Text messages coming through on ipad but not iphone


  1. Why Do Text Messages Appear on my iPhone But Not My iPad? - iAnswerGuy
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  3. I'm not getting all messages on my iPhone, but they come in on iPad and Mac

Did you know you can text on your iPad even if you don't own an iPhone? Apple's iMessage can extend your text messaging from your iPhone to your iPad, but it can also work as a standalone text messaging app for those who don't own an iPhone.

Why Do Text Messages Appear on my iPhone But Not My iPad? - iAnswerGuy

And a nice feature of iMessage is that it can be configured to use your email address, your phone number or both. You must have at least one destination checked on this screen if you have iMessage turned on. So if you want to uncheck your phone number but it is grayed out, you will need to check your email address or another phone number first. Apple recently expanded the capabilities of messages by adding the ability to send more than just text with a message.

In the Messages app , you can now tap the heart with two fingers to draw a message to a friend. This is a really cool way to express your feelings by drawing a heart or your frustration by drawing a frowny face.

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You can also tap the button with an A on it to send animated GIFs, music or other stickers you have purchased through the App Store. There's enough variety there that you should be able to express almost any emotion. If you hold down the response bubble from a friend, you will see even more options to customize your text by adding a thumbs up or a heart to their response. Share Pin Email. Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Updated November 09, First, go to the iPad's Settings by tapping the icon that looks like gears turning.

One really cool feature of the iPad is the ability to route a text message through your iPhone. This allows you to text people from your iPad even if they have an Android smartphone or a phone without any smart features at all. The iPad uses a feature called continuity to route the message through the cloud to your iPhone and then to the person you are trying to text. Even if you don't have an iPhone, there are a few ways you can send a text message to a friend using your iPad.

I'm not getting all messages on my iPhone, but they come in on iPad and Mac

But first, we'll take a look at setting up the text forwarding feature on the iPhone. First, go into your iPhone's settings. You can launch settings by using Spotlight Search on your iPhone. This screen will list all of the Apple devices you own that can use the continuity feature. Tap the button out to the side of your iPad to enable Text Message Forwarding for it. You will be prompted to type in a code on your iPad to turn on the feature.

Once you type in the code, your iPad will be able to send text messages to both iPhone users and non-iPhone users. If you don't own an iPhone, there are still plenty of ways you can use your iPad for sending text messages.

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You can use Apple's service, alternatives to text messaging or one of the many apps that provide free SMS messaging on the iPad. The Messages app can send text messages to anyone that owns an iPhone or iPad even if you don't own an iPhone. Tap to put a check mark next to the email address es you want to use. Facebook Messenger.

Sure, we like to pretend those Android people don't exist, but some people simply refuse to get on the Apple train. If you have friends or family using Android or gasp! With over 1. In addition to sending text messages, you can send video messages, place phone calls and video conference using the software.

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