How far can you run an analog phone line


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  4. How far can a telephone cable be routed before data loss/disconnection occurs?

Someone's got to sell something relevant, it's not like interference is uncommon. Even rewiring your phone line to run over STP?

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You can put your modems way out of harms way and run the data cable all over dunno what the length limit is on that either though. I use the same converters at home just for cable tidiness I would think occasional problems with the serial link can be corrected pretty easily, while problems with the phone line generally cause the modem to just give up and go home. I don't think phone line length is too much of an issue. Older homes usually have all the phone jacks wired with only ONE twisted pair to connect every jack in the house.

No patch panels or anything I think in my house, we had easily ' of wire inside the walls. Oh, and spend the few extra bucks for some reasonable quality phone line. Sure there may be s of feet already in the walls, but if you're making it longer, why make it crappily longer?

That's true. I'm about to go to Radio Shack, do you have any suggestions for a retailer, or how to tell better quality phone line from lower quality? I got "Modular Line Cord" from Ratshack, and it seems to work pretty well in that i haven't been disconnected in the first 5 minutes: P Working in this room is so much easier.

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Thanks to everyone who responded. Back in the late 80's when I still lived at home , I had a phone line that ran from the living room jack, out the back window, over the roof, and back into my bedroom window where it plugged into my baud modem. That was easily feet with over feet exposed to the weather. This was just a typical indoor phone extension line. Even in the rain, I never dropped connection. Of course, in the winter when the roof was covered in snow and ice, sometimes I could only connect at baud.

I would say that, indoors, you could easily add a couple hundred feet without much signal loss. Flat cable is great as a cheap antennae for your FM radio, so you'll get more interference induced into it. Originally posted by continuum: Mine wasn't quite this bad.

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All the downstairs phone lines came from one point. Only the upstairs had one jack wired behind the other.

Max extension distance-phone/dsl and ethernet - Community Forums

Still, it was a horrible mess because three old solid-core heavy gauge cables were wired into the terminals of ONE jack! May Learn how and when to remove this template message. US Government Printing Office. Retrieved Basic user-network interface - Layer 1 specification". International Telecommunication Union. Telecom Teracom Training Institute.

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How far can a telephone cable be routed before data loss/disconnection occurs?

Thread Tools. I have an outbuilding that I'd like to extend phone service to. What is the maximum distance I could run phone line and expect the phone to work? Same for the dsl, which is the same wire line. What would the limitation be if I were to run ethernet cable from my router instead of using the dsl line.

Would still need phone service. Thanks for any help. View Public Profile. Find all posts by Gratefulgary. Maximum distance on the telephone is probably several miles.

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The DSL is going to depend on how far you are from the telephone company "central office" as DSL IS dicey after about 10, it may be 20, feet if I remember correctly. Down side is that you need a modem between the telephone connection and the computer and DSL is generally limited to only one modem. Ethernet is generally limited to meters which is about feet.