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  1. AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications
  2. Installation of AIX 6.1
  3. Base system
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Sign In. September 26, AIX 6. The installation is like a normal AIX installation. You boot via sms to the DVD and start the installation. It roughly takes between hours.

AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications

Depending on what you choose to install, you might not even use the 2nd DVD. There is also the Update 1 DVD you will not need. The rest of the TLs and SPs to get it current Google ""aix 6. If the customer needs a server build document, then ask what they want installed.

Installation of AIX 6.1

On the media you will find all the packages to list for them to choose what they want. Jaco Bezuidenhout Subject: Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. September 27, Hi Friend, Thanks for the reply.

Base system

Customer didn't give any details what they want to install. On Sun, Sep 26, at 9: These are Open Source packages available for installation on AIX, you can download them from the below link, http: Once the OS installation is competed, you will be prompted to set timezone and root password. Suggest you select install additional products, with cd1 still inserted, select the CDROM as the source, look for openssl and openssh for a start. Once openssh is installed you can ssh in as usual.

How to Play DVDs in Ubuntu

Get the client to give you a list of the apps they intend to install, or provide you with the prerequsites required for their apps and install those prerequsites from the OS cd's where available. Update all using SUMA smitty suma if your system has direct internet access, or or by downloading the filesets from IBM and transfering them to your system I have applications which are not 'supported' on the latest version of xlC.

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If you manage security with sudo, install and configure all the ACL's you need for the apps people to be able to install their apps Your apps team should be able to provide you with an idea of the space usage of their apps, and a location where those apps are being installed. It also means that you can better manage and record capacity requirments for application growth as far as storage goes Skeptical Finance: John Kenneth Galbraith: Oscar Wilde: Otto Von Bismarck: George Carlin: SE quotes: Language Design and Programming Quotes: Random IT-related quotes: Somerset Maugham: Marcus Aurelius: Kurt Vonnegut: Eric Hoffer: Winston Churchill: Napoleon Bonaparte: Ambrose Bierce: Bernard Shaw: Mark Twain Quotes.

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Open Source packages for AIX

The Peter Principle: Parkinson Law: The Mythical Man-Month: How to Solve It by George Polya: The Art of Computer Programming: The Elements of Programming Style: The Jargon file: The True Believer: Programming Pearls: The Good Soldier Svejk: The Power Elite. Computer Humor Collection: BSD Logo Story: The Cuckoo's Egg: IT Slang: The Perl Purity Test: Object oriented programmers of all nations: Financial Humor: Programming Language Humor: Goldman Sachs related humor: Greenspan humor: C Humor: Scripting Humor: Real Programmers Humor: Web Humor: GPL-related Humor: OFM Humor: Politically Incorrect Humor: IDS Humor: Russian Musical Humor: Best Russian Programmer Humor: Microsoft plans to buy Catholic Church: Richard Stallman Related Humor: Admin Humor: Perl-related Humor: Linus Torvalds Related humor: PseudoScience Related Humor: Networking Humor: Shell Humor: Java Humor: Software Engineering Humor: Sun Solaris Related Humor: Education Humor: IBM Humor: Assembler-related Humor: VIM Humor: Computer Viruses Humor: Bright tomorrow is rescheduled to a day after tomorrow: Classic Computer Humor.

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