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Share Flipboard Email. Updated February 06, Key Takeaways: Gay-Lussac's Law Chemistry Problems Gay-Lussac's law is a form of the ideal gas law in which gas volume is kept constant.

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When volume is held constant, pressure of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature. The reason the law works is that temperature is a measure of average kinetic energy, so as the kinetic energy increases, more particle collisions occur and pressure increases. If temperature decreases, there is less kinetic energy, fewer collisions, and lower pressure.

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Insert the numbers into the equation to get: Subtract to get the answer in Celsius. The volume and quantity of gas are held constant. If the temperature of the gas increases, pressure increases. If temperature decreases, pressure decreases.

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Jul 5, See below for some applications. Some real-life applications of the law are: Related questions How does Boyle's law relate to breathing?

Gay-Lussac's Law Definition

And what would happen to n How do you find the moles of a substance or the molecular formula with gas laws? What is Avogadro's Law?

If you have 21 moles of gas held at a pressure of 78 ATM and a temperature of k, what is the If 57 moles of gas is held at a pressure of 5 atmospheres at a temperature of Kelvin what If gas occupies If the gas is compressed to What is the mass of a gas that occupies