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The study concluded that tablet computer devices were only suitable for use in situations where sources of glare could be eliminated. There has not been a study validating the use of a Snellen chart on a tablet device. The portability of tablet devices also makes them ideal for remote and rural health care settings and for mobile screening units.

We hypothesized that the EyeSnellen iPad tool was comparable to the traditional Snellen chart at measuring visual acuity at a test distance of 6 metres. All participants provided informed consent before participating in the study. Participants were recruited from presentations to the Fremantle Hospital Eye Clinic over a period of two weeks. Patients were excluded from participating if they were below the age of 16, English was their second language or if their visual acuity was worse than measureable on the Snellen Chart. The Snellen Chart function was chosen as it is the most commonly used chart for testing acuity of vision in Western Australian ophthalmology clinics.

Figure 1 , Figure 2. Figure 1: EyeSnellen iOS application displayed on an iPad mini that was mounted to a traditional lightbox with the use of Velcro and a case. Figure 2: The retro illuminated Snellen box chart provided an illumination of lux. Figure 3.

eye chart iPhone 8/7 Plus Cases

Visual acuity measurements were assessed and recorded by two resident medical officers. Patients were instructed to stand 6 metres from both charts. A spectacle vision occluder was used to first test the right then left eye of patients.

Eye Chart iPhone Case

Patients were instructed to read each line until they were no longer able to resolve the optotype. A visual acuity measurement was recorded if the patient was able to read more than half the optotypes of a given line.

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Visual acuity was first assessed using EyeSnellen app and followed by a measurement using the traditional Snellen Chart. Neither the assessors nor the patients were masked for the outcome of the vision test. The same refractive correction was maintained for measurements with both charts either unaided, habitual correction or pinholes.

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  4. Visual acuity measurements were recorded as decimals. Results were then converted to logMAR visual acuity for statistical analysis. R Ver 3. A total of 67 participants average age 57, range 19—89 were recruited for the trial. From these 67 participants, eyes were tested.

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    Minimum distance of 2 metres from the screen is recommended for you to take this test. In case you currently wear prescription glasses, you will have to take the test with and without glasses to get an indication if your current prescription is accurate. Position yourself at least 1 metre away from your computer screen Can be more , facing it directly towards you.

    Enter the exact distance in metres between you and the screen in the calibration column below. Submit the data and see the chart resizing automatically as per the calibration. Cover your left eye if you wear glasses for distance vision, keep them on. Have another person point to each line as you read the letters out loud and keep track of which letters you get right.

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    FREE Online Eye Test Chart by COCO LENI : How it works - COCO LENI

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    Eye Chart iPhone Case

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