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  1. 2. Expensify
  2. 8 Free And Best Android Money Manager App List To Manage Finances In
  3. I Tried 12 Free Apps To Find The Best Expense Tracker App For You
  4. 8 Free And Best Android Money Manager App List To Manage Finances In 2018

Very user-friendly and useful for group expenses.

2. Expensify

Not even just how much but it also tells whom you have to pay. Its worth trying. Most common issue of such app is complex UI design and useless features. I personally recommended http: Fantastic apps for expense tracking and management. Also the personal expense management could also be taken care of by this wonderful tool. You can have a look at keepek. We have developed and android app that can digitize your receipts.

Just snap a picture of your receipts and it will extract all key information.

8 Free And Best Android Money Manager App List To Manage Finances In

You can also put your receipts in reports and send them to your client or manager. You would love to use https: Its one of the best expense manager app for managing your daily income and expenses. I can suggest also another, in my opinion, awesome expense and management app: Expense IQ http: Skip to content.

Stay on Budget

AndroMoney is one of the most popular and successful expense trackers on Google Play. The app offers cross-platform support for the web and iOS as well. Some of the features include multiple accounts, support for account balances and transfers, budgeting functions, support for multiple currencies, and backing up to Excel if needed. The design is surprisingly clean and the analytics are laid out in a logical and easy-to-read manner.

We also love that this is a free app. There are ads, but it's hard to maintain a budget when you're spending a hundred dollars a year on a subscription option. In any case, there isn't a whole lot wrong with this app. It seems to work quite well. Financial Calculators Price: Financial Calculators is a vital tool when figuring out your budget for the future. The app is essentially a collection of calculators that can help you figure out various things. For instance, it has a loan calculator so you can see what your payments and interest will be like.

This app has around three or four dozen calculators in total that range from home buying to fixed vs adjustable rate and even a return-on-investment calculator. It won't manage your money, but it'll help you make fewer bad decisions on upcoming purchases. It's one of the must-have budget apps. Goodbudget Price: Goodbudget is a fairly popular app for budgeting. It features cross-platform support so you can check it out on Android, the web, or iOS if you want to.

Everything syncs between those platforms. Additionally, you'll get expense tracking, income tracking, and some other decent budgeting tools. It uses Material Design and it looks lovely. It's one of the more simple budget apps.

I Tried 12 Free Apps To Find The Best Expense Tracker App For You

Some of the main features are free. The rest require a subscription. Google Sheets and similar apps Price: Short of getting a piece of paper and writing it down, using a spreadsheet is about as old school as it gets. Google Sheets and similar apps work very well as budget apps.

Simply fill in the cells with your income, expenses, and other data. You can then see what you make and spend every month. Google Sheets is completely free so we'll recommend that one. However, pretty much any office app with spreadsheets or spreadsheet app will do the trick.

It's old school, but it's also much simpler. It's a good option for those who are highly security conscious. Mint Price: Mint is actually a replacement for an older app called Mint Bills. Both are developed by Intuit, the same company that does TurboTax. This one has a lot of features.

8 Free And Best Android Money Manager App List To Manage Finances In 2018

You can see everything in one place, manage your bills and money, and even pay your bills if you want to. It will also provide your credit score, remind you of upcoming bill payments, multi-factor authentication for security , and a web app that you can use. Some are lamenting the death of Mint Bill. It received a lot of one-star reviews as a result.

However, it seems to have rebounded.

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Related app lists here! Spoiler alert: This app allows you to make really detailed entries for your transactions. It also inputs time and location for each expense. The banner on top of the main page makes it useful for keeping track of the remaining budget you have for the day and month. I tried it out with a few of my receipts but the app failed to read any of them.

Wally has a new iteration of their expense tracker app called Wally N, and that integrates multiple accounts and other features. The interface for this app is not the most intuitive, though the app does have a lot of useful functions, such as a budget tracker and a graph for charting your cash flow.

You can keep track of multiple bank accounts and account types, you can sync your account with your email, and most importantly you can keep track of your bills so you can always pay them on time.

It may be worth it for the bill-tracker though. You can group your expenses under different Reports or Trips, if you travel for business purposes. There is a web version of this app for easy computer access. The most unique feature of this expense tracker app is SmartScan, which reads your receipts for all the details of an expense.

The SmartScan does pick up all the details accurately, but it takes a good 5 minutes to do so. Manual input would take less time, but if you like the idea of not having to type each and every expense into the app, this function is for you. I had to include this one because it was too cute.

The pop-up ads, because they take away from the user experience and are frankly pretty annoying. Perhaps leaving the apps at the bottom would be better if ads are a must. You can, however, get a pie chart overview of your monthly expenses.

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I like the layout of the main page for this app. It has all your recent spendings, your total expenses and the remaining amount of money to spend all in one place. This one actually comes in at a close second for my favourite app. Also, the Monny bunny is adorable. This expense tracker app allows you to connect to your bank account so you can transfer small amounts of money to your savings account on a frequent basis, ie. This works on a similar theory as that of saving up your loose change in a pig bank — all those small amounts of money will add up eventually to a significant portion of savings.

Buxfer automatically syncs data from your bank account to keep track of your money. The dashboard shows you your net worth, total income and total expenses at a glance. This app classifies expenses using tags instead of fixed categories, which can be helpful when your expenses belong to more than one category. You can get a forecast of your spending and savings for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, or year.