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Windows Phone 8.1 for Developers – What controls are new

This example shows clearing the PhoneTextBox when the user clicks the cancel icon. This is a common usability improvement over the standard TextBox. The PhoneTextBox also supports the ability to show the user how many characters she has typed.

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As the user types in the control, it can show the number of characters as well as the maximum number of characters that will be allowed , as shown in Figure The length indicator is supported by setting the LengthIndicatorVisible attribute to True. The LengthIndicatorThreshold attribute is also used to indicate how many characters have to be shown before the indicator is shown. This enables you to not show the indicator until the user is approaching the maximum number of characters.

Windows® Phone 8 Unleashed by Daniel Vaughan

Finally, the DisplayedMaxLength attribute is used to indicate the maximum number in the indicator. You can see the XAML where these are specified here:.

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Lastly, you can also indicate that the control should support pressing the Return key to expand the text box to include multiple lines of text. When the user uses this functionality, pressing Enter on the keyboard or the SIP will expand the PhoneTextBox to include the multiple lines see Figure You specify this by using the AcceptsReturn attribute as shown here:. Home page. HOW TO. Application Server. Windows Phone 8: PerformanceProgressBar Control The built-in ProgressBar control has some known performance problems, including the fact that it renders on the wrong thread making it appear jumpy and the fact that the animations continue even if the control is stopped.

ToggleSwitch Control Although the phone includes a CheckBox control, clicking a box to enable something is not necessarily a good touch-based metaphor. ExpanderView Control The limited size of the display on the phone means that you might want to conserve the space on the screen as much as possible. PhoneTextBox Control The built-in TextBox is useful but is missing some features that would make it more useful in some scenarios. You can simply use this control as your progress bar, instead of the built-in one, wherever you might expect to put the ProgressBar , like so: Balasubramani M Balasubramani M 2, 24 Have either one of these property, Background or the BorderBrush.

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c# - Toggle Switch color Windows Phone 8 - Stack Overflow

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Post as a guest Name. Use a toggle switch for binary operations that take effect right after the user flips the toggle switch. Think of the toggle switch as a physical power switch for a device: To make the toggle switch easy to understand, label it with one or two words, preferably nouns, that describe the functionality it controls. For example, "WiFi" or "Kitchen lights. For some actions, either a toggle switch or a check box might work. To decide which control would work better, follow these tips:.

Use a toggle switch for binary settings when changes become effective immediately after the user changes them. In this example, it's clear with the toggle switch that the kitchen lights are set to "On. Use a checkbox when the user has to perform extra steps for changes to be effective.

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For example, if the user must click a "submit" or "next" button to apply changes, use a check box. Use check boxes when the user can select multiple items that are related to a single setting or feature. These images show how the Windows UI uses toggle switches.

Here's how the Smart Storage Settings screen uses toggle switches:. Here's how to create a simple toggle switch. This XAML creates the toggle switch shown previously. The switch can be either on or off.