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Its a good phone btu it cancle button work not properly i love it it doesnot slow.

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Ive found my n78 key pad freeze dont no why and i end up having to take the battery out too reset it as it wont let me turn it off. How to use it? It is the small dot near the front camera. Thx the 'dot' control the light of your screen depends on the condition of surroundening you. I'm currently using the nokia E Its a brilliant phone, perfect size for its capabilities and excellent performance. I want to switch to the N78 and judging from its looks, there is no difference with the N82, a phone I only used for a month and got rid of because of its bulkiness.

Am i making the right decision.?? What is the light sensor for? Hydemus, 15 Feb So, you are Indonesian? Where do you buy this phone? And how much money do you spend for How to format Nokia ? The hard-reset or better known as format Nokia phone is simply to perform a factory restore, i. For my case, hard-reset did successfully fix the keypad problem where the software keypad appears and closes immediately.

Nokia N95 8GB Price in Sri Lanka February,

That's why I knew it won't reset my Nokia lock code, after found out the v21 firmware is no longer presents an alpha-numeric keypad for entering my valid lock code that made up of alphabets only: So, what is the secret key to format or hard reset Nokia ? For non-touchscreen Nokia phone, like my earlier N73 that running on S60 3rd Edition UI, the so-called secret key to format or hard reset is by pressing call key, asterisk key, and the numeric key 3 while power on the device, until the Nokia logo appears. For Nokia touchscreen phone, like Nokia and probably valid for next smart phones running on S60 5th Edition UI too, press the call key green , cancel call key red and the camera shutter button while power on the device, until the Nokia logo appears.

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Then, the interface request you to choose your country followed by setting the date and time for the phone. MORE Do you get a years free music on the nokia ? If you buy the phone in countries where Come With Music is available, then you'll most probably be given a year free subscription of Come With Music service with your phone. You'll just have to activate the membership and you can download a … s many music as you want through the service within the period of your membership.

MORE Is the nokia music xpress a good phone? Just click on the SIS file and install it. But in order to do you, you'll most probably have to sign the application. If you want to install it directly to the phone without transferring the SIS file to your phone first, you can make use of the nokia software. There's an option to install applicatio … n and you can just use that option and install your application to your phone by connecting your phone to your computer through the date cable. Nokia XpressMusic supports Flash. You can watch videos directly from YouTube or any other video sharing website that serves flash contents.

You can download free flash games for Nokia XpressMusic from. Can you watch movies on a nokia ? Yes you can. Nokia comes with realplayer and it supports, 3GPP formats H. So you can just save your movies on your memory card and play and watch it on your How do you change the theme on your Nokia Express Music mobile phone? If you want to unlock your Nokia mobile phone from thenetwork lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code fromProunlocking. Where are games installed on Nokia ?

To install games in Nokia , one requires a Nokia suite andinternet connection.


Ensure the game application and your phonemodel match. Double click on the game to be installed and thedownload process starts. What is better iPhone or Nokia ?

For me, I find Nokia better. I'm a Nokia user myself. There are more functions available in the as compared to the iphone. Besides, the symbian OS in allows you more freedom to download applications for you phone and customization for your phone. When did the Nokia come out? The Nokia phone came out toward the end of The phone isa smartphone that was praised for its stylus and low price. Is Nokia scratch proof?

Is nokia a good phone? How can you activate your nokia secondary camera? First, just go into camera mode. The secondary camera would be activated and you will be able to use your secondary camera to take pictures. I am a Nokia user myself and I think it is a great phone.

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It is a very function filled phone which has all the functions you want in a phone. There's wifi, gprs, music player, video player, games touch screen and motion sensor. It has most of the functions that you'll want in a phone. Price for nokia express music in India? Nokia is now available in India for Rs. The latest version is First, get ready the music you want to transfer on your computer.

Then, connect your nokia to your computer through bluetooth. After that, just transfer the music over to your nokia through the bluetooth connection. How many GB's does Nokia have? Nokia specifications: I had to ring customer service to find out. Take out the battery and your sim card and leave them out for 5mins.

Then just put them back in and it should be reset. Worked for me Which phone is better Nokia e71 or Nokia Xpressmusic? How much is a Nokia xpressmusic? Depends where you are buying it, but they do cost a lot. The good thing is that they are good phones.

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Just look at it and you will want to buy it. What phone is better nokia or lg pop? How do you turn off Nokia ? P Is Apple iPhone same as Nokia? Not at all. Nokia has an amazing battery time and also phone never hangs even if you are using it during playing music.

Nokia Mobile Phones Prices in Sri Lanka Order By Recent Price Update

Can you connect Nokia to cricket? Well it depends. You can connect to the internet if you are in your house on the nokia and if you have a website you can go on to watch it live etc, you should be able to watch it What MHz is the Nokia ? Doodle Jump is available on the Nokia , N97, X6, , and How do you use nokia flashlight as torch? How much lowest price of nokia 3G phone? Its is cheaper online then in store.