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  1. Vlingo can even send emails for you
  2. How to Use Voice Control on iPhone and iPod touch
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I create notes that contain contact info and use the smartwatch app to view. This is really useful as often I can't pull out my phone. Five stars! This is the only app I've seen that can retrieve responses from Alexa to my smartwatch very cool! That's why this app is 5 stars. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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Description Custom Voice Commands is your personal virtual assistant! Jul 16, Version 1.

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  • Siri is the basis for Apple's voice command overhaul;
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  • Information Seller Treycent, Inc. Definitely check this one out to make a dinner reservation, or just to get a taste of what's next from Apple. Using Vlingo, you can not only dictate text, but you can also say commands for what to do with that text. For example, "Facebook update needs coffee right now" will update your Facebook status with "needs coffee right now. The interface is pretty simple and the app also includes web search. Unless you have a device with a front facing camera, you've definitely struggled with trying to take self portraits.

    Vlingo can even send emails for you

    Apple forces you to tap the small shutter button on the screen, which can be close to impossible if the device is flipped around. Voice Camera Pro changes all that with commands like "shoot," "double" to take two consecutive photos , "share" to email a picture, and more.

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    Try setting your device down on a table and say "shoot" from a few feet away. This app could really come in handy. Dragon Dictation is an incredibly reliable and accurate dictation tool that enables you to speak messages instead of typing them. Siri has since replaced those features.

    How to Use Voice Control on iPhone and iPod touch

    If you have an older version of the iOS and don't want to or can't use Siri, this article can help. If you want to know more about Siri, check out What is Siri? How Can Siri Help Me? On modern iPhones and iPod touches, Siri is enabled by default and can't be turned off. But you can turn on Voice Control by following these steps:. With this setting enabled, Siri is disabled and Voice Control is your only option.

    You have two options for how to activate it:. You don't need to ask those questions in that exact language, either. Voice Control is flexible, so it can also respond to questions like, "What's playing? Just as with the questions, try different versions of these commands.

    Voice Control understands many of them. While Voice Control is a fun feature, it leaves some things to be desired when controlling Music app. The experience is marred by the speech recognition not working as well as it might. If you become frustrated by it and really want to speak your music commands, Siri may be your better option.

    Voice Control - Apple iPhone 4

    If your iPhone is in your pocket or purse or you're driving and want to keep your eyes on the road while making a call, you can do so without the help of Siri. Using Voice Control to call someone in your address book is very simple. Just say "call person's name. If it picks the wrong person, simply tap the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen to end the call. If the person you're trying to call has multiple numbers listed in your address book, simply say the number you want called, too. For instance, "Call mom mobile" would dial your mother's cell, while "Call mom home" would call her at her house.

    If someone has multiple numbers and you forget to specify what number to call, Voice Control will say "multiple matches found" and list them.

    ‎Custom Voice Commands on the App Store

    If Voice Control isn't sure what name you said, it will often offer the "multiple matches found" option and then speak them to you. You don't have to have a number listed in your address book in order to call it using Voice Control. You can combine numbers, too.