been 12 days with no response from Blackberry folks to return my cellphone after getting it repaired.

I am forced eventually to write this draft since I am completely fed up with Balckberry service. I want my cellphone back ASAP. For God sake, if someone is looking into these complainst, pls atke necessary actions. I purchased a Blackberry Style phone in May My phone doesn't keep a charge so I went to the Sprint store to purchase a replacement battery and I was told that Blackberry is no longer providing batteries to the Stores for my phone.

I was then referred to a website where I could a purchase a refurbished battery for my phone or my second option I was told was to buy a new phone. Needless to say I am very upset with that fact that I cannot replace my blackberry battery. How can your company sell phones to the public and not provide and important componant to ensure this products ability to work properly. I have a blackberry It came with an app for the Emergency alert system. Reasonable thought. The problem I have with this app is there is no way to make adjustments during tests!

I received 47 texts at top volume!!!! There was no way to stop them, no way to turn down the volume, no way to delete the app! Customer service was no help! I almost threw the phone through the wall after it happened again even after I turned off my phone! I'm going to contact blacberry myself tomorrow and send them back their phone and tell them where they can put it!!!!

I purchased a blackberry play book a little over a year ago. The USB port went out soon after. I was under warranty and was sent a new one. Few days later the same thing went wrong. I was angry and threw it in water. I really enjoyed the blackberry even more so than the new iPad I've purchased now. I don't know if this is a problem that you have found out about and hopefully resolved. I do have all my recites box and tablet.. I'm the one that let the warranty run out. The jester would be nice though. I would truthfully like to continue to enjoy and recommend your product.

I will hold on to it all just in case. Just send a box please.

Blackberry South Africa Customer Care Number, Head Office Address | CustomerServiceDirectory

Thanks for your time, Michael Shawn Neill. Karnak il. I renewed my vodacom contract Vodashop Kenilworth centre in June and received a blackberry curve. On 29 October I took it in because the keyboard keys wouldn't work. I collected it and couldn't get email and BBM to work - and was told by the help desk that the phone cannot be registered and that I need to take the 'new' phone back. Two weeks later I call to enquire no sms received and am told it is at the shop - I collect it last night, phone the help desk to set up email and BBM only to be told that it cannot be registered and could possibly be a handset that was 'previously registered on another network' and that it has to go back.

So, almost 2 months come 29th Nov without the Blackberry, but still having to pay all related charges I'm taking it back to Vodashop KC tomorrow - am not holding my breath My experience: Can't wait for the contract to end June so that I can go elsewhere First of all i phoned from my cell to do the activation on my sim swop, they informed me to phone the activation dept. From the 29th of March until the 4th of April they told me the following, 1.

I must phone and use option 0. Every time i switch on the phone the following message comes up sim not provisioned 2 in the other phone sim registration failed Every time i phoned from 4th of April to the 12th of April i got different excuses as well 1. For the first time i spoke to a white guy, he helped me straight away and the very same sim that is faulty and invalid was activated within 2 HOURS. Please give them some training. I realy hope that MTN will do something about this matter. Well done Braam from Allendale. Hope MTN can employ more white people like you.

It did not even take you 10 Minutes to sort out the activation from your side. MTN have to give you credit for this matter. I am an accountant student at Stellenboch University in South Africa.. The contract is for two years and I was given a Blackberry touch screen, and eight days after receiving the handset I started experiencing problems.. I went to the service provider on the eight day of receiving handset with my first complain.. Eight days after receiving a supposed brand new product, i had no alternative but to hand handset in for six to eight weeks for repairs Besides the disgrace of this product, obviously I was not able to hand phone in as I am a female student living in a dangerous country and I cannot be without a cell phone..

And again complained to same manager that now barely a few days later I was having another problem with phone; this time it was that I'll be halfway into a transaction BBM, or a phone call, or SMS ' and phone would just stop working Again I was told "CELL C" is not responsible for technical failures to handset , and handset has to be handed in for repairs , which is totally unacceptable!!!!!!! So I demand that this matter is addressed..

I recently upgraded 2 a bb n have encounterd problems. Initially the trackpad wasn't working n I sent it in 4 repairs n was givn anotha bb However after only abt a week of havn gotten a replacement I again encounterd another problem. This tym the fone switchd off despite being fully chargd. It switchd off n refused 2 switch bak on. So I hav nw resubmittd my fone 4 repairs. So y am I payn 4 sumthn that has 2 constantly b sent 4 repairs? N also I'm requird 2 nw on my days off 4rm work go n sit at a fone outlet n waste away my day simply 2 send it in 4 repairs.

I'm xtremly disapointd that I upgraded 2 a blackberry N 2 think that d neva gave me a migraine lyk d way d is givin me. I have a BB and freezes all the time and also has the famous tiny black clock thingy in the middle of the screen and you have to wait until it disappears or have to take the battery out, put it back in before using it but then when it comes bakc up the tiny clock is there again it is sooooo frustrating. Lately now my phone switches itself off and on for no reason. Sometimes when it decides to do its funny things I battle to switch off or on. I had bought Balckberry Curve last year on 28 September and this year on 26 September in the morning I had found my phone was totally black out.

We showed it to center at Faridabad in Manhattan Mall on 26 September that means that it is in Warranty period and than we have been told that the same has to be sent to Gurgaon for locating the problem then they will tell us the charges that needs to be incurred for it than after around 20 days we went to check the status so we have been told that we have to pay Rs to get it repaired and Rs to take the phone back.

First of all we have never been asked that we have to pay Rs even if the phone does not get repaired and that to be they we telling us the phone has detected water drops inside. I just want to bring this to your notice that my phone was completely laminated so there is no point of water drops inside and second of all it is in warranty period than why we were asked to pay Rs and Rs I completely want a solution to the problem asap otherwise I had to bring this matter to Consumer Court. I am really unhappy with the service provided by the Blackeberry,being a valuable customer and while showing the phone at center in Faridabad we have been told by the Blackberry exceutive that these phones are like that and who suggested us to take these phones.

I was recently exposed to fraud, when MTN allowed an unknown source to use my identity to open an account, this then lead to MTN debiting my bank account with substantial amounts of monies. Okay so here we go On the 3rd of January I received a payment and soon after a bank notifyme sms, at which time I noticed that my account was missing a large amount of money and this is when I went to the bank. The bank then told to go to a MTN branch in Bloemfontein, to question these outrageous amounts of money seeing as though I had never been a member of MTN, I have been with Vodacom my whole life.

When I arrived at the branch they couldnt access anything on me as I didnt have a MTN cellphone number, at which time she told me to go to the customer MTN enquiries outlet. At this outlet it came to my attention that someone had opened an account with my name, my identity number and my bank account details, but with their own home address and their occupation. My bank also told me that they cannot reverse amounts which costs me R So I still need to be reimbursed for October R I am really sorry for venting, but Im sure you understand my frustration as I am in no way even linked to MTN.

The problem lies with the background checks that took place and surely the RICA system wasn't implemented by the staff member who participated in the fraud. I have had to drive back and forth to try and resolve this unnecessary situation MTN stores, bank, copies of my details, police station etc. After 2months,i. I faced lots of problems in that week but still i was thinking that now my life will be hassle free but it was my default that i thought like this.

Again after 3months,i. Then again i have to went to Gurgaon service centre for the same. When this problem happened for the first time they didn't mentioned anything liked that. I have purchased my BB curve phone on 17th of june, i. Its amazing 2 use. I am so used to BB,and i have started all the BB services in it. But after days i realized that my bb keypad is little loose as well as the back body is little loose.

So i visited contacted service center 10 days back and they told me that you have 2 submit your cell for days for its reparation. It is impossible for me 2 give my cell for 10 days, because all my work is through it.. Ad now the new problem has raised that my charger is not working,so i have 2 charge my cell through laptop, that is really irritating. I have heard so good about bb and now i am facing these problems, this was not expected from Blackberry company.

I recently bought a Blackberry and the battery life is terrible! I charge it at least 3 times a day and each time it goes from fully charged to the flashing red low battery within a few hours. I previously had the and use my new phone in the exact same way call, text, facebook, twitter as I did with the previous one so its not due to overuse or having any extra settings switched. I have sent my phone in for service already and the was issued a new and I have the same problem.

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All my applications and settings are up to date as well. I have researched about this model and now realise it is the phone model itself that is the issue not just my phone as many others seem to have the same issue. The was issued with a mAh battery which is far less than what my was issued with and that phone functioned on a lower resolution and features. I have seen it recommended that one replaced the current mAh battery with a more powerful mAh battery which will solve the problem.

It is not my service provider I have an issue with as they only sell the Blackberry brand, it is Blackberry I have an issue with as they are the ones who provide the products which will be sold. I have resorted to using my again as the is impossible to use due to the battery life. I would like Blackberry to provide a mAh battery so that I may use my again as it was not a cheap purchase. I am extremely disappointed with the battery quality Blackberry has provided with this phone. Hopefully this problem can be rectified and I can once again be a proud Blackberry owner.

I just got the Blackberry playbook tablet. Although I did not use because I am making the necessary update and had my first disappointment. The fact is that before purchasing the product via internet , I entered the blackberry. I found that has good hardware configuration and what would be of great importance to me, connection to mobile networks. It was a bad surprise to receive the equipment and verify that there was no where to connect my micro sim card. Ask RIM to change or delete this page http: I'm really sad because I have to buy other equipment that meets my needs. Perhaps removing this page other consumers like me do not be fooled.

Bt I dnt understand why u diducted my money coz I hv activated my phone for bis last year. Email me aftr reviewing my complain. Can hv ur numbers I want to call ur customer service. Since then I have become a part of a mobile website that allows one to download American tv series and actual is the highlight feature of my phone to me. For a while now, though, I have not been able to download anything about 40MB, and every time I attempt to do so, an "http Error: I researched the error and that your ISP might have set a limit which would prevent you from being authorised from downloading larger files.

Did Blackberry put a limit on our downloads and, if so, why? Likewise, if it is an error on the part of Blackberry RIM, why have we not been informed, warned or notified? When this is feature is altered in anyway, loyal customers become very displeased. I believe that such a move on the part of Blackberry RIM will most likely result in the loss of both existing and prospective clients if the problem is not resolved. Not simply over a download limitation but for the fact that none of the Blackberry mobile phone holders have been informed, warned or notified.

I have seen many complaints of this specific "http Error: I sincerely hope that someone with diligence, competence and efficiency recieves my complaint so that a potential problem for Blackberry RIM can be avoided. Bold completely white screen since upgrade of software. Since around the start of this week I have had a problem that started with my screen going white after powersave.

After pressing a few buttons I discovered the mute button would allow me to get back to my home screen after it resumed. This kept on happening then after a while my screen developed another problem where the pixels from a previous screen would show after I have pressed an option. Moving the mouse cleared the pixels, The problem got more and more irritating so I decided to upgrade my phone software by connecting to the computer.

Instead of this solving the problem it has kept the screen permanently white in a state where I cannot even receive calls! Can anyone help me? I was given the Bald as a gift from my Gran Mother in February which was still sealed in the box. She had been traveling all over the world prier to returning back to South Africa. We have gone through all her possessions and have not found the invoice or any paper work for the phone.

My Gran Mother has passed away in the mean time and cant get any other information. I know there is a 2 year warranty on the phone. I took the phone to BlackBerry Customer service in Midrand Vodaworld they told me that the phone needed to be replaced. When my phone was scanned in they told me that they now could do nothing for me and did not want to help me in any way at all. Whom could I contact in SA to have the blackberry fixed. I received the Phone as a gift with a Vodacom card in the phone. The IMEI of the phone is , Please could someone contact Myself on the above number and inform me where I could have this phone seen to and sorted out.

My experience with Rogers Telephone Service today in regards to my blackberry So I go to a rogers store at st. So i call the number, After trying several times to navigate through their automated voice options i finally speak to an operator she helps me out by telling me the following: I own a blackberry and I'm constantly facing problems with this phone.

The phone keeps rebooting automatically. I have always been part of the blackberry family but I'm not happy at all with the quality of service provided by blackberry and this is not attracting me to continue using a blackberry. I would really appreciate if blackberry can offer good service to people suffering with their bb electronic items. It has decided to wrap the sides with aluminium, while the back is a diamond-bevelled soft touch plastic.

It has separate light-up soft keys and, obviously, relatively little of the front is taken up by the display compared to the likes of an iPhone or a Galaxy device. If you play back a That said, the BlackBerry Key2 is still perfectly happy to play video on Facebook and Instagram, and casual games played in portrait aspect play just fine. And all that in Android, mind you. Talking about the keyboard — the BlackBerry Key2 has a fingerprint scanner built right into the spacebar, and the keys are all touch-sensitive, which kinda makes the display real-estate that it loses more usable.

The keyboard can be used as a trackpad, and allows you to scroll up and down menus and articles with a light brush across the top of the keys. It is the BlackBerry Hub software that might prove useful for these obsessive get-stuff-done types. Flick from the side of the screen and a neat display of tabs for your calendar, emails and daily tasks appear.

The BlackBerry Key2 also has a built-in speaker that is surprisingly solid — just about loud enough, and not harsh at max volume. The back of the Key2 is fitted with two 12MP camera sensors, one a standard, the other a 2x zoom. Image quality of the zoom camera is a lot worse than its neighbour. They may have the same resolution, but the sensors and lenses are totally different.

That said, in good lighting the Key2 does take some great shots. The BlackBerry Key2 can shoot video at up to 4K and at 30fps , but without any stabilisation, which you only get at up to p and 30fps. But if you want to finally sort out your e-life, its might just be the device for you.

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