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Download Opera Mini RU. Download Opera Mini EN. Opera Mini helps users browse the web from their mobile phones with comfort and speed. The latest version allows you to quickly browse the web, including secure encrypted websites or websites with several graphics.

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It also saves time and effort thanks to features like shortcut keys and touchscreen control. This browser gives users access to their data wherever they are and whenever they need it. For that, they only need to backup their bookmarks, contact settings, and search engine preferences to My Opera. Windows 9.

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Windows 98 9. Windows Me 9. Windows NT 9. Windows XP 9.

A preview of Opera

Gentoo 2. Linux Mint 2. Macintosh 2. CentOS 1.

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Debian 1. Fedora 1.

Mac OS X Mandriva 1. Red Hat 1. Ubuntu 1. Windows 1. Windows 7 1. Windows 8 1. Viewing pages in Opera Mini 7 is a delight.

As with the previous version, you can opt to view the whole web page on screen or simply tap to zoom in to a particular area. The latest version finally adds support for pinch-to-zoom, provided you have a multi-touch device that supports this feature. If not, you can zoom incrementally.

Download Opera Mini 5.1 for low end phones

For those who love to tinker around with stuff, Opera Mini 6 is sure to please because the program is simply rammed with options. You can alter image quality, font size, and screen orientation, and there is a wealth of privacy settings too. As you'd expect, there's support for bookmarks and browser history, too. Opera Mini 7 also includes support for sharing links via Facebook, Twitter or email. Unlike the latest desktop version, Opera Mini doesn't support extensions. This is a shame, because it would be great if developers could add functionality to the browser through third party plug-ins, as they can with Firefox Mobile.

Nokia - User opinions and reviews - page

Load times in Opera Mini are as impressive as ever thanks to Opera's unique server-side rendering technology. It compresses images and graphical elements before delivering them to you. This makes pages quicker to load, and is ideal for those who pay for data by the KB.