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  1. 10 Ways to Fix the iPhone Overheating After iOS 12/11 Update
  2. iPhone Overheating after iOS Update? Get Solutions Here
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Wait until your iPhone boots up completely then use it the usual way you do. One thing that can help determine which app is the culprit or causing your iPhone to overheat is to think of when the problem started. Did it started after installing this new gaming app or was it after I downloaded this new video? In this case, the new download might have crashed or get corrupted. If you see the same app listed over and over again, then that denotes something wrong with the app and therefore it needs to be taken care of.

Your options would be to uninstall or update the offending app. Or you can just uninstall then reinstall the app. In this regard, check your battery logs and look for crashing apps. Any of these apps could be causing your iPhone to get hot and therefore needs to be removed, reinstalled, or updated. If you found any misbehaving app, then try fixing it by keeping the app updated. Note that software bugs can also cause your iPhone to overheat.

To rule this out from the culprits, check for app updates then update your apps. Doing so will help get things work properly as intended. Major software updates can also override your current settings or restore them to defaults. If this is what iOS 11 did to your device, then you will need to reconfigure your iPhone settings to make it work as intended. But the thing is, finding which settings or options were changed can be difficult.

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  • 8 Easy Ways to Fix iPhone/iPad Overheating on iOS 12/iOS 11.

As remedy, you can reset all settings instead. This will clear out your current settings including Wi-Fi networks and passwords, themes, and other customized options. These settings are restored without deleting any of the data stored on your iPhone.

When Your Device Gets Too Hot

Often times, this reset can help fix problems caused by misbehaving apps including overheating issue on the iPhone. So you might as well consider giving it a shot and see what happens. Just be sure to take note of your important settings like Wi-Fi passwords as you will be needing them again later. A full system reset can be considered as the last resort if none of the aforementioned solutions is able to fix your iPhone 7 that is overheating after updating to iOS But before you do, check for any available firmware update for your phone.

Apple did roll out a series of minor updates to fix existing bugs that came with the previous update so you should consider installing these updates first. In fact, Apple is set to roll out iOS Just visit or Tutorials page for that matter. And since nothing worked for you and that your iPhone 7 is still overheating, you should consider escalating the problem for other recommendations. You may contact Apple Support or your carrier and seek more inputs regarding the issue.

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  8. Always cool your device gradually, and avoid direct airflow from air conditioners on very hot days. Much of the time, heat issues are caused by software. You can tap on a bar to return to the app or call in question. AppleCare Warranty: Finally, third-party chargers from non-certified sources can also cause problems.

    Read More mark of approval. Got another issue with your iPhone? Here's our iPhone troubleshooting guide with fixes for all kinds of common iPhone issues.

    10 Ways to Fix the iPhone Overheating After iOS 12/11 Update

    Try This Is your iPhone volume not working? Here are some software and hardware tips to fix low volume on an iPhone, plus ways to boost your device's volume further. We'll help you fix the most common iPhone X issues, including display problems and more. Read More.

    iPhone Overheating after iOS Update? Get Solutions Here

    Image credit: Explore more about: But using the device while on charge is like adding fuel to the flames. So, give some time to your device to get nourished as well and avoid using it when you have put it on charge which will eventually avoid iPhone overheating.

    Let it charge fully and then use it. If your iPhone overheating issue on iOS Turn both the features off if they are not in use. This may decrease the heating because while they are turned on, they are in search of nearby devices all the time which may cause the iPhone to get hot. Unfortunately, when iPhone overheating still persists, there is another tip you can try.

    You should reset all your settings.

    iPhone Problems

    Here are the steps to be taken:. If your iPhone keeps overheating after trying the above tips, there could be some problem with the iOS. We recommend that you try a system repair tool -- iMyFone D-Back. It is a powerful third party tool that is able to help you in different ways such as recover deleted data on iOS devices.

    Also, you can extract data from the backup of iTunes or iCloud.

    Solve Overheating Problems in iPhone 7/7+, iPhone 6s/6s+, iPhone6/6+, iPhone 5/5s/SE, -step by step

    This program is known for its quality and trustworthiness and has been recommended by the famous media sites like Cult of Mac , and Makeuseof. Your device will automatically get detected by the program.