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New Surface Pro 6

A pull-down notifications tab also allows people to glance at connectivity options as well as actionable items, such as software updates available for download. A new home key and visual multitasking complete the experience. Like the Nokia X, the new Nokia X2 provides access to a world of Android apps and popular Microsoft services and signature Nokia experiences while allowing people to switch between their favorite apps with the Fast lane feature.

The Nokia X2 features a seamless monobody and showcases a new approach to the design of the exchangeable back covers that fuses a brightly colored core with a translucent outer layer. The overall result is a durable device that appears lit from within. The Nokia X2 will be available at launch in glossy orange, black and green, with glossy yellow, white and matte dark grey coming later to the lineup. Compelling data offer on the Nokia X2 To allow consumers to enjoy apps on Nokia X2, Microsoft Devices has tied up with Airtel to give users free unlimited download of Android Apps for six months.

The plan allows upto MB of free usage through which consumers can download their favorite apps via the Nokia Store and the 1Mobile store.

How to download and install Microsoft Office 2010 for free without product keys.

Microsoft and Nokia services for the Nokia X family As a gateway to Microsoft services, the Nokia X family is driving strong uptake of services such as Skype and OneDrive, while complementing the Lumia family of smartphones. The Nokia X2 will debut with Outlook. New-to-the-lineup services including OneNote and Yammer are also available to download free from the Nokia Store. OneNote allows people to create notes and save them to the cloud through OneDrive, while Yammer makes collaborating with people online as easy as posting to a social network.

The option to automatically backup the camera roll to OneDrive takes full advantage of 15GB of free cloud storage now available through the service, for safe guarding photos, videos, documents and more. The Nokia X2 will be available as a dual-SIM device and will be available in the Indian market starting today at a best buy price of Rs. Suggested retail price before local taxes and subsidies.

Carrier fees may apply. They will be bundled with Windows 10 mobile devices , and available from the Windows Store for the PC version of Windows Smaller tablets and phones will have most editing features for free. They support editing only the newer Office file formats. Office Mobile also includes a file manager that can be used to browse for Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files saved on a OneDrive account.

In addition, Office Mobile can also open and edit documents saved on an Office account.

Microsoft launches Nokia X2 for Rs 8,699

Word Mobile is a word processor that allows creating and editing documents. It supports basic formatting, such as bolding, changing font size, and changing colors from red, yellow, or green. It can add comments, but can't edit documents with tracked changes. It can't open password protected documents, change the typeface, text alignment, or style normal, heading 1 ; create bulleted lists; insert pictures; or undo. It can edit and format text in cells, calculate formulas, search within the spreadsheet, sort rows and columns, freeze panes, filter the columns, add comments, and create charts.

It can't add columns or rows except at the edge of the document, rearrange columns or rows, delete rows or columns, or add spreadsheet tabs. PowerPoint Mobile is included with Windows Mobile 5. It is a presentation program capable of reading and editing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, although authoring abilities are limited to adding notes, editing text, and rearranging slides.

It can't create new presentations. In this version of PowerPoint users can create and edit new presentations, present, and share their PowerPoint documents. It features integration with Office Lens , an application that can capture whiteboards, blackboards, digital copies and documents on pieces of paper and allow users to edit them in Microsoft OneNote Mobile.

It includes features like "to-do lists" but only has a limited option for formatting and layouts and includes no additional fonts. Outlook Mobile is a personal information manager. Formerly called Acompli, it was released in April In December , it was acquired by Microsoft and renamed Outlook Mobile.

Outlook Mobile serves an email client , calendaring app , address book and file sharing app. It supports Gmail , Outlook. The app also allows the finding and joining other Outlook Groups. On January 29, , Acompli, a mobile personal information manager app and startup for iOS and Android which was acquired by Microsoft in December , was re-branded as Outlook Mobile.

A mobile version of Sway is available for iOS. Apps for Windows Phone and Android are in development.

Reception of Office Mobile for iPhone and Android in and early was mixed. Dana Wollman of Engadget felt that Office Mobile for iPhone had a "minimal feature set", better than Google Drive in some ways but "miles behind other office apps for iOS". He liked that Office Mobile was free, theoretically had better compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, and had good design, but he disliked that there weren't advanced formatting tools and that Android tablets weren't supported. Reviews of Office for iPad were positive, praising the additional features and beauty compared to other office suites on the iPad.

Derek Walter of Greenbot criticized the non-instant saving but liked the full-featuredness. In some cases, such as with PowerPoint and OneNote, there's a lot of work to be done. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

More updates for your Nokia X and X2 | Microsoft Devices Blog

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April 11, A OneNote scanner for your pocket".

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