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Our application to learn French allows you, less than 10 minutes a day , to memorize the vocabulary and the most useful sentences.

Concentrate on the essential: And our grammar lessons help you learn the rules you need to speak French. With MosaLingua, French becomes accessible, and learning, child's play. Get started now: Brilliant app Timed repetition is great and the way of learning is ideal for anyone who hates learning verb tables rote!! Recommended by The Huffington Post.

Alphabet tracing

Easy, funny, an app that one can use at any time, just a few minutes per day, and that will make one learn languages and improve the vocabulary. Excellent learning tool! If there ever was an app worthy of 5 stars it is this one. MosaLingua offers a method that differs from other applications It's both fun AND effective! Il venait. Comme Toi Practice your singing and increase your score.

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Challenge your friends in becoming the next karaoke champion. All you need is a microphone, built in or connected to your computer. Karaoke Party: Ou vous voulez jouer contre des amis en ligne? L'adresse du site: C'est parti!

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Prestige Interlanguage | Ecole de langues sur Orléans et son agglomération

Voici des exemples de recherche: Qu'est-ce que vous nous conseillez: Bescherelle, Le dictionnaire des synonymes. Ne cherchez plus vos mots, utilisez Bescherelle Synonymes: La Ferme. Alphabet cursif. Frenchie Teachie ABCs Free - Learn the name of all the letters of the french alphabet, the name of the 30 of the most used numbers and the major colors.

Apprendre le français en France

Learn French - Mindsnacks. MindSnacks features six exciting games designed to build essential vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and conversation skills. Learn French with Busuu. Free - Extensive vocabulary: Free - Gamification-style learning through progressive stages. Intriguing app with good concepts. Qui suis-je? Fruits et animaux Free - Qui suis-je? Review verb tenses with video and sound. Engaging, but not deep learning. Le Conjugueur. JeuneAfrique Free - Jeuneafrique.

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Free — Watch the French news channel live. BFM TV. Free- Discover and learn specific vocabulary used in televised news reports.