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Expensify free offers the ability to create photo receipts and iPhone expense reports, and it integrates with Expensify's website for instant reimbursement.

Best Apps for Saving Money - 2017 - This or That

It also can connect with QuickBooks. Great for people who travel and want to record expenses as they are incurred. Fresh Xpense Capture free allows you to record your expenses including photo receipts as they occur. After you snap a photo of your receipt, Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker free automatically enters the date, total, payment type and category.

It generates expense reports that can be sent from your iPhone as well as exported to QuickBooks and Quicken. Shoeboxed also provides a fee-based service that enables you to mail in receipts and other documents to be scanned and uploaded to your online Shoeboxed. ProOnGo Expense free allows you to not only track receipt and mileage expenses, but it also enables you to time expenses. This is very useful for consultants or professionals that operate on a billable hour basis.

ProOnGo also integrates with Quickbooks. For an extra cost, a receipt reader service is available. Setting up YNAB starts with connecting the app to your bank accounts and credit cards or, if you want to avoid sharing your logins with the app, you can enter your balances.

YNAB wants you to allocate every single dollar you bring in, whether in month-to-month expenses or longer-term goals a certain amount each month, or a certain amount by a particular date. After you spend and earn some money, you check back into YNAB on either the desktop or mobile app. Then you check back in on your budget, and adjust. As you budget, spend, adjust, spend, and adjust some more, YNAB has more useful info for you: Imagine putting each paycheck onto a stack of cash, and paying for things from the bottom of the stack; the longer money can stay in the stack before it goes out is the age of your money.

Nearly every financial advisor we spoke with, and every well-regarded book we looked through, suggests the kind of budget YNAB helps you set up: The mobile app is where using a tool like YNAB provides the most benefit over creating your own budget with a spreadsheet or paper.

It does all the same things as the desktop version, but is actually more useful in some important ways. It also lets you enter cash transactions and categorize them as they happen, which is a lot faster than having to add them after the fact. When you categorize spending or enter a transaction that costs more than you have set aside, the YNAB app immediately asks you which other budget category you are going to pull money from to cover your overspending.

This way, you feel the consequence of your spending more immediately rather than spending during the week and regretting it only when you check in on weekends. Even the app EveryDollar , backed by zero-sum proponent Dave Ramsey, frustrated one of our testers by asking them to work toward an emergency fund, but not registering their connected savings account as part of it. You can pose a new question to the forum, and most questions are answered by experienced users, YNAB staff, or a combination of both, usually the same day.

Or you can click on the blue question mark in the lower-right corner, ask a question, and get an email response. We asked a question about a small interface thing adding new categories while categorizing imported transactions late one night and had a response promptly the next morning. YNAB has two kinds of fans: The new version is also web-based, which keeps it more readily up to date with your bank accounts than the older desktop version. Newcomers get a day free trial, and students can get a free year see the pricing page for details , but after your trial is up, your account will be locked.

Still, we think YNAB is the only app worth spending money on, even if it is slightly more than the nearest paid competition. Most budgeting apps charge for this feature, some more EveryDollar, Mvelopes , some less Toshl.

‎Live Expenses on the App Store

YNAB syncs with bank and credit accounts multiple times per day, depending on how active that account is. In the first few days of using YNAB, we would sometimes be missing transactions from the previous day, but weeks later, activity would show up in a couple hours. YNAB does not offer two-factor authentication for its accounts. And you can use YNAB entirely without providing financial logins, if you import transaction files manually. While two people can use YNAB to share and manage a household budget by sharing a username and password we recommend using a password manager for that , there are no considerations for two-person use built into YNAB.

The company says it expects that couples will share passwords and create multiple budgets.

The Best Budgeting Apps and Tools

If you intend to share budgeting and spending responsibilities with someone, you may fare better with a bank that accommodates that, such as our Also great pick, Simple. Simple is an online bank with checking accounts and debit cards, not a standalone app. But it has enough budgeting tools to help you set aside money and track your spending without feeling like a whole new system you have to learn. But in order to take full advantage of the spending tracking features, you need to commit to using the Simple Debit card for most of your purchases.

But it does mean having to choose between tracking your spending and getting credit card rewards.

That kind of loose budgeting and gentle guidance might be all some people need to start putting money aside, but you can also set it up to do envelope-style or zero-sum budgeting every time you get paid. Each account holder gets two debit cards, one that draws from their joint account but with a distinct card number , and one tied to their individual account, which only they can access.

Money transfers between the individual and joint account instantaneously.

Take Control Of Your Money

Besides the freedom of having your own cash you can blow on anything, it keeps both people honest about what counts as an essential shared expense. In practice, the arrangement feels transparent and honest, an essential ingredient of budgeting. Simple has some drawbacks as a budgeting system. Since spending tracking only works on purchases made with the Simple debit card, the system sputters when trying to account for cash or credit card purchases.

And when it comes to budgeting, Safe to Spend is a fuzzy number: If you need more structure than that, YNAB does a better job at enforcing the zero-sum mentality. Plus, there are other issues that stem from Simple being an online-only bank. All deposits are done either electronically, or using the Photo Check Deposit feature in the app.

Another keeps a different online bank account open and transfers into whenever an occasional paper check, usually to a contractor, is needed. Whether starting from scratch or using a template, a spreadsheet or just ruled paper is still a great way to get your financing under control. DIY budgeting eliminates the pain of having to learn a new system and fit your finances inside sometimes rigid categories or processes. Bugs Fixed. Added vietnamese language.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Price Free. App Support. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Live Time - Time Tracker. Live Time Gold. Live Expenses Gold. Expense manager - Money tracker.