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  1. Setting up Airport Extreme Base Station with AT&T U-verse
  2. Setting up the AT&T U-verse Residential Gateway
  3. ATT Uverse | Away Setup
  4. Prerequisites

Setting up Airport Extreme Base Station with AT&T U-verse

Wired devices connected to the third party router can connect to the internet. Thanks for all the great comments guys. This is nice to know it ur n to apple but i am not so how do u set it up for a PC! You do not want to put your router in bridge mode — this defeats most of the purpose of buying an aftermarket router.

Setting up the AT&T U-verse Residential Gateway

The correct way to do this: Now, connect to the new router. Make sure the new router is not using the This allows traffic to pass to your new router as unmolested as possible. I have Bell Fibre and it essentially is the same as uverse. I do shut off the wireless from the modem but I only hook the tv receivers to the Bell modem and I put my router in the DMZ then you hook your computers to your router and it is just like having your own router and a modem. Much better then using the crap routers supplied.

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Thanks for the interesting article. A few questions for you though as I am not a technology genius.

ATT Uverse | Away Setup

While chromecast app does not find the chromecast, I was able to cast the chrome browser once the plugin was installed in chrome. On my company provided laptop, I was able to cast after disabling firewall. I agree with Linda Evans the first screen I see does not have the tabs as described in the instructions. Got the setup screen first try but no mac address.

Second time it updated and then automatically connected to a neighbor. Buttton reset changes nothing. Doubly stymied. Oh man thank you! I failed a uverse tech support chat trying to make my new chromecast work and it works like a charm with your help!

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Now to watch World War Z. I just wanted to say thanks. I had already tried this once with no luck.

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Apparently that DOES make i difference. To see a picture like this was immensely frustrating: Support FanGraphs. Dave Thiel.

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At a minimum this password should 8 characters in length with 3 out of 4 of the following: Upper case letter Lower case letter Number Special Character. There is a password that we will need to complete the setup. Open a web browser and enter http: This screen is where we create the ports we will forward. Application Profile Name: This is just a friendly name so you can identify your application.