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Wednesday, April 12, 2: ETHAN I thought that they could maybe make a few apps, for example Forza Hub and a Forza view your garage kind of thing and also maybe a forza game or mini and speed dialogs and mini maps and other things that take up time in for ETHAN Tuesday, July 4, 2: That's a great idea! I've thought of a similar idea myself and I'm sure others have too but they should totally do this.

You also forgot to mention it coming out on Windows phone and Windows 10 because it seems logical. I don't see why they would support Horizon and Horizon 2 because nobody plays them anymore. Nobody uses Xbox or Xbox either so it would just make unnecessary work for them. I sure hope they add this in! Thursday, July 6, 8: I'd love to be able to customize my cars or Check auctions from an app. Tuesday, January 2, 4: Rowan Crook That's a great idea! Tuesday, January 2, 7: This late in the life cycle of the game be glad you even get an occasional update, all resources are being directed at Motorsport 7 currently.

And also it would open a back door for even more modding and exploitation than what is going on right now.

Tuesday, January 2, This would make an amazing app! It's not an original idea. People have wanted similar apps for years. I always bring up a major problem with doing much of what people want from an app. The app needs to have access to your save data, and there can't be any opportunity to exploit anywhere. That's a lot harder than it might sound. For example, if I'm playing the game on my Xbox One right now, and I'm simultaneously using the app to buy or sell cars in the auction house, both locations game and app need to be accessing my account information, including what vehicles I own and what parts I have for them, and my money CR.

If I boot up both the game and app and have 9,, CR on hand rounding for ease , and I go to buy a car for 8,, in the auction house on the app while I'm simultaneously spending 7,, in the dealership on my Xbox, we have a bit of a problem because I just spent 15,, CR at the same time to acquire two cars at once, but I only have 9,, Rockstar kept patching the latest exploits only for people to keep finding ways around the fixes by exploiting the new routines. Gran Turismo 5 had a similar problem as people were able to exploit game saves to buy cars as much as they want, or parts like tires, and still have millions of dollars I forget the details of the exploit at this time.

Something like being able to buy and sell in the app, independent of the game, seems like a huge opportunity for exploitation. About the only thing I could figure to do is have your money CR and everything on file on the server and both the game and the app have to sync to that, and then you are limited to using either your console to play the game or your mobile device for the app but not both at once, and can't use the other until you've ended a session on the other. On Xbox One you can shut the console off and boot it up five days from now and resume as if you never turned the game off, so that'll have to go out the window for the app.

We can't have your game suspended with 11 million CR, then you spend 9 million in the app, and then you resume the game on Xbox One still with 11 million CR. Asphalt Xtreme 17, Creative Mobile. Horizon Chase - World Tour 4, Aquiris Game Studio S. Onefootball - Soccer Scores 59, Onefootball GmbH. Asphalt Street Storm Racing 6, F1 Mobile Racing 5, The Codemasters Software Company Limited.

Drift and Race Online 1, Exustus Limited.

Get Forza Hub - Microsoft Store

Tamatem Inc. SofaScore Live Sports Results 4, Assoluto Racing 1, Infinity Vector Ltd. Abylight S. Reality Drift Multiplayer Stas Tkachuk. ForzaTune 6 FlameFront Studios. Drift Streets Japan Game Net for - Forza Horizon 3 Andre Marcin. Pocket Rush EPL Live: Soccer Scores 2, Sportsmate Technologies Pty Ltd. Road Smash - Crazy Racing! SMS Services O. XB Deals Valerii Chernov. Home App Search forza.

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You also have the option to adjust car balance if you prefer more stable or more aggressive setups. Download ForzaTune 7 now to tune and drive faster. Or keep reading to learn more Is this for beginners or experienced tuners? Experienced tuners use it to save time. New tuners use it to break into the world of tuning. If someone recommends "learn how to tune" this is actually the best place to start. Why is tuning your cars important? Suspension settings start to mismatch as you upgrade a car.

Forza Horizon 3 Mobile Download - Forza Horizon 3 - iOS / Android

ForzaTune brings everything back to a stable, balanced setup. Also, tuning doesn't affect your PI or race restrictions—so it's one area where you can find a real advantage over other racers. How do I use the app? Copy several car details from the game into ForzaTune, hit "Next" and copy the results into the tuning menu in Forza 7 or Horizon 4. We also have a series of video tutorials on YouTube to get you started.

When should I use the gearing option? Select the gearing tune option if you add a turbo, supercharger or perform an engine swap. What settings and upgrades do I need? You will need racing upgrades like suspension, braking, and anti-roll bars, and differential to change the values in the tuning menu.

Learn all about Forza Horizon 3 before playing

You can also use drag, rally and stock suspensions if they are adjustable like off-road buggies and some trucks in FH4. You will also have the best results if you disable stability management STM and traction control TCS for lower class cars. Normal or simulation steering is fine. What is included? ForzaTune includes dry, rain, drift and drag presets plus gear tuning capability.

It also includes rally and off-road options for Forza Horizon 4. With ForzaTune your results are powered by a database of vehicle info and , track measurements used to profile each circuit in Forza 7. There is nothing like it available in the Forza community. ForzaTune also gives you the ability to save and search your tunes, change display units and more.

What about aero and tire widths? You no longer need to enter downforce values. Instead you get a recommended downforce amount based on your track. ForzaTune 7 will also account for most tire width combinations automatically. What if I need help or have a suggestion? Please send an email using the link in the main menu.

ForzaTune wouldn't be what it is today without the Forza community's input, and you can count on a personal response from the developer that would be me, Anthony.

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This update will allow you to tune the newest vehicles in Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 including: If you have a question or suggestion feel free to send an email. And if you would like to brag a little please leave a review sharing how ForzaTune has helped you! All of your ForzaTune apps have been great. Thanks for creating it and for keeping the price at a reasonable amount. Just a little FYI. Actually 6 as well.