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Citation Statistics 64 Citations 0 10 20 30 Many fitness apps offer suggested workout routines. The walking trackers also called pedometers are especially helpful if you want to gently introduce more exercise. A recent study evaluated 10 smartphone apps and wearable devices and found that most of them accurately counted steps.

Healthy eating.

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These apps enable you to document and analyze what you eat and drink and assess calorie intake and nutrition information. They can help you compare and choose foods, too. Some apps can read the bar codes on food and drink products. Medication reminders. Digital medication reminder apps tell you when to take your medications. This is especially helpful if you are taking multiple medications at different times of the day. Take a few for a test drive.

Use of Smartphone Applications for Patients’ Health and Fitness

With so many apps available at no cost or for a few dollars, it's possible to try out different options. This will eat up some memory, but you can just delete the duds later. Ask for recommendations. Your doctor may know of a good app that fits your needs. Search for user reviews online.

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Some of them will be very biased pro or con, but looking at a variety should provide information about performance and ease of use. Look for health apps sponsored or created by established health advocacy groups, medical organizations, or universities. Check out a website called Wellocracy www. It provides information about health apps, including side-by-side comparisons.

Health and Wellness Apps – IMT Innovation

Read reviews. One trustworthy website that evaluates health apps is iMedicalApps www. The reviewers include several physicians. Read the fine print. The "terms of use" or privacy agreement associated with the app contains important information about how your personal data will be used. Look for this on the company's website.

Be skeptical. In the health app market, as in any case where someone is trying to sell you something, claims that seem too good to be true often are. Harvard Men's Health Watch.