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The game has no multiplayer, and it seems like a perfect candidate for local or asynchronous play.

Likewise, while the map it offers is huge, having a selection of maps might have made this a slightly meatier package. Taking over the world is a lofty goal, be it for a player or a developer.

Tiny Token Empires: Game Review

Demanding a good deal of strategy on multiple fronts, gamers with a thirst for global conquest and a taste for fantastic gameplay owe it to themselves to pick this one up. Subscribe to GameZebo. Tiny Token Empires Review. The Good A wonderfully unique blending of empire-building and match-3 gameplay, but with a board game flair. Filled with personality, from the writing to the art.

Tiny Token Empires is a little bit Risk, a little bit Puzzle Quest, and a whole lot of fun

Turns match-3 gameplay into something far more strategic. Tiny Token Empires is a little bit Risk, a little bit Puzzle Quest, and a whole lot of fun When done right, genre mash-ups can create some incredible games.

Tiny Token Empires

Polysphere Tips, Cheats and Strategies. Arcade Puzzle. Rather, it is riddled with loads of goofy dialogs, silly banters, and tap and drag actions. The 3D maps are quite realistic, the character sketches striking, and the long scrolls that reveal information about each of the game components fun to read. Just going through the lighthearted dialogs about the army units, their history, and struggles gives you a feeling of being part of that time period.

An interesting twist to the board game involves matching padlocks in under a minute to reveal hidden treasures.

Sound the Battle Cry!

There are other ways to play Tiny Token Empires as well. Tiny Token Empires is a definite feast for the senses.

Tiny Token Empires - Demo Gameplay 1080p

I did experience some disappointments in the responsiveness of the maps, pawns, and portraits and this is definitely something the developers should look into. The limited movement points appears to cripple the game somewhat. Tiny Token Empires.

Tiny Token Empires: Game Review – AndroidPure

Each unit type you control has one specific token. Matching three or more tokens will fill the mana bar of the appropriate unit, when full, the unit can attack. The same goes for your opponent, so planning ahead and building tactics is a must. Matching four or more tokens will grant you an extra turn.

Use this to your advantage. Out of the five campaigns promised, there were only three available while I was testing this game, the Roman that also acts as a tutorial, the Greek and the Persian. The remaining two will be added with the next update of Tiny Token Empires, according to Herocraft. Apart from the campaign mode, you can test your skills in the free game mode, where you can battle up to four AI controlled opponents.

Tiny Token Empires Review

Quickbattle mode will instantly place you in battle, while the Training mode will let you customize your units before the battle. Sadly there is no multiplayer yet and this is a huge drawback since the game is perfectly viable for battles over the internet. Graphics in Tiny Token Empires, while not cutting edge, are notoriously cute providing mixture of 3D objects and 2D drawings.

The entire game is filled with funny dialogs, everything from item description to history lessons.

Sound effects are decent, but the music tracks are outstanding. Tiny Token Empires stands by its name delivering, you guessed, extra tiny tokens that are hard to touch and switch even on high resolution screens. Large portion of the screen in the battle mode is left unused, filled with some random background, narrowing the playfield even further.