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No clue what the English word is. The purpose of the 0 is to dial into an external network non-local, other network as explained in German here. At least that's how it used to be. Normally you'd write out a number as or if it's a 5 digit prefix , but it doesn't really make a difference because you always need the prefix. I always do that. Actually I just do that with all numbers that I have saved to my cellphone. Because once you leave the country, it would render your phone book pretty much useless if you don't.

As long as you are in Germany if doesn't make a difference how you have the number put in your phone. I was pretty amazed when I realized it did that. Yeah, it's easy to forget about the country code thing when you're abroad, especially when sending a text message. German landline area codes are distributed by geography and originally had a relation to the earlier 4-digit postal code system:. Because of the telephone technology used the numbering system permits variable length area codes and numbers unlike USA and potentially but not practically unlimited expansion.

It's a common misconception that a bracketed "0" is included in an international phone number e.

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From July all new numbers issued in Germany, will have exactly 11 digits including area code, excluding the preceding "0", despite existing numbers having in many cases more up to 15 or less. As noted previously it's no longer so easy to determine a mobile provider from the mobile number area code.

Find a Phone Number in Germany, Germany telephone code, German telephone directory

If you need to find out which network a mobile phone is based in then mobile-status. This made me love Portuguese 9 digit system even more both on landlines and mobiles. No matter what number it is, it's always composed of 9 digits, area code or mobile company code included. Posted 17 Apr I just want to thank whoever thought up this thread and those who responded. I have some better understanding now, but it will never be as easy as in some other countries. Also bear in mind that some X and X mobile numbers then go on to have 8-digit and not 7-digit call numbers. These seem to be part of the O2 network.

Posted 18 Apr The landline numbers are NOT connected to postal codes, not even to the old 4-digit ones. The system though is similar, but is layed out in a circle instead of north to south. There are no area codes beginning with 0 1, these codes are reserved for special telephone services like emergency calls to police and fire departments 0 and 0 , but also things like tele-votung stuff or information services. Mobile phone numbers are also included here. The first available mobile phones A-Netz could only call out but could not be reached.

Germany Phone Number Lookup:

This changed with the change to B-Netz in the late 60s, but you had to know where the mobile phone was located and dial the appropriate area code All C-Netz mobile phones had the "area" code Monopolist carrier was the German Federal Postal Service. This changed with the switch to digital cellphone networks: German Telekom D1 with 0 , and Vodafone D2 with 0 Parallelly, there was a second digital frequency called the E-Netz, with the main carriers E-Plus and Viag now O2 , with 0 and respectively.

As the C-netz network was switched off a few years ago, and cell phones became ubiquituous when I was a kid, a C-Netz telephone cost more than an average car Posted 19 Apr Just some minor nitpicking: Actually , has been reissued.. Posted 20 Apr But I think this doesn't really matter, in times of mobile number portability this info is more or less useless anyway.

Posted 22 Apr Some mobile phone providers offered to keep your old number when changing to them. The first digits do NOT always represent the real provider. There are some numbers where you can check to which provider a number belongs, but every cellular network has it's own number for this service and will only be free of charge when called from that network.

Posted 23 Apr In post 2 as well my post , but the tip that you can check which service provider it is is a good one. What you can also do it is is a friend of yours, simply ask them which provider they're with and make a mental note of it.

Trace Mobile number, Like Country and Telecom Operator Of Germany.

Even that's a bit risky. Not everyone has direct contracts with a network - many use indirect service providers, some of whom sell the services of more than one network. I've change networks twice in the past 5 years, but have kept the same service provider and the same number.

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If anyone had asked me 5 years ago for my network it would have change twice since then despite my number not changing at all. Posted 11 Nov You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Life in Germany. Forums Latest activity Online users More More. Understanding German phone numbers Started by a.

Would someone explain the meaning behind the ways that phone numbers are formatted in Germany? Is there any way to find a mobile number in Cologne Germany if I have their name and street address?

People are very privacy minded in Germany a surprising number of houses are blurred out in Google Streetview , and I have not been able to confirm whether the directories above include mobile numbers or not. Note that mobile numbers in Germany are not connected with geographical areas, so a number owned by someone in Cologne has no particular code identifying it.

Sorry not to have been of more help! I am looking for a person that I met several years ago. He had lived in Dresden later moved to Berlin and last contact was moving back to Dresden would like his email or phone contact or a way to contact both of them Lars and Kirstin Niederwerfer. Interestingly, Das Telefonbuch https: I see Google Maps has no such trouble: Is it possible to know the area in Germany by the mobile number. Afraid not. A mobile number is mobile, and not tied to any geographic location. Pls pls can I have someone help me find the telephone number of the Heartbreak Hotel in Berlin located on Torstrasse.

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Germany Phone Numbers

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