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Also — alarm volume is too low and never increases even if device is set to the max volume. When playing the alarm the volume is fine, but this is never the volume the actual alarm is played at. Alarm clock is so buggy it is not worth using. Yep, this bug has been confirmed on every HTC WP7 handset, and maybe possibly on the Focus, but not definitively confirmed.

Hopefully someone is looking into it. When off of charge though, often it will only ring two or three times and then stop, so not enough rings to get up to full volume. You can try this by using the alarm while plugged into charger. I would suggest not bothering with the alarm until the first update is pushed out early next month.

Hopefully that will make it go away. But I never did check whether it was also muted. It has only happened to me twice in two months. The first time may have been after an alarm test not sure but definitely not the most recent event. I have not touched the alarm since a couple days after posting this article, Maybe this pending February update will address the issue.

Or maybe just some crappy HTC add-on code. Not sure. Muting is very random and I think only associated with HTC devices. Do not touch phone. I had plugged it in overnight and set a reoccuring alarm during the week. Michael Howard: Glad we could help. Just trying to keep track of who has what problem. HTC 7 Mozart crashes everytime I dismiss alarm in morning, very frustrating start to the day… Happens charging or not. Great phone but my old Nokia had better functionality!

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the pain. At least for me, if you plug the phone into a charger, the alarm will work reliably. Maybe not a long term solution but with any luck this will be addressed with the February update.

The Windows Phone Alarm Bug

So not certain that HTC believes this is a real issue. Hope they do though. And if this problem is tangled in whatever HTC added to their phones, they may need to do the untangling. But first they need to identify and admit the problem exists. After the alarm gives up, audio is dead and one has to restart the device.

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I just got the Windows 7 Phone on the HTC Mozart and I set three seperate alarms in the morning, I cant get up for the first but its my warning alarm letting me know I have 30 minutes of sweet sleep left… WELL every 3rd day or so the first one goes off and then… thats it, I wake up hours later and run like made to get ready for work! The prompt is on screen allowing me to dismiss or snooze, but I cannot hear the alarm. DavidK originally reported the problem here. Based on the feedback from readers, this alarm bug […].

Hi Mozart. I use the Mozart phone and I too have lots of trouble. People can not hear me if I let the alarm run until it self quiets. It was real frustrating at first until I realised the problem was with the alarm. I also experience silence also and the occasional lock up. The update that I just recieved did not fix the problem. How can such a simple app have such a huge bug? Adam — I know, not what you want to hear, but all my alarm troubles went away after I factory reset my phone three weeks ago.

I have had an alarm to wake me up every morning the past two weeks, on and off the charger, with no issues. Got my fingers crossed on that one. Almost like the original install was messed up somehow. So no promises, but if the alarm problem really bothers you, a hard reset may do the trick. Just have a good plan before you start and you will be up and running in no time. Every morning almost. The phone this morning, for example, appeared to function fine, but calls that came in caused no change on the screen, and the phone vibrated very briefly.

I slept through the alarm. I have to restart the phone, and then the call list shows all my missed calls, text messages, etc. I did not notice it until perhaps february, which is when the first OS update dropped. Still same problems every day with callers not hearing me and the alarm bug, and a new one where the phone works but plays no sound. Have you tried a hard reset. I reset for other reasons but the side benefit was all the alarm, muting and sound problems going away, at least for me. Resetting is never fun but the results are worth it.

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I hit snooze on a recurring alarm an it sometimes does not come back on 2. I hit snooze on a once off alarm and it goes of several times with about a second in between. After months of trying to find reproducible steps i suspected it was cause by my time automatically syncing.

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I disable the automatic sync and deleted and recreated my alarms. For a month i did not have the issue but i also lost 10mins in time. Then, once I hit snooze on either one or both, it never rings again. It used to work, but it has done so less and less frequently lately. This is actually my second hd7, because I dropped my first one in the Mediterranean this summer, and both phones had the same problem. Damn it! It happenned to me this morning… Samsung Omnia 7 with Mango, plugged in with recurring alarm.

After I first purchased the phone i had it on charge and it would turn off at night, it will not come back on unless I take the battery out and restart the phone. This happened quite often, when i spoke to HTC online they said to try and use anoter socket to plug in the charger. Now my problem seems to be with the snooze button.

I have set my alarm for 6. Over the past week the snooze lasts 6 minutes 1st time, then the next one lasted 15 minutes today. I woke up in between obviously in a panic as I was late for work, but i took my phone with me and the next snooze didnt work at all, the alarm has still not gone off. My HTC Trophy did not wake me this morning, it was on the charger, now the people block is moved to the top left leaving a blank area on the screen. Pulled the battery and repowered but did not fix. Off to Verizon to see what they can do. I had a Droid that worked way better and has better apps but this is a company provided POS that I have to use….

I just got a Samsung Focus Flash. On Sunday I set two weekday alarms — one for 8am and another for 8: Wednesday morning I hit snooze and the alarm never went off again after that.

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  4. I was an hour late for work. Thursday morning the phone vibrated instead of playing a sound. I tried to change to another sound and the phone would not play any sounds at all. I powered the phone off and back on and could once again play sounds.

    Lumia 800 alarm clock not working

    There are two tiny screws underneath, near where the chain fastens. The battery is attached with double sided tape. I use these cameras all the time on my bike and on model helicopters. Considering what it is and the price you pay you get excellent quality.

    Nokia Lumia How to Set Up an Alarm Clock - ITJungles

    I seem to have to dismiss or snooze the default Alarm multiple times to get rid of it. The really annoying thing is the repeat request is not immediate, sometimes you can wait up to three seconds before it asks again. I had a samsung focus for 2 years and it always had sporadic alarm problems. I set multiple alarms usually two sets of 3 or 4 at 10 minute intervals. If they are off it means they went off and i dismissed them After doing that my phone will sometimes ring a random alarm at some weird time like 1: I found no way to fix the problem the entire time I had the phone.

    The firmware version in Battery is ok, sound quality is horrible, but my real problem is the alarm clock - it just doesn't work! I rely on my phone to wake me up for work and it doesn't do the job. I've tried renaming the alarm, setting it to repeat on couple of days or just one time and it doesn't go off. The alarm worked perfectly on my HTC HD7 the sound quality was also great on this device , but since I've switched to lumia I have to put up with more and more problems: Did this solve your problem?

    Yes No. The above applies to any Windows Phone out there. I used to have an LG Optimus too and I can't remember being allowed to set the volume for built-in alarms. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Changing volume of alarm on Nokia Lumia Ask Question. From Windows Phone Help: Crono Crono 1 8.