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I was a relative late-comer to the Royal College EM sweepstakes, having decided to pursue that program only during the summer before fourth year. This was compounded by my inability to plan anything in advance, ever. I started planning my electives a month or two before my first elective block. As a result, my emergency medicine elective schedule was quite deficient compared to the other EM applicants.

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It included only two emergency medicine electives — one at my school which did not have a Royal College EM program at the time and one in Edmonton. Where should I do electives? Do I need to do an elective with a program to get an interview? Does doing an elective at a program guarantee me an interview? Your elective will be noted on your application, so they will know that you were interested enough to check out the program yourself. If you did a good job, there will be attendings and residents that remember that they liked you.

Do I need to do all of my medical student electives in EM? If I have the opportunity to do a cool elective should I take it? How can I get the electives I want? I cannot stress this enough. You should have all your forms uploaded, draft ready to go, etc. In order for tip 1 to work, you should also have your immunization forms completed.

The serology and immunization form is generally valid for 1 year, so I would suggest timing it so that you only have to get tested once or twice during your entire clerkship.

Shannon's JD Edwards CNC Blog: Backend WLS or EM application seems to be down Retry

Use the comments section on the application form well! Many schools will allow you to elaborate on your elective date choices. For example, if you have a 4 week elective block and are applying for a 2 week elective, be flexible, and comment that you can start at either 2 week period. Regarding double booking electives e. The advantages are obvious: Further, I understand that schools discourage their students from this practice or even consider it unprofessional. However, I have seen students wait patiently for a reply to their application for months, only to learn that there is no space for them at the single school they applied for a given set of weeks.

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This may inhibit their ability to apply to get an elective at another school. Be patient! This is likely the most frustrating part of the entire elective experience. You checked and double checked that you included everything that the school requested. Some schools get back to you in days, others in months.

Give it at least a few weeks. Conclusion on electives Electives can be a stressful time for medical students. This post was originally published on BoringEM on March 24, Latest posts by Brent Thoma see all. Bio LinkedIn Latest Posts. Kelly Lien is a 2nd year medical student at McMaster University. She has research interests in medical education, simulation and QI. She also competes in powerlifting and enjoys playing video games in her spare time. If JS is off, use a PX based font-size on html element and fixed width on body. Set a base viewport unit vw font size for: Hi Chris — I really love the tight modular approach, but there are a couple of things I think are really important to consider:.

I think this will only increase in frequency over time, so given the fairly easy swap between the two it might be worth sticking with EMs for MQs as well. We actually have a similar system in a big responsive project in use.

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Then we distinguished between modules corresponding to page sections and smaller modules. Page sections were allowed to override their font size with REM. Smaller modules like buttons, form elements, headlines, etc. This way we could use the small modules in a very flexible way even in different sizes. The sizing is controlled via the page section modules through their REM base font size.

Has this ethos changed? I use Susy , which natively uses rems this way. Does anyone have actual statistics on this? If so are there any stats available and is so where can they be found? Likewise 1em 3em is still 3em. See for yourself. Little tip for the CodePen demo thingy: I use similar technique in Kendo UI Mobile for quite some time.

However, we need components to be resizable and base mostly on em. Using ems and rems and font-size on root is also the only way to simulate the missing scale 1 auto sizing in Windows Phone 8 where no devicePixelRatio is available WP8. I think this is a good idea but I was just wondering why you are not using points pt for the text. The root-adjustments are done with JS in our case as we want the player to zoom to the window.

We decided to use px for root and ems for everything else but the same thing could have been done with rems of course. There is one major problem with r ems though: It really depends on the use-case! If you need to be in full control you NEED to use pixels. I like this idea. At the same time it makes me a bit uncomfortable to be teaching students about fonts and units these days. Imagine explaining somebody new in the web field to use Thanks for the tip though, I like it!

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Then what I want to achieve works with widths set in px. In that case I dont this really the point of rems when ems are already available. The only difference I see is that there is is no compounding with rems. Me going do redo tests and stop talking crap. So, could I set font-size to The idea of rems is great as they go of the document but the browser support isnt there for us to use them on all projects, see caniuse website: I was always taught the font-size: I saved the graphic and noticed that it is a SVG graphic.

I am still saying no to rem because of browser support. But I think it is OK to use em all the way down from the root element. Why would you scale your text down on a smaller screen instead of scaling it up? I agree. The only caveat is some fonts tend to render a bit small like Garamond so I tend to size that up a tiny bit on all screens anyway. What I think does need to get smaller are headings relative to body copy size. I wrote about it for Typecast here: Share this: Twitter Facebook. Ship custom analytics today with Keen. That's what I'm doing right now here on CSS-Tricks and this is how it plays out in a very simple scenario: That comes from essentially: So that would play out like this: Not to scale.

Just showing what units would go on what. You can play around with the idea here by adjusting the sliders: This is how it would go down: Permalink to comment April 8, Art Lawry.

Mudasir Hakak DBA

Permalink to comment April 9, Legomushroom That means nothing, we still need to support those users. Norman Bird. Joseph Spens. Permalink to comment April 10, Some government agencies still uses IE6. Just think about that. Permalink to comment April 13, Permalink to comment April 16, In my dreams though, everything is as simple as tweaking one number. Thanks, Chris! Looking forward to adapting a similar approach. Jesse Petersen. Tim Severien. Instead, use a relative unit, like so: Caleb Kester.

Chris Coyier. It is a switch from absolute to proportional. The same switch as from photoshop to illustrator. Nico Who are these users changing default font values? Permalink to comment April 11, Permalink to comment April 12, Erik Friberg. Permalink to comment April 15, Ryan Smee. My rational: Priit Pirita. Yes, exactly! Andrew scarfacedeb. Thanks Chris! This is really great! Now I need to go try it out. Matt McDowell. Just curious: Pankaj Parashar.

Jozef Remen. Lee Powell. Valli Pandy. What you propose here can just as easily be done with EMs: Rem are not affected by the change of the user font-size setting. Paul d'Aoust. Use relative units for good results, go font-autism-subpixel-crazy for great results. Dennis Gaebel. Forrest Galloway. Tunghsiao Liu. Jason Pamental.

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  • Hi Chris — I really love the tight modular approach, but there are a couple of things I think are really important to consider: The end result was a highly flexible and modular UI component system. I like rem units because they make math easier. Obat Kanker Serviks. Mohit Bumb. Jan van Hellemond. Permalink to comment April 17, Matt Porter. Permalink to comment April 24,