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I think OS optimization is required which will improve the overall performance. The camera settings however shows 12MP max resolution option. The camera quality is good and so is the video. You can record and play full HD videos. The sound is loud and clear and even better when using earphone. Check the sample images and videos at the end of this article. There is a lookaway player that is pre-installed. It is similar to the look away pause feature as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset.

When you are watching a view and you look away from the screen the video will pause and will resume when you look at it again. I tried this player it worked well, you need good light room light for this feature to work. Gaming As usual I tried the Nova 3 that did not work well.

The game play was slow, really slow and you could feel it. I then stopped the launcher from apps and to some extent the game play improved. It is MTT chipset and the game should work without doubt. I checked up with iBerry and they asked me to install the RAM extender app. After installing it the hardware came back to life. You can check the gaming video to see how the Angry birds, Nova 3 and the Modern Combat 4 games played. The GPS also did well, I got a lock within 9 seconds.

I did not find any other issues with the phone. Yes the phone does get heated up when playing games or using heavy application but temperature was less than 40 degrees continuously used for less than 30 minutes. The handset comes pre-rooted. OTG is not supported. Battery The mAh battery should easily give a usage time of over 24 hours.

Conclusion Powerful handset with a 5 inch FHD screen. There are some minor issues with the OS that can be fixed and probably iBerry will come up with some updates. Game play is quite smooth once the issue has been rectified. The handset is priced at Rs. A price tag between Rs. Nuclea N1 Image Gallery. Sample images shot using Auxus Nuclea N1 handset.

Full HD video sample recorded using Nuclea N1 handset.

Mobile review: iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1

Booked from Yemen, where I work. I complained at your M. Road Ernakulam service centre. They told they have to send the set to their head office Chennai to get it done. I am a person coming on leave every alternate month. I have my own reasons for not sparing the handset for a long time whether it is for servicing or repairing. On my another vacation again I approached your service centre. This time it had been shifted to Marine Drive Ernakulam.

There also I got the same reply. You should understand one thing — anyone buying a cellphone need to use it 24X7. Cant spare it for servicing for a long period esp. The so-called local service centres should be authorized to replace the handset if required.

Even today I am forced to carry the same defective Auxus Nuclea! Any Company should never tax a person like this for purchasing your cellphone for our hard earned money. Total Waste of Money…. Please comment someone expert in this. Hi I have purchased the phone 1 month back, Daily my phone got switch off automatically , I have visited service center they have change my battery, again im facing same problem.

Product full of problems. Its ticket no is It has been 22 days then also thers no actual time when I will get my phone back. Total waste of money. I have given my I berry N1 phone second time to Ahmadabad company authorized service center as you and E Bay said to do.

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The in-charge service center person said he will call back as phone gets repaired,but we have not received any call yet. Ahmadabad service center is km far away from our place. So now its our request to replace our phone or give our money back. The Screen broken.. If you refer to ticket no. I have seen the reviews of this phone on google and there is none who can praise about this phone. Please find below the issues I am facing since day 1. Phone is getting over heated in 5 mins of internet usage or playing HD games. When I got the replacement the phone was damaged but the customer service agent was not ready to understand and the cost of the screen is I bought this phone for and the cost of the display is which means u have given rest of the things on phone for and this is why the phone is getting over heated as it got all CHEAP products.

How on the earth you guys imagine that someone would pay you for display when the cost of the phone on ebay now is So what it is now for me? A phone to throw in dust bin. I would have paid this had the phone working in a excellent way, if you can solve the over heating problem then YES i can pay this amount. Ohhh I forgot to mention something, one of my cousins was impressed by the looks and bought this phone without informing me and now he blames me for such a devasted product.

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All I can say about you guys, it was the biggest mistake to experiment your product. I need my money back or replace this phone immediately. Kasam se yaar i had wasted my money to buy iberry product. My new mobile is hanging up whenever I open camera function. I updated with the firmware sent by the customer service representatives.

The problem remains the same. Even now it is hanging up. Now the clarity of the camera has gone down considerably and the charger is also not working with the set. Can you please suggest. Please check their service from the following link http: If someone will use phone as experiments then we can not blame on company. I had purchased this for my brother and he is happy with it. Though I know he is handling little bit roughly and not complaint any sort of problem till now.

There was some restarting problem but it got OK by updating firmware. Personally I am happy with cc they had replaced defective charger. Pls dont waste your money on an experimental phone like the Nuclea N1. I pre-ordered this phone and I was promised a Gorilla Glass 3 on the screen. I carried the phone in my pocket. Within 2 days my screen had scratches. The company is cheating us by claiming GG So the warranty is not covered and they are demanding rupees to change the glass of a phone which I paid pre-order. That was just the beginning of my worries!

Here are my problems with my Nuclea N1 — And iberry Wont do anything about it! Sound Issue — other party on the call cannot hear me clearly. Poor, inaudible sound! Scratch Magnet glass — I was promised gorilla glass. BUT my phone has attracted several scratches. Moreover After upgrading, the phone got bricked! IMEI is invalid and i cant make or receive calls! How stupid. Even customer care center cannot fix the issue! Touch screen lock opens on its own and touch function activates apps on its own!!

Even if you install and language pack, the problem is NOT solved. It drains haphazardly! Poor Network Reception — Indoors, my phone has very poor network! If i put the same sim in a Samsung or a Nokia, the network bars are full!! Poor wifi range — wifi range is very poor. If I move more than 12 feet, the network is very poor!! What are your Nuclea N1 woes? Did the customer care do something about it? Reply and let me know. I called repeatedly. I was asked to visit the local customer care center. When i go to the customer care center, I was asked to call the iberry support!

I have been shuttling between these places without any solution! I can only empathize with you and other folks who have bought this cheap chinese set. At the same time I feel angry on you guys because after repeated comments in this forum to keep away from such gimmicks by these kind of companies, common sense did not prevail. One should remember that there is nothing free in this world and when Iberry announced that they are giving discount for this phone during pre-launch and that too without even getting the handset reviewed and no video was available, it was more than evident that it was only a marketing gimmick to cash in on the sentiments of consumers who were then upset with canvas 4 specs.

Please stop promoting firms like this. They can never be trusted. The same thing happened even with their tablets. The first thing that you can do is see if you can drag these folks to consumer court if possible.

iberry Auxus Nuclea N1 Best Price in India , Specs & Review | Smartprix

Also, all folks who are facing issue should form a forum in facebook and let the world know what kind of cheaters these people are. Stop promoting these folks and start a counter movement against these folks. I have purchase auxus nuclea n1 from ebay in sep, now i can not attend incomming calls due to caller voice can not be listen to me, but on speaker phone it is working, what may be the problem?

Bro, I am facing the same issues. When I contacted iberry support, they were not helpful and asked me to reset the phone to factory and do an upgrade of the software by following instructions on their FaceBook page. I did that, then my phone lost the IMEI number after the update and my fone just could not recieve any network due to no IMEI registration on the network! When I called the iberry support again, they were very rude and blamed me that I had not followed instructions properly!!

Then they told me I have to send the phone to chennai!! I am very disappointed with the phone. I paid a high amount thats why I am forced to use it! Pls dont prefer such experimental brands. They only look good on paper, but dont perform well! Please dont buy any product from Iberry. There products are bad and on the top of it their support is really pathetic. I bought one of their said to be good product Corex4 which has connectivity problem over wifi and every time I called these people they mentioned that please check your wifi and do a factory reset on your device or some thing else.

Lastly when I spoke to them and asked them for a engineer to visit or service center in Delhi, engineer said that we dont have any thing, any where except chennai and if you want us to look at the device, send it to Chennai and we will look at it. Dont waste your money. For Guys who use the phone for Office work: This phone is rooted by default and needs to be unrooted for such purposes. Here are the steps to unroot the phone: Click on force stop button and then uninstall. It cant be permanently removed. Only option left for us is to disable this.

You need to install 2 apks from google play for this. This will show that phone is rooted. Next we need to disable the supersu since permanent removal is not possible. Download and install OTA rootkeepre -no4. Again run root checker and check the status of the root. This time this will show the phone as not Rooted. The only con i have on this phone is the phone call volume is low when used without headphone. Otherwise its a good one. Even the support team is responding same day for any queries we make.

Hemat, Even my handset is rooted from day 1 of purchase directly when i purchased.

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Please inform if any major issues if the handset is still used in rooted stage? Pls suggest. Apart fro rare heating no issues found in the handset after 4 months of extensive usage. Please update the firmware from Iberry FB: The support is very good. They are calling over phone on the same day to understand the issue and work towards resolving it. Hemanth, I had lot of trouble from iberry support team. They were not ready to listen to my problems and kept rudely telling me that I am not following instruction!! Worst Phone ever.

I will forcefully recommend you to buy this phone. It is waste phone ever.. Receiver problem from day 1. I had sent the phone to service center 20 days ago..

Iberry Auxus nuclea N1 Unboxing and brief review

I am still waiting.. Very bad experience in my life.. During playing game it start hangs sometimes.

iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 FHD Price in India

Some functions are not working some times, Look away player is not working properly photo editing function shows error always. The hardware as displays on ads on iberry. See the difference on bellow links….. Camera is average in video it starts Zoom in Zoom out automatically that affects the video quality. I have taken three-four visits to service center even it is purchased on 7th sep 13 only after spending lot of my valuable money. There may be various unknown problems that may arise during day by day use in future.

EN SDK version: Hey gogi sir.. Hello Friend, I have also same problem. Have you got the solution. Yes , you are right, screen cost rs, my phone screen broken after if fallen from my lap just one feet above ground. I faced the same issue! Gorilla Glass 3 never breaks so easily!! I feel cheated! Very sad! I am planning to file a consumer forum case!

I am using the nuclea n1 since one month and excpet the phone getting heated i have not got any other issues. The phone working awesome till today.. I have bought this phone and facing receiver problem from the day 1, i suggest do not buy this phone, since it is not fully tested before the release of the product.

I have not encountered any problem so far with my Nuclea N1. It is a good phone with good configuration except it heats sometimes when downloading or video is played. I would say that this is worth of money. To save your battery keep your brightness at minimal and install some task killer and battery optimizer software application.

I need to install gujarati fonts in this phone. Can u please guide me bcs it is not by default supported. This is useless phone and a waste of our money. My phone has mind of its own to reboot. Keeps rebooting in a loop. I have to remove the battery for hours before restarting. This is the worst mobile i have ever seen, problem started from day 1 of using it like reciever problem, over heating, batery backup, main thing is recievr problem, have to speak through loud speaker -it appeared from day 1 and no proper response from iberry, i recieved on 7th august,got problem on 8th,waited for 2 days and given to service center on 10th, till not solved issue.

I have not seen or experienced like this thing with any other brand. A good phone!!! Bad customer support.. I want a replacement. I got this phone in 3rd batch. Delivered on 17th August Belive me till date the phone is excellent. The screen of the phone is excellent and hard. The quality of ear phone is also fantastic. I love this phone by all means and its features. Worth to money. Canvas 4 is nothing in front of this phone. HI gogi, to improve the gaming experience exactly which softwetre you have recomended in your review.

Let me clarify ASAP. And will it work on 32 gb class10 microsd card.

iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 FHD

Hi, I own this phone and its a big piece of scrap. When the company fixed it — and send me the phone after repair — there was another defect o0f earpiece not working. I have made 3 rounds to the service center and the problem still persists. Please do not buy this phone. There are lot of problems in the phone and the company has launched this phone without any proper testing.

Lot of people are facing issues with the new handset. I am unable to reboot. I am from Visakhapatnam India kindly help me out. Thanks in advance. I bought this phone by pre order for RS through eBay India.

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  • In the 2nd lot. RS Prasada Rao. I got auxus nuclea n1 at 16 aug, really i fill that this is really great gtreat wasome cell phone, never i see this type of cell phone really yar,, great phone. Same problem with me. Plz replay if you hv any solution. This might be due to the proximity sensor reaction which …. Accessibility … Flip Mute ….. Your Issue may get resolved ……. I want a smartphone with following features: The touch of the device is very accurate and sensitive. Along with that the use of One Glass solution makes a big difference.

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    • The viewing angles offered by Auxus Nuclea N1 are wide and image reproduction is great. On the gaming front even the HD screen runs brilliantly. We had no issues playing Shadowgun but the quad core chip and graphics units heat up faster. As applications get faster and more performance oriented the quad core chip does fairly well and offers some leg room for the future. Sadly, one major point of concern is the small 4 GB internal memory considering the muscle that the device has and the kind of performance it is capable of offering.

      Most HD games come with a 1 GB plus setup leaving hardly any room for applications to be installed on the device. Performance and usage During the course of the review we did a lot of application testing and stressing but the device never hung or froze. The 5 inch display is a major plus point of this device, and even its touch sensitivity is very accurate.

      On the performance front the Auxus Nuclea N1 scores 12, on the Antutu benchmark. This in simpler words puts it in terms of performance above the older Samsung Galaxy Note and even the Google Nexus 7 tablet. To further stress test the hardware we used Vellamo from Qulacomm in which the device neared Samsung Galaxy S3 with points in metal or hardware while scoring points in the HTML 5 test on which most web applications work these days.

      Overall the device offers ample performance but the puny internal storage is a big turn off. The call performance of this device is also a major plus. Calls are received and made without any issue. The earpiece and loudspeaker volumes are abundant and the microphone also makes sure the receiver gets to hear every word loud and clear.

      The dual SIM performance is also good and there are no call drops or signal issues whatsoever. Camera and multimedia The 13 megapixel camera on Auxus Nuclea N1 offers good image capture quality with tight focus and LED flash compensating for brightness wherever the need arises. Also, the device has a backlight sensor so low light pictures are well lit, and even with a little illumination better results are produced.

      However, the pictures are grainy in low light but bright light conditions turn things around. But continuous focus is a good feature and the camera constantly keeps seeking the best focus. Although the focus mechanism is not the fastest it still does a good job. The image quality of the camera is good outdoors while indoor photography is best avoided. The LED flash comes into play wherever needed but is only effective for close objects and it tends to give subjects a yellowish hue too.

      Another major plus for the Auxus Nuclea N1 is its 8 megapixel front facing camera which is the sharpest front facing camera on a low cost device. Along with that there is a gesture player for media as well, so just hover the hand over the device to control calls, media and so on.

      But the application needs to be run manually and that is one bad part about it. The device easily lasts for Heavy users can drain the battery while playing high definition games faster but even doing that the device manages somewhere close to hours. Overall the battery backup of this big screen device is good, and even with a mAh battery the device manages to weigh under grams. Conclusion The Auxus Nuclea N1 is a performance oriented Android smartphone that impresses with its features, performance and brilliant display. Competing with the Micromax Canvas 4 and the Spice Pinnacle FHD, it suffers merely because of a smaller chunk of internal storage but in all other aspects it is better, be it in terms of performance, battery, camera quality and even build quality.

      The addition of Gorilla Glass 3 and a backlit image sensor gives the device some additional brownie points making it a high recommendation considering the internal memory can be expanded up to 32 or 64 GB with the use of micro SD cards. So if you are willing to spend Rs 15, then the Auxus Nuclea N1 is certainly one of the top contenders on the list. Other Reviews. Samsung Galaxy M10 Review: Will it be able to make its presence felt? Never buy this companies product. Very bad service experience.

      Now olso they are telling it will take days more. No proper response. No proper updates. Totally waste of money. Dear friends please dont buy this product, very bad service and mobile also not good.. Everything is negative about this phone.. Poor speed , Poor camera quality , poor service, get switched off frequently, more heating, poor battery performance, for every 30 its mandatory to change , After buying this product 3 times sent for service and one time it was replaced.

      Still facing the issue. Please wait. OnePlus One vs. Gionee Elife E3 vs.