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  2. 4 Methods to Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4
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  4. How to Sync Facebook Friends and Contacts on an iPhone |

Syncing your Facebook friends into your iPhone contacts isn't an automatic process. You have to actually activate the integration in your iPhone's settings. We have created a quick and easy gallery showing how to do this on iOS 7 and below, and how to merge duplicate contacts after the event. If you want to get your Facebook friends' deets into your iPhone's contacts app, take a look through our simple "how-to" in the gallery below.

Bonus Tip: How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Computer Easily

To get started, head to your iPhone's Settings menu and scroll down until you see Facebook. Although you already have the Facebook app on your phone, you have to sign in here to activate the functionality that lets you sync your contacts. Signing in also syncs your Facebook events to your Calendar if you want it to -- simply slide to "off" if you don't.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts with iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

If you load up the iPhone's Contacts app, you should now see your Facebook friends in the list, complete with profile photos and relevant data taken from their Facebook profiles. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid duplicating contacts if your Facebook friends are already in your Contacts app, but merging them is a relatively simple process. Then you can choose to sync the contacts to your iPhone contact list by enabling it through the Facebook app settings.

You can follow the below steps to know how to sync Facebook contacts with iPhone. Step 1: First, download the Facebook app from the App Store and install it on your iPhone. Then log in to the app with your Facebook account and password.

4 Methods to Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4

Step 4: Enter your Facebook email and password and then sign in to your Facebook account if required. Step 5: Once you log in to your Facebook account, you can change the sync settings like calendars or contacts by sliding their toggle switch. Turn on the switch for Contacts so that you can sync contacts to iPhone.

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After syncing is finished, you can check the synced contacts in your iPhone Contacts app. Syncing Facebook contacts with iPhone will import all your Facebook contacts to your iPhone.

There is a drawback to this approach as it will still import the contacts even if you already have them on your iPhone. However, you can merge all those contacts or can delete those manually. So, this is not much of annoyance to the users. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Now you just need to choose the contacts from the list that you want to merge. Thus, the merging of all the contacts can be done easily.

1. Settings

If the above-mentioned steps are not helping to sync Facebook contacts with iPhone, you can try using different applications for the same. There are many applications in the market that can help in syncing Facebook contacts with iPhone. If any friend of yours has incorrect account or photo and the contact is not getting synced to your phone, try the syncing process from beginning one more time. It will help in better syncing of the photos and the contacts. It is an application that will bring all data to your phone.

How to Sync Facebook Friends and Contacts on an iPhone |

It is another application that can help in syncing of all the details about your friends to your phone. The app also allows you to update contact details of your friends whenever they update any information on Facebook. It is a dialer application for Facebook. It keeps your contacts up-to-date with the latest photos and information from Facebook.

There is also a reminder feature that provides notifications for events like birthdays. Back Explore.

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