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This drill will teach your players how to use different cuts off an off-ball screen and to practice scoring off those cuts. Two Lines - If you have a lot of players, instead of running one line in the middle of the floor you can create two lines at the top of the key. This means each group sticks to their own side of the floor and runs off the same screen every time. Competitive - If you want to make it competitive you can make it a game by setting a target number of makes and the first player to reach that number wins. Players each have a partner and line up about 10 feet apart facing each other.

They then shoot the ball to each other using correct technique so that their partner can catch it without moving. This drill should be used almost every training at a young age until each player has mastered basic shooting technique.

20 Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights-Out Shooting

Shoot with One Hand - Can run this drill using one hand only to shoot the ball. Players will split up into groups and compete against each other. The coach picks three different spots on the floor that each group must make 10 shots from and then to finish the game the group must make one long-range shot as the game-winner. Equalling 31 made shots.


A fun, competitive shooting drill that works on shots from different spots on the court including a long-range game-winner. Shooting Spots - You can pick any three spots on the floor for players to shoot from, including: Long Distance Shot - The long distance shot is a great part of this drill because the players love it and it gives all groups a chance to catch up and win. If you have younger players you can make the three spots closer to the basket and then finish with a three-point game-winning shot or a halfcourt shot for older age groups.

Two lines of players on the baseline at each end of the court. The offensive player starts with an advantage and sprints the court and must lay the ball up while under pressure from the defensive player. To allow players to practice layups at full speed while under pressure from a defender. This drill also works on chase-down defense. Players are in groups of 3 or 4. The drill involves each player passing the ball to a shooter, sprinting the floor, receiving a pass for the shot, and then rebounding their own shot to pass to the next person.

Great drill to improve conditioning in all players. Everyone has a basketball - This means that players will be full court speed dribbling into a shot instead of receiving a pass. The change over occurs when the player has taken a shot and got their rebound. Then the next player sprints down the other end. Type of shot - You can run this drill using any of the following shots: The ball starts under the basket.

On every trip down the floor there will be two passes and a layup. The first two passers must switch sides of the floor and then take a jump shot from either the high post or three-point line receiving the ball from the players on the sideline. The player that performs the layup then initiates the next trip down the floor with the two players that passed the ball to the shooters. A great drill for players to practice passing the ball ahead of them to a teammate running at full speed. It involves lots of shots at game speed and is great for basketball conditioning since the players must use quick bursts to sprint up and down the floor.

Passing Line Change - Instead of the passing lines beginning on the extended free-throw line on each side of the court, each can start on the closest baseline between the middle and the side of the court. Players take sets of 10 shots each. One person rebounds while the other shoots, back-pedals to half way and spots up again for the shot.

Then they swap over. The drill works on shooting while fatigued, allows your players to get up a lot of shots, and lets them work on their complete scoring game by shooting from all areas of the floor. Mid-range shots.

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Three-point shots. Sideline - Players can backpedal to the sideline instead of the halfway line. This is perfect if you have three groups on each basket and they can rotate. All players grab a basketball and line up behind the same cone. Each player takes four different shots from 5 different cones. The core four shots are two layups and two jump shots.

A great drill for practicing a variety of shots from all over the floor. Add Different Shots - The four I mentioned at the start are the staples we use every time in this drill. Players will attack gaps in the defense with two hard dribbles before passing the ball out to the open shooter.

This happens twice around the key before finally kicking the ball out for the open corner three-pointer. This drill teaches your players how to explode off the dribble and attack gaps in the defense, forcing defenders to help, before passing it out to a teammate for an open shot. To keep the drill fun and competitive, the last player takes a shot from the corner.

Time - Vary the amount of time you run this drill depending on the age of your players. Change Direction - Make sure you change the direction up half-way so that players are practicing to be confident driving with either hand. One Hand or Two Hand Passing - While I believe young youth players should certainly master the two-handed pass first, as players get older they must get used to passing with one hand off the dribble. Practice Shot Fakes and Jabs - This is also a great drill to teach shot fakes and jabs before being explosive with correct footwork.

Each time a player receives the ball get them to make a fake before driving. Players begin the drill in three lines across the free-throw line on one basket.

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  • They must shoot, rebound their shot, pass it back to the same line, and then run a certain distance of the floor before returning to any of the lines. The team attempts to make a certain number of shots against a time limit. Time - I usually run this drill for three minutes but you can change the length depending on the level and age of your players. Running Distance - Depending on the amount of players and the amount of space you have, you can vary the distance that players run between these four options: No running. Join the end of the line after shot. Run to half court.

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    Run to opposite free throw line. Run full court. Shooting Distance - If you have older players that utilise the three point shot, you can run the Titan Shooting drill from the three point line. Competition - Instead of setting a target number for your whole squad, you can split the squad into two different teams and run the Titan Shooting drill at opposite ends of the floor against each other. The drill consists of two basketballs and players shooting from different spots on the floor. Each time a player will pass to a shooter and then perform a half-circle around the back of the shooter before receiving the pass from the opposite line.

    Each player rebounds their own shot and passes the ball back to the line they received the pass from. This is a great warm-up and shooting drill especially for youth basketball. You can incorporate shots from the wing, post ups, 1-dribble pull-ups, etc. Be creative. Each group will be competing against each other to be the first group to reach 31 points.

    The players will each take three shots - one from the 3-point line, one from outside the key, and one inside the key - and have the potential to score 6 points before passing to the next player in the group. To work on shooting from all different spots on the basketball court while under pressure and at game speed. Youth Players - Instead of shooting from the three-point line, have each group start on the elbow. This means the first shot is from the elbow worth 3 points , the second shot is from outside the key worth 2 points , and the third shot is from inside the key worth 1 point.

    Different Target Amount of Points - Instead of playing to 31, you can play till 11, 21, or even The team will get bored. Both have two basketballs in each line. One line of players on the lower end of each wing. How the Drill Works: At the same time, the wing player should be making cut towards the baseline. Making sure to change speeds, the wing player explodes up towards the wing and receives the hand-off and performs a certain shot. The person that hands off the basketball joins the end of the wing line. The shooter rebounds their basketball and then joins the line at the top of the key on the opposite side from the one they shot from.

    The drill is run for about 5 minutes. Drill 2 - 23 Cones Shooting Drill. Split your group up into two teams. One basketball per team. The player only gets one attempt. If they miss, they get nothing and return to their group. If they make it, they get to collect a cone for their group. Scoring System: Allows players to practice shooting open jump shots while under mental pressure. Can be as many players as you like. One with the first person in each of the lines. If they make the shot they move to the next line, if they miss they join the same line to try again.

    This process continues until a player has made a total of eight shots. Each player counts their own amount of makes until they reach eight made shots make two shots from each elbow. You can decide whether to stop after there is a winner or keep playing until everyone is finished depending on the amount of time you have.

    Split the team up into no more than 4 groups 3 works best. Best run with 3 or 4 players in each group. Each group has one basketball. Spread the groups out evenly along the baseline. On the coaches call, the first player with the ball sprints to the other end of the court with the basketball before pulling up from either behind the three-point line or from mid-range. Upon shooting, the player rebounds their own shot and sprints to the other end before pulling up and shooting again.

    They then rebound their own shot and pass it to the next person in line. The next person cannot move from the start until they receive the basketball. The next player repeats. Group Scoring - Each group keep their own score for a certain amount of time. Players will either shoot a three-point shot or a mid-range shot. Every player must have a basketball. Three lines a couple of metres out from the three-point line.

    Similar number of players in each line. Form Instructions: Players bounce the ball at the same time that they step with the dominant shooting foot right foot for right handers and left foot for left handers. NBA agents had no respect, trust for Demps 1: Pels want new GM to lead AD decision 2: Anthony Davis saga taking a toll on Pelicans 1: Jackson jackhammers swift dunk 0: AD leaves arena midgame nursing arm 0: Davis done at halftime 0: Davis, Randle spike dunks on back-to-back possessions 0: Pelicans ready for Cancun after Davis' trade request 0: Davis struggles in Pelicans' loss 0: AD protects the rim, swats ball into the stands 0: McGrady loves Lasry's comments recruiting Davis, despite fine 0: Offense Defense.

    Points Per Game.

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