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  1. Migrate to Android Studio
  2. GitHub - kennytm/aar-to-eclipse: Convert *.aar to Android library project for Eclipse ADT
  3. Android Studio basics

ZIP file:. ZIP file is then added to Xamarin. Android Java Binding project, as shown in the following screenshot:.

Migrate to Android Studio

Notice that the Build Action of the. If there are any. An example of this can be seen in the screenshot below:. Once these steps are complete, the Xamarin. Android Java Binding project can be used as described earlier on in this document.

Link Your JAR File to Eclipse

Compiling the Android library projects in other IDEs is not supported at this time. Other IDEs may not create the same directory structure or files in the bin folder as Eclipse. In this article, we walked through the process of binding an Android library project. We built the Android library project in Eclipse, then we created a zip file from the bin and res folders of the Android library project.

GitHub - kennytm/aar-to-eclipse: Convert *.aar to Android library project for Eclipse ADT

Next, we used this zip to create a Xamarin. Our feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

Read more on our blog. Exit focus mode. In this article. Overview Although. This tutorial uses the following software -- the good news is that it's all free to download and use:. The first step is to decide which JAR file you want to add to your installation.

Android Studio basics

Find the JAR folder you unzipped earlier. Drag and drop it into the new lib folder, and when prompted select Copy files. In some instances, you need to add specific permissions before you can begin leveraging the JAR file. Make sure you read the JAR file's accompanying documentation, to ensure you have the correct permissions set.

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  • Advertiser Disclosure: Please note that in Windows you may not be able to complete this step if the controls are installed in Program Files. If this is the case you can go to the installation folder for Eclipse C: Then you will be able to create the project from the copied code. Now you should have a workspace containing everything necessary to use Telerik UI for Android. Right-click on each project and select Properties. Make sure the project is marked as library: Add the following support libraries as explained in the 'Adding libraries with resources' section of this article:.

    Fill in the required information about your application project and make sure that you select API Make sure you have imported the v7 AppCompat and v7 RecyclerView libraries and reference them if needed. For more information on which Telerik UI for Andriod modules require these libraries, take a look at the installation contents and dependencies section. Right-click the project in the Package Explorer and select Properties. Select Android and click Add and select the needed library projects from those you have already imported following the steps from the Importing the Shared Library projects into your workspace.

    Click OK. After you rebuild the solution, you will be ready to use the controls from Telerik UI for Android inside your application.